ASUS N56VZ Review, not your ordinary multimedia laptop


The N-series laptop of ASUS is geared towards those looking for a superb entertainment experience on a mobile PC. The 15.6-inch ASUS N56VZ belongs to the latest line of notebooks having Intel’s 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processor to go with its premium multimedia features.


I’ve spent a few weeks with this laptop and it was a blast playing with it. Before, I walk you through its awesome features; let’s talk about the awesome design that went into this laptop. Yes, “awesome” seems to be the apt word.



The lid on the ASUS has a dull black semi-matte finish for a not-so-common look. It’s not really glossy but not matte either since it reflects light and attracts a few smudges but hides them with the hairline-textured finish. Dead center is the ASUS logo which lights up when in use, a copied-touch but looked nice nonetheless.


Opening the lid will reveal a Macbook-like design but with a twist. It has the backlit chiclet keyboard on a spacious anodized aluminum body but what made this unique are the tiny holes in a concentric pattern overlapping the upper area of the keyboard. These are actually speaker holes which are cleverly integrated in the design of this laptop. Color me impressed.


The ASUS N56VZ has a full complement of connectivity ports. You’ll get 4 USB 3.0 ports (two on each side), a Blu-ray disc drive, VGA, HDMI and a LAN port. The multi-card reader is conspicuously situated on the front end of this notebook. Update: The one that will be available here will only have a DVDRW drive to bring down the cost which we don’t have a problem at all.


Keyboard layout seems standard for 15-inch notebooks these days with a number pad on the right with the arrow keys positioned in between letters and numbers. A layout I particularly dislike since it’s easy to mis-click the arrow keys. There are dedicated Page Up, Page Dn, Home, and End keys on the upper right which you’ll find useful. What’s missing are dedicated multimedia keys which I would want on my multimedia laptop. Not even dedicated volume controls are present.


Keys are rubbery with a soft tactile feedback and don’t make any noise. If you’re fond of those soft, rubbery and silent keys then you’ll enjoy typing here. Typing experience is just average, can’t say anything extraordinary about the experience as I type this review.


There’s also a generous-sized touchpad which is responsive to touch including multi-touch gestures like two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. The click buttons are embedded on the touchpad itself but doesn’t feel stiff to press; I just prefer raised click buttons which I can easily press with the side of my thumb.

A thing of note – since the size of the touchpad is large, it’s easy to activate it with your palm while typing so better use a mouse and just disable the touchpad whenever you can.


There’s this lonely button on the upper-left portion just above the keyboard which serves as a quick-launch button. You can completely customize its function from launching an app to changing a setting on your notebook.


Firing up the laptop, the Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution on its 15.6-inch screen blew me away. The matte screen also prevents glare to make viewing enjoyable even under bright conditions.


I quickly copied a 1080p video of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and was amazed by the clarity and sharpness of the scenes from this laptop. Details are crisp and 150゚viewing angle is wide for a bunch of friends to watch movies with you without crowding your space. It was also my first time to play Diablo III on a Full HD resolution (on a small 15.6-inch screen at that) and I appreciate the sharp details that the ASUS N56VZ gave me.

On top of the display is a high-def 2.0 megapixel webcam which can also use to capture 720p stills and 640 x 480 video using the bundled ASUS LifeFrame software.


Here’s the deal, the unit we received is their top of the line model having Intel Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen Core i7 processor with 6GB RAM. However, the ASUS N56VZ which will be available in the country will only get a 4GB RAM configuration running on Windows 8 so adjust the memory score on this Windows Experience Index accordingly:


This notebook is also powered by a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT650M graphics card with 2GB of RAM. The discrete graphics is slightly similar to the NVIDIA GTX660M of our previously reviewed gaming notebook, the Gigabyte P2542, but with a 100MHz slower clock speed. Nevertheless, it performs smoothly on Diablo III running on medium/high settings. Batman: Arkham City on the other hand is only playable in low settings when running on full HD.

Perhaps the most notable feature you will get out of this notebook is its sound thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster Premium technology which they co-developed with Bang & Olufsen. The ASUS N56VZ is simply made for those who are particular with the sound coming out from their devices.

First time I’ve heard of ASUS SonicMaster-quality sound output is from the ASUS Zenbook but you will truly appreciate its brilliance from bigger chambers such as in the N56VZ. Audio coming from this notebook has a wider range compared to your conventional speakers to go with the rich, crisp and clear quality. It’s like you’re listening from a premium set of speakers from your laptop and not just those mini-speakers.


The N56VZ also comes with a small SonicMaster subwoofer that you plug on to the 3.5mm port on the side of the notebook. The result is just a slight boost on the oomph of our music but is still a nice addition accessory nonetheless.

Battery life

Using the ASUS N56VZ strictly for gaming lasted me for almost an hour before it started warning me to plug to a power source. For usual tasks like surfing, watching YouTube, writing this review while listening to MP3s, you can get a little over 4 hours out of its 6-cell 5200 mAh battery. Not impressive but notebooks at this size are generally not known for their battery performance


The ASUS N56VZ belongs to those types of notebook that can very well be your primary desktop. It’s not necessarily a gamer’s rig but should be serviceable for most high-end titles if you’re not gunning for max settings.


What we love about it is its design which admittedly reminds us of the MacBook when you open the lid but with a personal ASUS touch to give it some more style. We also love the crisp Full HD display and its wide viewing angle and most especially, the superb audio quality. What we particularly don’t care much about are the bundled junkwares ASUS puts into their notebook. Feel free to remove those you don’t need if you’re like me who’s OC about the things other people install on my machine.

Finally, what makes this laptop really attractive is its SRP which is pegged at just Php49,995 when it becomes available this October after Windows 8 becomes available in mid-December. Yes, it will come preloaded with Windows 8 according to our local ASUS contact.

Attractive design, outstanding matte display, and excellent audio to go with really good specs, and a price that’s easy to look at, we’re giving the ASUS N56VZ our Editor’s Pick Award and should be a popular choice for notebook-hunters this coming holiday season.

ASUS N56VZ Specs:
2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM
15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080) Wide View Angle LED Backlight
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM
Windows 8 OS
Backlit keyboard
DVD RW Drive Blu-ray Drive
HD Web Camera
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® audio technology
Asus N series external sub-woofer
Bluetooth 4.0
4x USB 3.0 ports, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet port, multi-card reader
6-cell 5200 mAh 56 Whrs
SRP: Php49,995

  • Ces

    Besides US shipping, wala na ba talaga stocks na nbebenta dito. I went, called and searched pero wala daw stocks tapos wala pa daw nag-aadvice na magkakaroon? Last resort ung US shipping kasi medyo skeptic ako especially pag may customs issue pa.

    • jj

      Hi Ces. I bought from amazon tas nagpaship ako dito sa pinas specifically cebu using johnny air cargo. It took only 7 days for it to arrive and i payed 4,707.10 php total for the shipping cost. Plus, they now have an online tracking system. Great service!

    • Louisse

      meron sa pc corner by next week @ces

  • jj

    Mine will arrive this friday! ordered through amazon and had it shipped via johnny air as per Magnumheart’s advice. Thanks! So excited!=)

    • Bo

      JJ, please share the link of that amazon advertisement here. I am considering this option too. Thanks much!

      • JJ

        Hi Bo! Really sorry for the very late reply. Here’s the link from where i bought:

        I bought mine from Computer Upgrade King. Excellent service! The price has gone up to $1,425 from $1,191 though.=( But just search “asus n56vz” in and you’ll find the same model i have (n56vz-RH71) for only $1,065. Stocks are limited!=)

        • Bo

          I was trying to checkout the item from amazon (seller is Computer Upgrade King or Beach Audio) but to no avail. It says “they cannot ship to the address i specified” (i used my office address). Any suggestion on how i can do it?

          • MAGNUMHEART

            You will need to use a US address from a forwarding service like Johnny Air (plane cargo) or Forex World (sea cargo) to ship from US to Philippines as I posted before. It is never recommended to ship directly to Philippines because the customs tax will surely rip you off. There are many cases where the customs tax costs more than the item’s retail price.
            From my experience, Johnny Air takes only 1 week to deliver from their NY address to their main branches at Mega Mall or Makati for pick-up. If you want to have it delivered at your office/home you will be charged more.
            Sea cargo from other user’s experience is not reliable compared to Johnny Air but they are far more cheaper than plane cargo rates, but its best to have your laptop be delivered fast and with a reliable shipping company.
            My suggestion is read first, analyze and learn about this process of purchasing online and choose a forwarding service that you think is best for you.

          • Bo

            Thank you very much magnumheart! I’ll try Johnny Air Cargo. God bless you!

    • James

      Nice.. ASk ko lng po if nagkaroon ng problema ung unit n galing US. pde po bang ipaayus un sa ASUS ph?

  • John

    Hi, will there be an N46 model here in the Philippines? I’m more inclined to buy a 14 inch laptop since I’m not fond of numpads, and the slightly lower specs of the N46 would probably fit my budget. I’ve checked everywhere in the internet and mostly N56 lang talaga yung naaadvertise.


      Sorry buddy. It’s more likely that the N46 model will never arrive here in the Philippines. It took N56 so many months before it came here, and most probably the other models of N56 will never make it here. You may try purchasing N46 from online stores in US, it’s far cheaper than buying laptops here. Just use a forwarding service to deliver it to your Philippine address.

      • Rj

        Hi Magnumheart,

        may i ask, do you know where I can contact johnny air, and by your experience how would you rate johnny air by shipping cause i read that you have had experience with them? its because im trying to buy a Asus laptop just like this on amazon. would really appreciate it if you would reply. thanks alot!


          You may contact them directly from the e-mail addresses provided in their site, I suggest you contact Ms. Aura Black, she replies more frequently than the others.

          My shipment with JAC took only 6 days from the date of it’s departure from their NY office and arrived in good condition. So, I can say it’s fast and reliable.
          It’s a better choice for electronic/gadget shipments.

    • James

      Hi John.. uu nga halos puro N56 ang nkikita ko sa net naghanap nrin ako ng N46 na model. kso hirap makakita.. if you find store.. please share it thanks in advance.. :)

      • Bo

        Contact PCCorner now. Here’s their mobile number: 09266751902

        Kakatext lang nila sakin ngayon na meron na silang stock ng ASUS N56VZ.

        • James

          Wow! ung N46 b tinutukoy mo or ung n56? anyways tnx Bo 😀

  • Christian

    can someone state the SUBMODELS available dito sa Pinas ng ASUS N56VZ?

    dami kasi configurations, at iba2 may mga backlight iba naman wala. Please and thanks!

    • Calvin

      san ang may backlight? as far as i know isa lang ang config dito.

    • Christian

      @Calvin – sir mahirap po dito sa Iloilo. Any way po ba na maka avail ng N56VZ through monthly installment basis? Hirap sa Octagon wala pa din stock :(

      • Calvin

        wala na pong stock ito. wait mo na lang yung papalit dito.

      • Bo

        Contact PCCorner now. Here’s their mobile number: 09266751902

        Kakatext lang nila sakin ngayon na meron na silang stock ng ASUS N56VZ.

  • Carlo

    About computer upgrade king, is the asus under an international warranty for how long and does it still apply when they’ve upgraded the ram?

  • Bo

    I got mine from computer upgrade king last March. Thanks to Johnny Air!

    Anyways, PCCorner Gilmore texted me just now that this unit is available in their store. For those who are interested, kindly contact them ASAP. Baka maubusan agad sila ng stock. Here’s their mobile number: 09266751902

    • James

      hi Bo… magkano lahat ng gastos mo sa laptop?

    • Babe

      How much po??

  • Babe

    Still available pa po ba to???

  • whappack26

    bang for the buck. lahat ng workmates ko impressed sa laptop. bought mine last December.

  • James

    Hi there! meron pa b neto? pls tell me if meron pang exact model nito.. tnx in advance!

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