About PTB

Pinoy.Tech.Blog was founded in July 2005 and is considered to be one of the longest-running group blog about technology in the Philippines. Started by a dozen bloggers from various sectors of the IT industry in the country with the goal to provide an alternative coverage on technology news in the Philippines. PTB has been featured and referenced in various newspapers, magazines and TV shows in the past years. It has also been a finalist in the Philippine Web Awards for two consecutive years. The blog is now headed by Joey Abiog (Editor) with fairly regular contributors –  Liane, Bryan, Jai, Andrei, Rei, Carl, Tetel, Ferlin and GP. PTB is one of the most read technology blog in the Philippines. Do follow us in Facebook, Twitter or via RSS to get updates easily.

About the Team

Joey Abiog is an IT developer working for a global IT and management consultancy company. A part-time blogger, he writes about his interests in computer and gadgets, metro lifestyle and his creative pursuits in photography and music.

Liane Ng likes the 3 B’s in her life. Beach, Booze and BlackBerry. She works hard just to buy gadgets and take trips out of town. She also has the unique combination of surfing prowess and mad lomography skillz with a drizzle of car trouble experiences sprinkled in for good measure.

Jai Katipunan likes the 3 B’s in her life. Beach, Booze and BlackBerry. Oh wait, that’s Liane. It’s easy to mix these two girls up. Jai is a runner and a surfer and also moonlights as a disc jockey from time to time. Oh and she also likes Beach, Booze and her BlackBerry.

Roy Sanchez is our resident Android guy who specializes in Google’s mobile OS and devices that run it. He thinks that Android OS will win the mobile OS wars if it comes to that.

Carl Clasio is our all-around gadget guy. As long as it’s electronics, he’s interested and will play with it. He’s also into photography (do check out his awesome photography site), likes Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain.

Kristel “Tetel” Serra is the girl with many talents. She used to be a vocalist for a rock band, she can speak French, and can out-burp any guy in the room. Also called Tetel, she’s a real camwhore with a bubbly personality.

Bryan Ong has a wide array of interests including scale figures, photography, gadgets, technology, games, food, manga, stocks, writing, movies, tools, etc. As a passionate photography enthusiast, he’s always open for photo gigs to fund his next big lens. Will shoot celebrities for free!

Andrei Lim is our resident nurse gamer. He was born with a game controller in his hand, started gaming at the age of 6 when he first got his NES and SNES. He has beaten a lot of games and continues this legacy with his gaming rig. Check out his creative photos at: iamnotaphotoblog.tumblr.com.

Nino Guba is a web/mobile app developer who’s very into consumer technology and building his own tech startups. Check out Gubster.com for his current and upcoming creations.

Rei Magnaye is our gaming love guru. His multiple relationships with video games made him a time-tested gamer on quality and experience. A former battle dancer and e-sports contender, he loves roaming around different competitive gaming worlds, fragging other players (or getting inevitably killed), and laughing about it.

Arnold Zafra is a part-time, freelance blogger counting the days to his retirement from his day job.He maintains a personal blog at aczafra.com and a travel blog (http://ourparadisephilippines). His latest project is a running blog (http://pinoyrunner.net) where he documents his renewed passion for the sports.

Kaye Inigo is an Instructional Designer for a global telco and writes articles about IT and Web culture, management, and learning on the side. Read about her musings about life, work, sports, books, and film on her personal blog, karlamaldita.com.

Gabriel Padit or GP to his friends is a Systems Technical Specialist who loves sports and computer games. He is a Taekwondo varsity in college and an MMA Fanatic. He loves gadgets and always keeps himself updated with the latest IT trends.

Alvin Chua runs a digital marketing company by day, a blogger in between free time and loves anything related to tech and cars. Hobbies include tinkering on devices and photography. His blog, cheftonio.com is where he writes about food and lifestyle articles as well as some tech related ones.

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