Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Dec 16, 12 Nokia Lumia 900 Review

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Seeing another Lumia phone from Nokia always excite me as the WP7 platform is clearly gaining more limelight along with Android and iOS. Previously, we had a chance to talk about the Lumia 610 and the Lumia 800 which both have impressed us so far. Now the Nokia Lumia 900 paid us a visit for a review so let’s see how it fares up with the previous Lumia models. Design As with all Lumias, it also comes in more than 2 colors such as the usual black and white, with the addition of magenta and cyan. The form factor is reminiscent of the Lumia 800 and still has that premium feel to it. The weight is a bit on the heavier side at 160g although I find it good since it contributes to the solid feel of the phone. What’s new with the Lumia 900 is the addition of a 1 MP VGA front-facing cam sitting on top of a 4.3” AMOLED screen. The screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass material so your screen is guaranteed to be scratch-resistant although I would still opt to put a screen protector for added protection, but that’s just me. The left side of the phone is completely bare so you’ll only be fiddling with the right side where the buttons are. From left to right, we have the camera button, the power/lock button and lastly, the volume rocker. At the top you’ll find the microSIM slot, the micro-USB port, the secondary mic for noise cancelling and the 3.5mm audio jack. Under the phone you’ll only find the loudspeaker and nothing else. At the back of the phone is where the 8MP Carl Zeiss lens with dual LED flash is located. The back of the phone is slightly curved to which the camera is somehow exposed at the center so if you put the phone on a surface, there is a risk of scratching the lens and the silver portion around it. We don’t want that do...

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PLDT Telpad gets an upgrade, the S7 Lite looks way better

Nov 28, 12 PLDT Telpad gets an upgrade, the S7 Lite looks way better

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Last December 2010, PLDT has introduced to us the world’s first landline with an integrated Android tablet – the PLDT Telpad. It was a bold move for PLDT and it was quite a success with households getting hooked up to the internet with the rich Android experience. Then last night at the W Building in Fort Bonifacio, PLDT launched their new update to the Telpad – the S7 Lite. The launching event was spearheaded by Patrick Tang, PLDT Home Voice Solutions Head and there were games and giveaways that involve prizes of the Telpad S7 Lite itself. Sadly, I wasn’t able to win a Telpad unit although I went home with a Sodexo certificate instead. The unveiling of the S7 Lite now gives Telpad subscribers more reasons to enjoy the Android experience. With the latest hardware specs packed into the tablet, users are now able to keep up with the ever growing tablet technology. So what exactly are specs of the Telpad S7 Lite? The S7 Lite runs on an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgradable to 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The processor is a 1.2Ghz Cortex A8 with 1GB RAM so it runs the Android 4.0 pretty well. The built-in memory is at 8GB and can be extended up to 32GB with a micro SD card. The camera at the front is at 0.3MP while at the back is at 3.2MP. The S7 Lite is also capable of 1080p video recording at 30fps so it’s a great way to document happenings in your family and share them on the fly. It’s now more lightweight at 370g in its sleek metallic casing. It looks much better actually than its all-black and chunky predecessor. Lastly, it has a battery life of of 180 standby hours and 6 hours of playback time. Now the best thing here is that the Telpad unit is now being offered free for all Telpad plans. The lowest plan that you can avail with the Telpad is at Php 1,849 monthly with...

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Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless WiFi-enabled Camera Review

Nov 04, 12 Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless WiFi-enabled Camera Review

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In this day and age, people aren’t able to live nor breathe without being hooked up to the internet. It seems that not only our laptops or phones are able to stay connected but now our own TVs as well. How about our digital cameras? Samsung who’s known to have point-and-shoot digital cameras that are WiFi-ready also tapped into the prosumer market with their new NX1000 camera. The NX1000 is not just your conventional digital camera but a mirrorless and interchangeable lens type which means you’re able to change lenses on a compact body. It has a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor so you can expect some great image quality. And best of all, it is WiFi-enabled so you can upload your photos directly online. Now ain’t that a good one? But wait, this camera packs a lot features other than WiFi access. Check out our review of the Samsung NX1000 camera below and find out. Design The NX1000 comes in a choice of black and white colors. It has a  stylish accent to it however, the build quality of the body isn’t that good having a “plasticky” feel all throughout. Having used Panasonic’s ILCs, the kit lens that comes with the NX1000 feels cheap for me. Albeit the build quality, it feels light even with the kit lens and battery on so it’s still a great camera to bring around on trips as far as portability is concerned. From the top of the camera we have the hot shoe, the nifty smart link button (discuss on the features section below), the conventional shutter button with the power switch and the mode dial. We’ll go through the modes after this but what I’d like to point is the absence of a built-in flash. it would’ve been great if they equipped this even with a small flash to make the package complete. The external flash is not included so you may want to look at compatible Samsung external flashes like the SEF-42A, SEF-20A and SEF-15A models....

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iOS App Feature: SuperShare, shares between iOS devices via WiFi or Bluetooth

For iPhone users out there, we pretty much know that despite all that sleek phone design, great camera, premium applications, retina display and among the other things that we love about it, there’s that certain caveat that we have to face – and that is the absence of sharing your files to a fellow iPhone user. Despite that limitation, we do seem to have grown accustomed to it but let’s face it, you’d still want to have the convenience of sharing your files. So I was able to run into an app that may solve your sharing woes. Introducing, the SuperShare app. The SuperShare app is a very nifty application that enables you to share all your files (well except your from your device through Bluetooth or WiFi. Also, the device that you’re going to share to should also have the Supershare app installed so this is pretty limited for iOS users only. Oh and it also comes available in iPad. I’ve just had a run through a while ago, and it works perfectly fine. Start the SuperShare fileserver to share a file, once the recipient/s receives a file, just click on it and use the Open In action to load it into his favorite app for that filetype. The app can be bought for $1.09 but this is FREE for a very limited time so you may want to grab your phone and start downloading...

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AKG K451 Headphone Review

Jun 30, 12 AKG K451 Headphone Review

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Anyone who listens to music while on the go, knows that having huge ear cans can be quite cumbersome. Although you may be oblivious to the ambient noise but unless you wanted to look like a walking Napster logo, you’d still want a pair of headphones that are portable without sacrificing sound quality. Now AKG by Harman, one of the leading companies in audio systems has something to offer – the K451. The K451 comes from AKG’s lineup of compact headphones that deliver portability, comfort and great sound quality. For the music-goer, this may be the headphone that you’re looking for. Design: The design of the K451 takes the exact aesthetics and sound specs of the award winning K450. It’s lightweight and feels sturdy to which there’s a good amount of traction when adjusting the headband. More importantly, you won’t feel the earcups pressing much on your ears, all the while maintaining a snug fit. This makes for a comfortable listening experience that you’ll surely bring with you wherever you go. The earcups are at just the right size for being compact and can be twisted and folded for easy storage. It also comes bundled with a carrying case where you can also fit your iPod or any portable music player. The only difference with the K451 from the K450 is with the addition of a detachable cable with volume controls and in-line mic. This will appeal to smartphone users as they can make hands-free calls and switch tracks with ease. Nowadays, most headphones support a host of Apple products and the K451 is no exception, so expect this to be fully functional on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Unfortunately, just like with other made-for-Apple headphones, the controls here won’t work with Android devices, not even the volume control. Sound Quality: The K451’s sound quality is an exceptional feat for the eardrums. You could hear every bit of the highs, mids and lows of a song to which is something I basically look for...

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Samsung Galaxy S III officially arrives in the Philippines

May 29, 12 Samsung Galaxy S III officially arrives in the Philippines

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Yesterday, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy SIII was finally launched and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Luckily, we were part of the company’s global launch in over 28 countries where the phone is expected to be released this coming June. Now on to the details. The Galaxy SIII comes in blue pebble and white colors. It seems that the standard of today’s phones have to come in alternate colors to cater to a wider market. The pebble blue has a brushed metal finish while the marble white has a glossy one. Which one would you go for? Expect the phone to have a bigger screen size of 4.8” which still feels like a phone rather than the Galaxy Note which is a cross between a phone and tablet. Even with the big screen, the Galaxy SIII still manages to maintain a slim fit to the hand (unless you’re a small girl) with ample weight and still feels pretty solid, another true flagship phone from Samsung. As for the hardware, the Galaxy SIII comes packed with a whopping 1.4GHz quad core processor, 1GB Ram with choices of 16, 32 or 64GB of storage and is also expandable with micro SD slot. Now it may surprise you or if you already knew it, the Galaxy SIII does have a micro SIM slot so you’ll need to think twice if you’re going to have your SIM card trimmed for this. This makes it the first Samsung phone to utilize a micro SIM card from the likes of iPhone and Nokia’s Lumia. The camera is an 8MP shooter with autofocus and LED flash and can record 1080p videos at 30fps. Like the Galaxy Nexus, it also has the burst shooting feature. The Galaxy SIII comes with the latest Android ICS and inherits the features of the Galaxy Nexus like the S-Beam, Face unlock, Smart Voice and the such but more features were added to make this phone step up. It has the Smart Stay in which...

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

May 17, 12 Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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Nokia has been churning out WP7 phones for the Lumia series and has earned quite a success from the consumers mainly for the affordable price and the stylish Metro UI of the WP7 OS. Since then, many more consumers are getting hooked with the WP7 phones thanks to the power of the Nokia brand in the country. What we have here is the Nokia Lumia 800 which was announced last November although it was only recently that it became available in the local market. Design and Features At first look, you might mistake it for the N9 both in size, shape, smell and color but there’s the added camera button at the right side of the Lumia 800. The phone comes in black, magenta, white and cyan in which we have here right now so there’s quite a lot of color to choose from. The overall feel of the phone is pretty solid, like a premium phone as inherited from the N9’s design. There’s the really smooth and almost rubbery feel of the back while the 3.7” AMOLED (480 x 800 pixels of WVGA resolution) Gorilla Glass screen graces the front. As you’ll be doing a lot of swiping with the WP7’s Metro UI, you’ll notice that the screen slightly curves to the sides giving you a seemingly comfortable swiping experience. You might say Nokia has it all thought out in order to impress the consumers. With the Lumia 800’s screen size, the keyboard keys are big enough for typing even in portrait mode. The graphics and texts are rendered crisp, it may not look like it in the picture but you have to see the phone itself to appreciate it. For the shutterbugs, the Lumia 800 houses an 8MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual LED flash and an f/2.2 aperture which is ideal for low light photography. However, there is no front-facing camera for this one so video calls and self portraits won’t be possible. Located at the top is the 3.5mm audio...

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Dell outs XPS 13 Ultrabook, starts at Php59,590

With the growing popularity of Ultrabooks these days, it’s no surprise then that the market keeps on gaining new entrants and making it hard for consumers on what brand to choose from. Just when you thought you had your pick Dell has just launched their new flagship product, the XPS 13 Ultrabook and you may want to consider have a look on this one. The Dell XPS is quite the looker with an aluminum frame and a carbon fiber base, making it lightweight and durable at the same time. It’s only 6mm thin at its thinnest point and weighs only 1.36 kilos making it at par with the top Ultrabooks in the market today. Ultrabooks are all about portability and the XPS13 features a 13″ WLED HD display (1366 x 768) within the form that’s similar to an 11″ laptop. This is because the 13″ display makes use of the available space around the frame, leaving a small portion for the bezel. The screen sports a Gorilla Glass display for added durability. It also has a backlit keyboard and a generous-sized touchpad. The battery was reported to have an 8-hour life in which we’ll have to prove whenever we get our hands on it for review. As for performance, the XPS13 is powered by a 2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2467M or Core i7-2647M processor, both with 4GB DD3 memory. Lastly, the price comes with an SRP of Php 59,590 for the Intel Core i5 with 128GB SSD directly competing with the Asus Zenbook UX31. If you want more disk space, you need Php71,990 for the same Intel Core i5 with a bigger 256GB SSD then it’s a ridiculous Php79,990 for the Intel Core i7 with 256GB SSD. Related posts: Dell unveils XPS 13 Ultrabook, the most compact 13-incher yet Dell outs the XPS 15z, a stylish yet powerful 15-inch...

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review

Mar 06, 12 Samsung Galaxy S Advance Review

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Recently announced last January 2012, the Galaxy S Advance I9070 is one of Samsung’s latest addition to the Galaxy S lineup. It’s been quite a while since the release of the Galaxy S Plus and now the Galaxy S Advance comes to join the ranks. Now, you might be expecting that this will be a souped up single-core phone but what we are looking at here is a ticking 1GHz dual core chipset. Having been a former owner of a Galaxy S, I have my expectations set for this smartphone as I try to play along with it. Design The overall design has deviated from the original Galaxy S look and has come to almost mimic the Galaxy Nexus look and feel. The phone is really light and doesn’t feel all too solid since it’s mostly made of plastic but it still fits well on the hand. At the front we’ll find the 1.3mp secondary camera for video calls and camwhoring. The usual Android menu and Back capacitive buttons can be located below the screen surrounding the physical home button at the middle. The screen sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, that is made of Gorilla glass with a WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels). At the back you’ll find the 5MP snapper with LED flash and the speaker right next to it.   At the left side, you’ll find the volume rocker while on the right side is where the power button is located. There’s nothing to see on top, the usual 3.5mm headphone jack is now located below the phone with the micro-USB port. I find it convenient to have the ports located below since the wires will only be from one place instead of having your phone wired from the top and bottom. Features and Performance As previously mentioned, the Galaxy S Advance sports a 1GHz dual core processor. It has 768 megabytes of RAM and runs on an Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread with the same TouchWiz 4.0 UI we saw on...

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These iPhone Apps Fridge Magnets bring out the geek in you

For Apple fans out there, you may want to check this out. Here’s a cool set of ref magnets from There are 18 pcs of Apple app icon magnets that you can use on your ref or your office cubicle to let the world know that you’re truly a geek. Each set only costs Php195 and there are unlimited stocks so you can buy a handful and save it as a gift for next Christmas. Only thing you need to worry about is the time left on the deal. As of this posting, there’s only 125 hours left. I just got mine delivered yesterday through Xend and was happy on how the ref magnets turn out. There are 18 pieces in all and the tiles are actually a tad bigger than a scrabble tile. The surface has a smooth glossy finish and is a bit thick due to the magnet underneath. As for the magnet strength, a single tile could hold your phone bill into one without slipping, so it’s pretty decent considering the size. The Apple ref magnets were made by the Jailbreak Toys Inc., and I’m not sure as to where this is also available other than the site. For now, you may want to purchase this one through the site before the promo time runs out. Related posts: No related...

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