5th Gen iPod Touch: Thinner, lighter, with a 4-inch screen and iSight camera

A couple of months ago I encountered a question on what can Apple do to make the iPod Touch 4th Gen better. Right off the bat I said, “œA bigger screen and a better camera should be the priority”. Fast forward today, that’s what the new iPod Touch is and more.

Apple just announced their 5th Gen iPod Touch which is a big improvement over the previous version. Size-wise, it’s thinner and lighter than it’s predecessor at just 6.1mm thick and weighs just 88 grams. The 4th Gen Touch was 7.2mm thick and weighs 101 grams.

This new iPod Touch also has a squarer back with a brushed aluminum finish so no more shiny chrome to scratch. It even has what they call the iPod Touch loop at the back where you can attach a wrist strap.

ipod touch 5th gen

Biggest improvement in my opinion would be the size of the screen. It now has a 4-inch screen which is similar to the iPhone 5’s display. That’s a widescreen Retina display (1136 x 640) with multi-touch IPS technology.

ipod touch isight

Next big thing is the 5-megapixel iSight camera which has a backside illumination f/2.4 sensor with the same Five-element lens as that of their new iPhone. It can also do Full HD 1080p video recording and take stills at the same time. The 1.2mp front camera can do FaceTime HD and 720p video recording.

Apple also upgrade the processor on the new iPod Touch giving it a dual-core A5 chip which is used by the iPhone 4S. This makes it 7x faster in graphics compared to the old Touch. Makes editing with iMovie manageable as well.

The new iPod Touch will make use of Apple’s new 8-pin connector called “œLightning”. This makes your old speaker docks obsolete unless you purchase an adapter for this new connector. It will also run on iOS6 and will have Siri on board!

iPod Touch colors

Lastly, it will come in five colors ““ raw aluminum, black, blue, yellow and red. It comes in 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($399) models with the new EarPod (reshaped earbuds) included. The iPod Touch 5th Gen will start shipping in October.

A major upgrade indeed that will probably make unsold iPod Touch 4th gen stay unsold. =)

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  • Zo

    so it’s the iphone5 minus the phone part and throw in different colored casings… props to Apple for innovation. >.<

    • http://calvinshub.com Calvin

      don’t think of innovation when there’s not much else for the Touch to go to. they already had it right in terms of design since the 2nd gen Touch. it is the upgrade most Touch users want since the iPhone 4 was launched (talking about better camera).

  • Zo

    so it’s the iphone5 minus the phone part and throw in different colored casings… props to Apple for innovation. >.<

    • demonheist

      not really.
      iphone 5 has better specs.

  • StratoSpHere

    You think so too, right?! I was neither disappointed nor excited when I finally read about the iPhone 5, and then I saw this! I fell in love with the 5th gen iPod as soon as I saw it! I’ll earn some money first for this cutie hehe! 😀

  • Silphead

    Mmmm. Magkano kaya dito yan.?

    • Griswold

      P16,490 32GB… available na sa apple store PH for pre-order. yung ipod touch 4G na 32GB noon nasa 15,990 ata.

      • Silphead

        Ohh well thats good. Hahaha parang iphone5 lang. Almost same na lahat. Except wala lang phone.

  • Anonymous

    Walang bagong iPod Classic /disappoint. Oh well, this is looking better than the iPhone 5 though.

  • thejorlanb

    “It can also do Full HD 1080p video recording and take stills at the same time. ”

    can i ask something?
    is this the similar thing with the HTC OneX?

    • http://calvinshub.com Calvin

      yep… and the S3.

      • StratoSpHere

        Which makes this 5th gen iPod Touch a looker hehe.. Kahit Nokia 3210 lang ang phone ko, ok lang, yun lang naman ang kulang kay iPod Touch, and yun lang ang lamang ni iPhone 5. 😀

  • Jericho Dy

    I’ll skip iPhone 5 and get this one.

  • Harley mah son

    Love it! Thanks @applestore cebu! ^_^