Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Dec 16, 12 Nokia Lumia 900 Review

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Seeing another Lumia phone from Nokia always excite me as the WP7 platform is clearly gaining more limelight along with Android and iOS. Previously, we had a chance to talk about the Lumia 610 and the Lumia 800 which both have impressed us so far. Now the Nokia Lumia 900 paid us a visit for a review so let’s see how it fares up...

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PLDT Telpad gets an upgrade, the S7 Lite looks way better

Nov 28, 12 PLDT Telpad gets an upgrade, the S7 Lite looks way better

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Last December 2010, PLDT has introduced to us the world’s first landline with an integrated Android tablet – the PLDT Telpad. It was a bold move for PLDT and it was quite a success with households getting hooked up to the internet with the rich Android experience. Then last night at the W Building in Fort Bonifacio, PLDT...

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Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless WiFi-enabled Camera Review

Nov 04, 12 Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless WiFi-enabled Camera Review

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In this day and age, people aren’t able to live nor breathe without being hooked up to the internet. It seems that not only our laptops or phones are able to stay connected but now our own TVs as well. How about our digital cameras? Samsung who’s known to have point-and-shoot digital cameras that are WiFi-ready also tapped into the...

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iOS App Feature: SuperShare, shares between iOS devices via WiFi or Bluetooth

For iPhone users out there, we pretty much know that despite all that sleek phone design, great camera, premium applications, retina display and among the other things that we love about it, there’s that certain caveat that we have to face – and that is the absence of sharing your files to a fellow iPhone user. Despite that...

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AKG K451 Headphone Review

Jun 30, 12 AKG K451 Headphone Review

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Anyone who listens to music while on the go, knows that having huge ear cans can be quite cumbersome. Although you may be oblivious to the ambient noise but unless you wanted to look like a walking Napster logo, you’d still want a pair of headphones that are portable without sacrificing sound quality. Now AKG by Harman, one...

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Samsung Galaxy S III officially arrives in the Philippines

May 29, 12 Samsung Galaxy S III officially arrives in the Philippines

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Yesterday, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy SIII was finally launched and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Luckily, we were part of the company’s global launch in over 28 countries where the phone is expected to be released this coming June. Now on to the details. The Galaxy SIII comes in blue pebble and white colors. It...

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

May 17, 12 Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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Nokia has been churning out WP7 phones for the Lumia series and has earned quite a success from the consumers mainly for the affordable price and the stylish Metro UI of the WP7 OS. Since then, many more consumers are getting hooked with the WP7 phones thanks to the power of the Nokia brand in the country. What we have here is the...

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Dell outs XPS 13 Ultrabook, starts at Php59,590

With the growing popularity of Ultrabooks these days, it’s no surprise then that the market keeps on gaining new entrants and making it hard for consumers on what brand to choose from. Just when you thought you had your pick Dell has just launched their new flagship product, the XPS 13 Ultrabook and you may want to consider...

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review

Mar 06, 12 Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review

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Recently announced last January 2012, the Galaxy S Advance I9070 is one of Samsung’s latest addition to the Galaxy S lineup. It’s been quite a while since the release of the Galaxy S Plus and now the Galaxy S Advance comes to join the ranks. Now, you might be expecting that this will be a souped up single-core phone but what we are...

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These iPhone Apps Fridge Magnets bring out the geek in you

For Apple fans out there, you may want to check this out. Here’s a cool set of ref magnets from There are 18 pcs of Apple app icon magnets that you can use on your ref or your office cubicle to let the world know that you’re truly a geek. Each set only costs Php195 and there are unlimited stocks so you can...

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