Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

We’ve had a chance to spend some time with Bose’s SoundLink Mini, their ultra-compact portable bluetooth speaker. It’s priced at Php 13,000.00, which is much more expensive than the other bluetooth speakers we’ve reviewed here in PTB (if not the most). It’s not unexpected, as we know that Bose makes premium audio products; but is the SoundLink Mini going to be worth that much of your hard-earned peso?


This speaker comes in at a height, width and depth of 5.1 x 18 x 5.8 cm weighing in at 1.5 pounds (.67kg). That’s a little heavy on the hand compared to the other speakers we’ve reviewed, but still small enough to be holdable by one. It’s because it has a single-piece aluminium body where all the components attach to. It feels very very solid after the fact. There are speaker grilles front and back; I liked the attention to detail they have here, as the ends of the Bose logo aligns to the edges of the centre speaker inside. You can find controls for the power, mute, volume, bluetooth and auxiliary functions at the top, which are of a soft rubber material, with the volume buttons raised so you can recognise them without looking. The SoundLink Mini has a rubber-padded bottom, and there’s a microUSB jam at the bottom of the unit right next to the charging dock contacts, which are used to connect to your PC for firmware updates. At the right side you get an auxiliary and power jack. Out of the box, you get the requisite manuals, a charging dock, power adapter and a set of adapter plugs for international travel.

In Use

So I set it up with my iPad and started playing some music. It was amazing. From the get-go I immediately noticed that it had better range than all the other bluetooth speakers I’ve used. The bass has a lot more oomph in it and you can crank the volume up really loud with this one before you notice any noise or degradation in quality. Battery life is more or less spot on with their claim of 7 hours per charge with its internal Lithium-Ion battery.

With regards to its size, the SoundLink Mini is portable enough to carry with you in a bag to take at parties or to hang out. It’s sure to impress your friends with what it can do. It may not be the lightest of the bunch, but then again I wouldn’t imagine carrying it around outside everyday for you to worry about the weight. It’s an ideal speaker at home during the evenings or at weekends where you can just sit back and play tunes with your tablet as you browse the web.

For those who would wonder if this can be used as a speaker for answering calls, the answer is no. It will transfer the audio back to your phone, but it will resume playback at the end of your call. Also, whenever you power it up, it automatically connects to your last connected device for your convenience.

You can buy coloured covers (Php 1,800.00; in blue/grey, neon green/gray and orange) for the SoundLink Mini if you find the colour a little too boring as well as adding some protection to it. It also has a travel bag you can buy for Php 2,500.00). You can buy the SoundLink Mini at the Bose stores in any of the major malls.

After using this for a few weeks, I’ve actually grown to love the SoundLink Mini. Yes, it is quite pricey but I do believe you’ll get your money’s worth with it.


  • jon

    It can be set up as a speaker on your tv? How?

    • Ferlin

      Hi Jon,

      You can use the auxiliary jack to connect your TV. I haven’t had the chance to use Bluetooth as I didn’t have a BT dongle for my TV; in theory you can though.

  • angelo vergara

    This one is abit expensive. Better settle for jbl pulse or logitech ue boom. Both has the same sound quality at a pruce range of 7k-10k.

  • angelo vergara

    This one is abit expensive. Better settle for jbl pulse or logitech ue boom. Both has the same sound quality at a price range of 7k-10k.

    • Drina

      Tried other brand like JBL, etc., but settled for Bose, sound quality at its finest :)

  • Ela

    hi where can i buy that speaker here in metro manila? thanks!

  • speaker newbie

    Saw that in a store here in iloilo at a price of 13000 pesos. How will you know if it is fake?

    • marnil

      price of bose in philippines is twice the price of bose in europe stores…i bose music monitor is $322 in phils. MOA 24,500php…companion 5 $340 in MOA 27,500 tried to buy one last 2013…overprice in philippines…but quality super amazing!! And outstanding…

  • newbiebose

    Bose has a physical store located at sm north edsa 4th flr at the block.. and the other one at sm mall of asia.. been there to test the sound quality of soundlink mini and soundlink colour..

  • marnil

    Yes, agree with him bose is a little bit over price.. but i does not stop me from buying products of this brand…i have 3 bose products but still i want to buy again because of the sound, durability among different speakers i have owned in the past…the sound of their products is very big difference compaired to others if you set aside 2 different brands…bose is outstanding…