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J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is an economist by profession and IT executive by occupation. He served the Philippine government for three years before moving on to join a leading firm in the local ICT industry. Having a passion for writing since his more youthful days, Angelo has been active in the online community since the time he operated his own Bulletin Board System (the Cyber County BBS) in the mid-1990’s, to actively participating in online tech forums, and now authoring his own blog, the J Spot, which he started late 2003. This personal publisher regularly and frequently posts commentaries on information technology, business, economics, politics and government, public relations, and family matters. A present personal advocacy is to increase local awareness and accessibility to alternative/I.P.-based means of content distribution. Angelo is married to educator Caren Marie Guevara, with whom he has two daughters, Sofia Bernice and Agatha Clarisse.

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