ASUS takes number two spot among notebooks in Southeast Asia

Based on yearlong 2011 IDC results, ASUS has claimed the number two spot as the notebook of choice in Southeast Asia. The company achieved a 145% growth rate last year and is the only PC brand to display strong expansion for 12 consecutive quarters.

Garnering some 3,886 awards in 2011 alone, ASUS attributes its success to the high quality and reliability of its products, a claim backed by the findings of SquareTrade, the largest independent warranty service provider in the United States. SquareTrade conducted a study of 30,000 notebooks and concluded that ASUS maintains the lowest product failure rate over a three-year product lifespan.

Widely recognized for design, innovation and performance, twelve ASUS products have won 2012 iF Design Awards, including the  ZENBOOK, the bestselling ultrabook in the market right now. The new ZENBOOK design combines meticulous craftsmanship and the latest technology, a concept reflecting the fusion of art and performance found in many ASUS products.

“ASUS greatly appreciates the recognition we and our products receive from consumers, and would like to thank all channel partners for their great support. We will continue to provide the best quality products through consistent innovation and persistent perfection,” said George Su, System Country Manager of Philippines for ASUS.

Congrats ASUS! Aim for the top spot this year.


  1. camhiliciouz /

    sir, what models are those on the pics. they look cool…

  2. jojo a. /

    Asus is the best!

  3. Sana may mura sila intel i5..

  4. thejorlanb /

    Asus, quality meets price. +1 for Asus!

  5. I always recommend Asus! Wala pa akong nabalitaang naglokong Asus in my circle of friends. Always Acer.

  6. those in photos are cool. are these netbooks? what specific model? thanks.

  7. Hapi smiley /

    So, who’s No.1??

    • steelicon /

      Still Acer, with Hewlett Packard/Compaq combo trailing behind, closely followed by Lenovo.

      FYI in case you didn’t know, ASUS was started by ex-ACER employees. :)

  8. Griswold /

    I always have liked Asus as a laptop brand. they’re like in-between. not too pricey but doesn’t feel cheap either.

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