Jan 13, 2012

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Asus MeMo 370T, quad-core 7-inch tablet for just $249

One of the highlights for Asus at the CES 2012 is their 7-inch wifi-enabled tablet, the Asus MeMo 370T.

Asus Memo 370T

The Asus MeMo 370T is the world’s first 7-inch tablet that is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor. It also has a WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) on an IPS display, an 8-megapixel camera, microSD slot, microHDMI port and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The best part is? The MeMo 370T will retail for just $249 as announced by Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and ASUS’s Chairman Jerry Shen at the CES 2012. This is way cheaper than other 7-inch Wifi-only tablets (Galaxy Tab 7.0 and BB PlayBook comes to mind) in the market today.

Granted that this tablet doesn’t have 3G support unlike its younger brother, the dual-core MeMo 171, imagine the processing power a quad-core could have. Of course, we must wait for apps and games that could make use of such power. Still, it’s a future-proof WiFi device at a really affordable price.

I think this would be a hit in the Philippines if Asus can somehow maintain the $249 price when it reaches here.

Oh yeah, the Asus Memo 370T won the Best of CES 2012: Tablets category award.

  1. joenel555 says:

    an ipad killer indeed!

  2. StratoSpHere says:

    Me likey!!!! Kelan kaya dadating yan dito??? :D

  3. cyberjong says:

    gusto ko yan,. he3,.
    just waiting for right moment to purchase an affordable and value for money tablet,.

  4. oliver mia says:

    no 3g support? does that mean it cannot connect to 3g internet by itself? which means we still need 3g wifi sticks, correct?

  5. I love Asus! I am a happy owner of Asus Transformer first gen, and I am so satisfied!

  6. sigurado pag dating dito $350 na yan!

  7. Sayang naman, walang 3G

  8. now this is more like it!! affordable yet powerful. di naman kelangan flashy design eh whats important for me is the internals pati na rin weight, hehehe.

  9. na-una pa sa Lenovo w/c i believe Nov 2011 palang may mga hearsay na…hehehe


    check out the link…Im waiting for this model.

  10. JmBalicano says:

    Killer price point for a quad core tablet. It’s optimistic to assume it’ll stay at that same price point when it finally gets over here since everything gets marked up. But if the price doesn’t get bumped up by too much, this is a very reasonable tablet to buy.

  11. Sisihin ang tax sa Pilipinas kung bakit tataas ang presyo nyan… lol:

  12. thejorlanb says:

    We can assume that this one would go up to 50-72% higher based on Ph taxes (galing sa Economy classes ko). so 360$ above ang expected na price pagdating dito sa atin (unless bawsan ng Asus).

    However, kahit magkano pa yan, this is worth the $$$$$$$$…

  13. darn it, if this had a 3g sim card option this could easily be my new phone. i would have to use a manpurse, but thats ok with me. this has a decent price indeed

  14. mika angel kd says:

    sir, could i ask for an update. is this for sale here na in ‘pinas? how much and where can i buy online? thanks!

  15. magkano po dito sa Pinas? Available n ba to?

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