Apacer to boost data processing performance with new SATA 3 SFD 25H-M SSD

Having an ultra-large storage capacity of 1TB, with sequential read/write speed of 510/420MB/sec, the SFD 25H-M is Apacer’s response to the rapid growth of Cloud and Big Data globally. 

Jeff Lin, Embedded Application Business Unit Director of Apacer, said it is good for Big Data storage devices to take SSD as its Cache and to boost the overall efficiency, since most Cloud servers require frequent access to hard disks. 

SFD 25H-M adopts SATA 3.0 high-speed transmission interface, as well as 1x nm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash chip, endowing it with better performance.

Meanwhile, the advantage of its large capacity of up to 1TB not only saves the storage space inside servers and reduces server heat output, but also economizes enterprises’ TCO and avoids depleting enterprise resources. It also helps enterprises to safeguard the storage and backup of their big data generated every day. 

And to meet the demands of other industrial applications, the product’s 512GB is also designed to operate in the harsh environment of industry-level extended temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C). It also features anti-shock, anti-vibration, low-power consumption and high-speed transmission. 

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  1. The newest Apacer release has surely created a lot of fuss in the future of SSD manufacturers. It is one of the fastest Apacer SSDs’ models and it includes two package kits designed for desktops and notebooks.

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