Do you have what it takes to win an Ultrabook this Christmas season?

Catch & Win an Ultrabook is here! Intel launched its “Catch and Win an Ultrabook” campaign that lets a user with a smart phone “catch” a golden Ultrabook at retail stores or during Intel events. You can have a chance to win three Ultrabooks and up to Php20,000 Ultrabook discount vouchers. So how do you play the game? First of all, you will have to install the Pocket Intel App on your smartphone and use the Augmented Reality technology to virtually catch Ultrabooks. Afterwards, just launch the app and register. You will then scan a marker and catch the flying Golden Ultrabook. Each time a golden Ultrabook is caught, the leaderboard is updated based on your time. You may play the game as many times as you want. You can also view the leaderboard to see the records set by other users in the metro. Participating malls are the following: Alabang Town Center; Festival Mall; Parksquare/Glorietta; Robinsons Place Manila; SM Mall of Asia Cyberzone; SM Megamall Cyberzone; SM North Edsa Cyberzone. What are you waiting for? This “Catch and Win an Ultrabook” campaign will run until December 31. You have more than enough time to top that leaderboard! If you are a Blackberry, Android or iOS user, you can download the app from their respective application stores. For more details about this campaign, you can visit and the Intel Philippines Facebook page Related posts: No related...

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Microsoft brings Cut the Rope to Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 Store

Remember Cut the Rope for the web browser that Microsoft brought last January? Well, this popular game is now optimized for Internet Explorer 10 and also available at the Windows 8 Store to provide us with the multi-touch gaming experience smartphones and tablets are enjoying. Microsoft partnered with Russian app developer company ZeptoLab to bring Cut the Rope and other games such as Contre Jour and Atari to “provide users with the best gaming experience possible, whether at home with their PCs or on the go with their mobile devices”. This is according to Joben Rara, a Technical Evangelist from Microsoft Philippines. Cut the Rope (if you still need an introduction) is an app downloaded more than 60 million times by tablet and mobile users. The objective of the game is to feed a little monster called Om Nom with the candy hanging by ropes which must be cut by swiping your finger or clicking and dragging on your mouse, depending on what device you are using. We also met with Giorgio Sardo, the Director of the Windows Evangelism group of Microsoft – Redmond, Washington. He said that “Gamers can play Cut the Rope through Internet Explorer 10 or through downloading it from the Windows Store for free for a totally re-imagined gaming experience that is fast, fluid and easily accessible through PC and mobile.” Giorgio shared to us that this game was initially a challenge to the developers to convert the game using HTML5 during the time Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview in September 2011. A great thing about HTML5 is that you don’t need to learn a new language to unlock the power of this new technology. If you know and understand Javascript, you already have access to all that a modern browser can do. The successful conversion of this game paves the way for so many more possibilities that HTML5 can bring. Isn’t it exciting to see what developers can build today with HTML5? Experience it yourself! Play the...

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Microsoft Launches Windows 8 in Singapore

Oct 28, 12 Microsoft Launches Windows 8 in Singapore

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Thursday, October 25 – Windows 8 was officially launched at the Esplanade Rooftop, Singapore for consumers and businesses in Asia Pacific and around the world. The event was hosted by Oli Pettigrew and announced by key note speaker and President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, Tracey Fellows. According to Tracey, “Windows 8 delivers a no-compromise computer experience. You no longer need to choose between the fun and convenience of a tablet and the power and productivity of a PC.” True to their word, Microsoft showcased the Windows 8 operating system using a number of impressive PCs and tablets running the said OS – these include Asus, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Those showcased were just a number out of more than 1000 Windows 8 certified PCs and tablets with a beautiful new user interface and a wide range of apps that can be downloaded from the Windows Store in 17 markets across Asia Pacific. What about the Surface Tablet? It looks like we won’t be having the Surface tablet here in the country. According to Tracey, the Microsoft Surface tablet will only be available in Australia and mentioned no plans about having it available for the rest of Asia Pacific. So what are some of the new features you can get from Windows 8? Picture Password – Instead of typing in your password, you can use a picture of your choice with accompanying gestures. This makes it easier to unlock touch-enabled devices. Fast and Fluid Start screen – Turn on your device and you’re immediately at the Start screen. It’s not the usual Windows Start screen that we have all grown so familiar with. The new Start screen allows you to navigate through all the apps with one swipe of a finger. Apps – There are built-in apps that are perfect for managing people, photos and your music. You can link your email accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and you can see all updates and photos from your contacts. You...

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Canon celebrates 15 delightful years in the Philippines

Last July 4, Digital imaging leader Canon Philippines held a Night of Delight at the Harbor Garden Tent of Sofitel Philippine Plaza. This is to celebrate 15 years in the Philippines and to honor their partners in success. The exclusive guest list consisted of friends and partners from media, dealers, sponsors and other companies and organizations that have been part of Canon’s success. Canon had a display of technologies – a series of beautiful vintage cameras and camcorders, printers and calculators that have taken part of history and is obviously part of their collections. PEZA Director General Lilia de Lima delivered the keynote speech while Canon Asia Marketing Group President and CEO, Hideki Ozawa, and the Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines, Toshinao Urabe, delivered their speeches and commended the company for this success. There were local celebrities and endorsers who took part in this celebration – the Miss Earth 2012 pageant winners, the lovely Vina Morales, and Piolo Pascual, who won the audience’s hearts by singing a couple of ballads. Canon’s Philippine operations are considered as among the main drivers of the Japanese multinational’s impressive growth in Asia. They operate three units in the Phlippines: Canon Information Technologies, Canon Business Machines, and Canon Marketing. Since it began operations, Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. has consistently displayed double-digit growth and caters to a wide range of clients including multi-million dollar companies, entrepreneurs from amateur to professional ones from all over the country. According to Canon President and CEO Alan Chng, “Our tagline Delighting You Always” is not just for our clients and customers, it is also for our partners whose continued support has boosted steady growth and expansion of our Philippine organizations. Night of Delight is our way of saying ‘thank you’.” Related posts: Canon celebrates 15 years in the Philippines EPSON launched hi-end projectors Free camera cleaning at the Canon Roadshow Nikon Launches D3100 and D7000 DSLRs along with five Coolpix Cameras, Lens and Speedlight Canon garners six awards from...

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10 things about the Sony Xperia P from a non-Android user

Jun 22, 12 10 things about the Sony Xperia P from a non-Android user

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I don’t know much about Android phones because I’ve only gone through Blackberry and iOS devices so here is an attempt to share to you 10 things that caught my attention with the Sony Xperia P in the short two weeks I had with it. 1. Beautiful, Edgy Design I’m not so used to such an edgy, rectangular device in my hands but after playing with the Xperia P, I felt that it was a good-looking smartphone that is comfortable to use. It has an aluminum metal matte finish and a transparent strip at the bottom that houses the capacitive touch menu buttons. One thing’s for sure – it didn’t look cheap in my eyes. The device is solid and there are no moveable pieces inside of it. 2. Stunning Display, even under broad daylight That would be the first thing I noticed the moment I switched on this phone. This smartphone’s display is quite stunning. It has a 4” display powered by the Mobile BRAVIA Engine and has Sony’s WhiteMagic technology. Graphics and videos are so clear, bright and sharp. WhiteMagic automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on ambient lighting. A lot of people have commented that this smartphone’s display is still good under broad daylight so I put it to the test and it’s true – I didn’t have to worry about glare. I had no problems using the smartphone under broad daylight and this would be perfect if I was lounging on the beach (Ah, the things I take into consideration). I tried to take a picture but it didn’t really do it justice. Check out the yummy bowl of Ramen on the Xperia P as I view it under broad daylight: 3. 8 Megapixel camera and scene selections for the photographer in you The camera would be one of the biggest factors I have to take into consideration in selecting a smartphone. The smartphone has an 8-megapixel camera on the rear but a VGA resolution on the front....

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Make way for the Ivy Bridge: 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors

Last June 15, Leighton Phillips, Asia-Pacific director of product marketing in Intel introduced the quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor family codenamed Ivy Bridge. During the launch, they stressed more on gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users to showcase how the Ivy Bridge processors are used to its maximum potential. These processors are now available in high-end desktops and laptops. The new processors are the first chips in the world made with Intel’s 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology. These new processors have as much as 20% microprocessor performance improvements – browsing the Internet, photo/video-editing, online-gaming are now a whole lot faster. In the coming months, a new wave of systems ranging from Ultrabook devices, to servers and intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries will be available in the market. More than 35 new ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook systems are available now and will be available for purchase within the month. In the next year, more than 110 designs are expected. These Ultrabooks are more stylish, responsive and has enhanced security targeted to consumers and enterprise users. The Ultrabooks that are powered by the new Ivy Bridge processors can be twice as fast in terms of graphics performance and has longer battery life compared to Sandy Bridge. Let’s not forget that these will be thinner and very stylish. They demonstrated how the new Ultrabooks will be able to transition from hibernation mode to the active state right after you push that power button. Not only that – it will keep updating your social networks and emails while the Ultrabook sleeps so that the moment you power it on, everything is updated, just like in smartphones. Another factor they stressed out on is on how important security is for consumers. The next wave of Ultrabook systems will have enhanced security features, including the Intel Anti-Theft Technology that can let you disable the system and make your device as good as a brick if it is lost or stolen. Aside from this, they will have...

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RIM and Globe launches latest Blackberry Curve smartphones

May 23, 12 RIM and Globe launches latest Blackberry Curve smartphones

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Yesterday, Research In Motion (RIM) and Globe Telecom announced the launch of the latest smartphones in the Curve series – the Blackberry Curve 9220, which is available in the market TODAY and the Blackberry Curve 9320, which is already available for pre-order. These new Curves target the socially-connected consumers in the market by having Blackberry messaging and social-centric features and apps. The launch was held in Prive Luxury Club in The Fort Strip and the theme was “Rock the Night” where guests can sing with the band Trinidad in Rockeoke fashion. “These new Blackberry Curve smartphones are a great choice for customers who are upgrading to a smartphone for the first time as well as existing Curve customers who are looking for a step up in speed and functionality. They provide an amazing user experience with all the unique social networking benefits needed to help Philippine customers ‘join the conversation’ and stay connected to the people and information that matter most throughout the day.” – says Hastings Singh, the Managing Director, South Asia at RIM. Here’s something new: The new Curve smartphones come with a dedicated BBM button at the side of the unit allowing users to access their Blackberry Messenger with just one push of a button. Other apps included in the smartphone are Facebook for Blackberry, Twitter for Blackberry, Social Feeds 2.0 (an app to post updates to multiple social applications and capture updates from RSS feeds). Both Curve smartphones are equipped with the Blackberry 7.1 OS, a built-in FM radio (that won’t require data services to use) and a long lasting battery that lets you have 7 hours of talk time or up to 28 hours of FM radio listening/music playback with headphones. The Blackberry Curve 9320 comes with additional features including Mobile Hotspot support which lets you share your mobile data connection with up to 5 WiFi enabled devices – this I like considering BIS is cheaper than ordinary broadband! This unit also has a camera with flash and also...

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PLDT Telpad gets an “app-grade” with TelMeHow

Last Thursday, PLDT held a Digital Media Launch for the TelMeHow app of the PLDT Telpad. This was held in Prive Luxury Club, The Fort Strip. TelMeHow is an educational online companion used as a source of easy-to-follow information, photos, and instructional videos on special interests and developing new skills. The app has categories that are useful in the household – cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language and fitness are some of them. The Telpad app also has experts in the different categories. They showed some video clips with experts on their field. In the instructional videos, Bea Constantino (fashion expert) talked on how to easily shift a daytime look to a night time look. Paul Ticzon (photography expert) talked about how every photographer or enthusiast should know the basics of the rule of thirds in order to do composition in a photo. All the topics are very interesting and engaging and has an audience in the household. The digital media launch in Prive focused more on the fashion and photography categories of this app. Mannequins were all over the place, all dressed up with clothes and accessories by Sassa Jimenez. They had an activity for all the bloggers and media people – all were divided into groups and they had to come up with 4 models, a stylist and a photographer. The task was to style all the models with the existing accessories given, take pictures of them and to have them walk the runway. For those who aren’t well-versed with fashion and photography – not to worry because the TelMeHow app has all the information needed to help them out. Of course, units of the PLDT Telpad were all over the place to help everyone out. It turned out to be an enjoyable event with the bloggers and media taking part of the show. Telpad plans, which starts at P1,849, include landline service (unlimited local calls) and high-speed connectivity at 1.5 mbps supported by PLDT myDSL. It’s a reliable...

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Sony launches 2012 Bravia TVs

Last Tuesday, April 24, Sony Philippines launched the new BRAVIA® television line-up at the stunning Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu City. During their White Summer-themed event that was hosted by the lovely Sarah Meier, they introduced four new models – HX855, HX750, EX650, BX350/450, as well as a sneak peak of other technologies to come. It’s the perfect setting for introducing such beautiful, tasteful designs of the BRAVIA series and other Sony technologies. The HX855 is equipped with Sony’s X-Reality PRO technology and highlights texture, outline and color to give you beautifully re-mastered images. They placed this television side by side with other top of the line televisions and I could really see the difference. It also has the 3D super resolution to give you ultra-realistic 3D effects – just wear the sleek 3D frameless lens shades to go with it and it enhances whatever it is that you’re watching – be it 3D Blu-ray movies, web videos or the home video you made of your dog as you play fetch. The HX750 and EX650 models also have X-Reality with it and are perfect for those 3D gamers or for those who simply want the best out of online entertainment. It allows you to see highly realistic material, even if it’s viewed from the Internet. They demonstrated this to us in real time with clips taken from Youtube. The high frame-rate and blur reduction makes everything a lot clearer. Now, not everyone can appreciate the feature of having the Internet available on your television but the presence of the Internet on these televisions gives a lot of possibilities, guiding you to thousands of movies, TV shows, online videos, games and music. Apps are available to customize to your liking and to acquire exactly what you want for your viewing pleasure. You’re able to enjoy the convenience of viewing your Facebook and Twitter accounts on a large screen – even better when you Skype with friends and family, enjoying the crisp, clear video...

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Blackberry Curve 9380 Review, the Curve goes full touch screen

Feb 02, 12 Blackberry Curve 9380 Review, the Curve goes full touch screen

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We reviewed the Blackberry Curve 9360 a couple of months ago. It has a sleek design and is a thinner version of its predecessors. The tapered edges and its expensive-looking material made it look better than the usual Curve. Next in this line is the newly released Blackberry Curve 9380 – the sister of the Curve 9360. They look very similar to each other and most of their features are almost the same. Only this one doesn’t have buttons for a keyboard. RIM has finally given the Curve the full-touch screen treatment and we’re here to find out how that feels. Design and Functionality Just like its sister (the 9360), this Curve retained the tapered edges and the rubber and matte-metal looking cover that gives it a sleek finish. Good thing RIM didn’t make changes with the overall design – I really think it looks good. The only thing they did with the appearance is to give it a 360×480 pixel, 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. Below the touch screen are the similar 4 buttons (Call, Menu, Back, Drop) and the optical trackpad. The display has the same vibrant display, just like its sister. It also comes with a 5 MP (2592х1944 pixels) with an LED flash (Hooray!) and also features Geo-tagging, face detection and image stabilization. Touch screen fans will be very happy with the big screen that comes with it. I must say, one reason why I love the Blackberry so much is because of its simple and clean keyboard. Buttons are an important feature. I hope I won’t be too biased with the touch screen review of this since it lacks one. More on that later… It is essentially the same size and weight as its sister having dimensions of 109 x 60 x 11.2mm and weighs 98g. Just a difference of 0.2mm in depth and 1g in weight. The top of the phone has the lock/unlock button that the Blackberry Bold has. It’s very convenient compared to locking it...

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