Dec 20, 2013

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Adobe is giving you Photoshop CS2 for free

Need a photo editing software on your machine? Want a legit copy of Adobe Photoshop? Well if you only need the basic tools for photo editing and want something legit, Adobe is making their over 7-year old Photoshop CS2 free for download.

photoshop cs2

Actually, what Adobe did was disable the activation server for their CS2 products including Acrobat 7 due to a technical issue. Creative Suite also gives you Illustrator and InDesign by the way so can grab those as well. Be warned though that they no longer give support to these CS2 products so you’re on your own after installing.

Support or no support, this sure beats the Photoshop 6.0 I have installed on my machine.

[Download Adobe CS2]

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