Pinoy-made Underwater Inspection Robot

The Roboteknik i100 (Patent Pending) is the first commercially available, locally manufactured underwater inspection robot and was developed by Filipino engineers. To date, it is the most affordable UIR in Asia. The robot is equipped with a video camera and a data recording device that is capable of capturing hundreds of hours of...

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U Mobile

ümobile is the first ad-funded mobile network in Asia. The said mobile network will go live in June 2008. A launch party was held last Monday at Rockwell tent where other PTB bloggers such as Rain Contreras, Anton Diaz, Mike Abundo, and yours truly were present. For the first 6 months of the service, each subscriber will receive a...

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Aviary’s suite of rich internet applications for artists

Apr 23, 08 Aviary’s suite of rich internet applications for artists

Posted by in Audio & Video

Phoenix screenshot Aviary is a suite of rich internet applications targeted to all artists (graphic artists, layout artists, musicians, writers, directors and the like). 1. Phoenix (image editor) 2. Toucan (Color swatches and palettes creator) 3. Peacock (Computer algorithm-based pattern generator) 4. Raven (Vector editor) 5....

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Happy April Fool’s Day

Here’s an interesting April Fool’s special from Google. Introducing, Google Romance. Make sure to take the tour and try creating your profile. 😀 Another Google prank is in Google Docs. Go to Create a new document. Then click, File > New Airplane. 😀 See for yourself while it’s there. 😀...

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Testing the Chikka Web Version

Introducting, the all new Chikka. They now have a web-based interface where you could send free text and chat to Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, AIM and ICQ buddies aside from your Chikka buddies. I just made a test where I sent an SMS to my mobile number. I immediately got the usual Chikka text if I want to block it or not. I also...

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Automatic Posting in WordPress = Splog

Nina reported that someone stole her content which was not under Creative Commons License. In fact, Nina produced a screenshot of it. Guess what, it was also posted on the same website who copied some of her photos in Flickr. Quoting Nina: kasi kung human yan eh bakit naman siya mag post ng photo na katulad nung pinost ko?...

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ThinkPad X300: A MacBook Air killer?

Lenovo answered the MacBook Air with a ThinkPad X300. It may be not as thin as the MacBook Air but it is still lightweight (around 3.1 lbs ). It has really good features and a better price tag with the 64GB SSD which is around 2,500 USD to 2,800 USD than that of the MacBook Air with the 64GB SSD. I hope they would have an option...

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Build Flash online with Sprout

Sprout is a browser-based tool where you could build Flash online. It has pre-built templates, and enables easy asset management. It is easy to use because of it’s drag-and-drop interface. The most interesting part about Sprout is its components. With Sprout, you could add your RSS feeds by simply dragging the RSS Feed...

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Tongits Game runs on Adobe Air

Jan 18, 08 Tongits Game runs on Adobe Air

Posted by in Gaming

Tongits is a new game that runs on Adobe Air and was developed by Rico Zuniga. Listed below are its features: Drag & Drop Interface. The game feels like the real thing with its intuitive drag & drop interface. Realistic And Challenging AI. The computers play like live human tongits players. Innovative Way of Organizing...

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Testing Profy

Profy (still in alpha release) is a new social blogging platform where it enables one to post a new blog entry (duh!), comment on an entry, subscribe to your friends’ feeds whether they are using Profy or not, add friends from the Profy blogosphere. It does not have categories but it has tags like What’s...

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