Genius Giant Hornet, an affordable folding gaming headset

Looking for a gaming headset that won’t put a hole on your wallet? Do check out the Giant Hornet from Genius’ GX gaming devices which is made for serious gamers. The Genius Giant Hornet comes in black with orange accents on a heavily padded construction for comfort. It features a large, cushioned ear cups with big 50mm neodymium driver units for an immersive gaming experience with excellent bass. This headset has an adjustable headband, ear cups that can be swiveled, and 360-degrees adjustable mic, all in a foldable design suitable for on-the-go gaming. The Genius Giant Hornet retails for just Php1,200 and is being distributed by MSI-ECS Phils. Inc. Related posts: Genius’ first professional 7.1 gaming headset, the CAVIMANUS Genius DeathTaker, professional gaming mouse for RTS/MMO players SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gaming Headset Review Introducing the Razer Tiamat, world’s first 7.1 surround sound gaming headset Genius SP-i165 is a fresh take on portable speaker design The ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC headset makes sure there are no...

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Razer Edge, a Windows 8 tablet designed by PC Gamers for PC Gamers

Done with their gaming laptop last year with the Blade, Razer announced their very own gaming tablet this time around with the Edge (previously Project Fiona). What sets the Windows 8-powered Razer Edge apart from other tablets is that it underwent a series of crowdsourcing from its community to determine its final specifications. It’s the world’s first tablet designed by PC gamers for PC gamers designed. The Razer Edge was actually introduced in last year’s CES but the final and working build was just unveiled in this year’s CES. It also won all three categories of CNET’s 2013 Best of CES for which it was nominated: Best Gaming, People’s Voice—as voted by the CNET audience—and the coveted Best of Show award. This gaming tablet combines the best features of a tablet, PC and game console in one elegant 10.1-inch touchscreen device. It runs on Windows 8 with a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 Processor and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 LE GPU. It has an 8GB DDR3 RAM, up to 256GB SSD for storage and has additional accessories like a force-feedback gamepad controller, keyboard dock and docking station for gameplay on an HDTV. And since the Razer Edge runs true Windows 8, there are more applications available at launch then there are for any other tablet, with thousands of applications and games running straight-out-of-the-box. It means this tablet can also accept all sorts of gaming input accessories that you typically use on your desktop PC. The Razer Edge will be available in Q1, starting at $999 for the Core i5, 128GB SSD tablet only; $1 299 for the Core i7 tablet only; and $1499 for the Core i7, 256GB SSD with controller. (thanks Lyle) [Razer] Related posts: No related...

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NVIDIA plans to change how you play your games with GRID Cloud Gaming Platform

How do you like playing your games without being glued to your console or desktop? Fans of cloud-based services and gaming technology will definitely take this update as a jaw-dropper. NVIDIA recently announced their partnership with top international cloud-gaming companies under their GRID Cloud Gaming Platform. The platform aims to deliver smooth and seamless high-performance gaming experience to different devices such as smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and even PCs, without the need of console systems and other high-end devices. As announced, the initial companies that are included in the partnership are as follows: Agawi (United States), Cloud Union (China), Cyber Cloud Technologies (China), G-Cluster Global (Japan), Playcast Media Systems (Israel), and Ubitus (Taiwan). So what is the GRID? NVIDIA GRID is a server built to deliver 36 times more HD quality game streams alongside with high density NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units. A specialized graphics-application streaming software will be coupled with VGX Hypervisor technology, allowing multiple users per GPU. Phil Eisler, general manager of cloud gaming at NVIDIA recently stated, “By using the NVIDIA GRID Platform, our partners will allow gamers to play anywhere, anytime, without being tethered to a box.” With three key attributes, such as the densest GPU system architecture, broadest compatibility, and best interactivity, dedicated and casual gamers will experience topnotch personalized performance without being anchored to their usual spot. NVIDIA demoed the power of the GRID Platform by streaming 1080p resolution games to an LG 55LA6900 Smart TV at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Vice president of LG Bae-Geun Kang stated, “The NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming experience on an LG 55LA6900 Smart TV is beautiful to watch, easy to use, and fun to play. It is just like Netflix for games.” With services like this from high-quality driven companies such as NVIDIA, gamers are given more opportunities to personalize and easily access the best gaming experience. Let us see how the ‘cloud’ will rain endless possibilities for the gaming community in the future. For more information on NVIDIA’s GRID Cloud Gaming Platform, visit Related posts: NVIDIA launches fastest GPU in...

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NVIDIA shocks gaming industry with Android-powered Project SHIELD

A world leader in graphic processors, NVIDIA recently announced a breakthrough project that promises seamless gaming accessibility and personalized overall experience. With the Project SHIELD, NVIDIA aims to deliver flexible gaming opportunities, such as open access to Android games from Google Play, and wireless streaming of Steam game library titles from a rig powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards. Using functional analogy of the iPod and Kindle to music and books, co-founder and chief executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang recently stated, “We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen.” Inevitably, NVIDIA aims to make this vision a reality. Announced Features Project SHIELD boasts of utilizing the new NVIDIA Tegra 4, promising top-notch gaming graphics and extended hours of gameplay. Aside from this, the accessibility of games for the device seems close to infinite, as it allows download of Android games, including optimized titles from the TegraZone game store, and streaming of games from a nearby PC packed with GeForce GTX cards, specifically 650 or higher. Aside from the wow-factors inside the package, the device also features a familiar controller-inspired handheld design that is polished with an ergonomic feel. And since it is ultimately a portable gaming device, it also features a 5-inch, 1280X720 HD retinal multitouch display at 294 dpi. This, and Tegra 4’s Direct Touch Technology makes the responsiveness and accuracy seamless and realistic, a must for every skilled gamer’s battled-tested hands and fingers. A quarter of the gaming experience involves the ambiance and the environmental sounds, as well as the reactive effects that shape the gameplay. Project SHIELD reveals an audio technology packed with custom, bass reflex, tuned port audio system, surpassing the quality of most gaming devices. The device also allows output to bigger screens, giving players a personalized set of options based on their desired gameplay setting, that is, handheld, on the couch, or on a party. Head-on Android Device As a...

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GameStick is your Android game console on a stick

Remember Ouya? The Android gaming console funded by Kickstarter? How about a smaller, low-powered version of it? Something that looks like a WiFi dongle but with all the trappings of Android inside. GameStick is a project by PlayJam looking for crowdfunding via KickStarter. If you don’t know PlayJam, they’re the ones responsible for the largest games network on Smart TV and this time, they’re delving into the hardware gaming side. Back to GameStick. It’s essentially a small stick equipped with minimal hardware to run on Android Jelly Bean and powered by a TV’s HDMI port. The processor of choice is a 1GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 Amlogic 8726-MX, same as that of those Chinese-made Novo tablets. Simply plug it to your TV’s HDMI port, grab the controller and play away. Memory is at 1GB but internal flash storage is only at 8GB, with games and content hosted on a cloud storage. The GameStick is also powerful enough to output Full 1080p HD video and comes with WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. PlayJam is currently working with popular game studios including Madfinger, Hutch, Disney to bring the Android game titles that are perfect for a controller right off the gates. Initial game lineup consists of Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, Cannabalt, SmashCops, Boulder Dash XL, Hungry Shark, Grabatron, and Pool Bar. The GameStick package costs $79 at KickStarter and comes with a Bluetooth controller where you can also house the stick if you want to bring it elsewhere. I’m quite leery with the shape of that controller fearing it’s not ergonomic enough for gaming. Interested in being one of the first owners of a GameStick? Head over to their Kickstarter page to pledge. [via Engadget] Related posts: No related...

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PTB’s Top 5 PC Games of 2012

Jan 03, 13 PTB’s Top 5 PC Games of 2012

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2012 has been a great year for PC gaming. With its broad range of diversity and accessibility, the gaming realm of PC offered surprises and topnotch hits. Read below and see the our Top 5 PC games of 2012. 5. DayZ Genre: Open World Survival Horror Although DayZ is technically only a mod for the game ARMA 2, it has received high praises for its dynamic open-world atmosphere and experience-driven gameplay. Named as PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year, DayZ took the competitive online gaming world, the zombie apocalypse theme, and the survival horror genre by storm, raising each to the next level of gaming experience. As a community-driven force, the DayZ mod, lead by Dean “Rocket” Hall, is currently developed and updated by a group of community members. The mod features a broad range of loot, different game maps, and a promise of a standalone game in 2013. Praised by most topnotch game developers as a fresh way of introducing gameplay experience, DayZ focuses on survival against zombies, other players, and the environmental factors such as the weather, hunger, thirst, and injuries. See if you can survive a post-apocalyptic world. Read more about DayZ at 4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Genre: Cooperative First-Person Shooter Valve surely hit the spot as it released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the much-anticipated title from the legendary Counter-Strike series. With revamped old maps that offers a classic feel, as well as new maps and game modes, gamers felt the new era of Counter-Strike gaming as they chose between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. With familiar game modes such as Defuse and Hostage on classic maps, gamers can choose between Competitive and Casual gameplay. The Competitive mode offers standard rules, while Casual mode offers full armor and bonus rewards for achievements. Gamers can also utilize the new weapons featured such as the PP-Bizon, Tec-9, and the Sawed Off shotgun, along with the classic AWP and AK-47, making it both a fresh and a familiar experience. Experience the latest Counter-Strike experience. Read more about CS:GO...

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Dune II ported to HTML5 so you can play it on your browser

Back in the days of multiple floppy disk installers, Dune II is one of the first RTS games I’ve played on my 386 and is probably one of the successful ones that started the genre. Russian developer Aleksander Guryanov has created a full HTML5/Javascript port of this 1992 game so you can relive the days of your harvesters being swallowed by a sandworm, or spamming your enemy with free men only to be met with a blast wave from a Sonic Tank, straight from your web browser. You can play the campaigns of all three houses: Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen with each having about 6MB worth of download. It’s best played on your desktop since you can make use of the hotkeys and left/right mouse clicks, although you can also play it on Android and iOS devices. It crashed my IE10 Release Preview but it was fast when it was running. Chrome is a bit slow but stable. Response is not that good when played on a Chrome browser on the Cherry Mobile Flame but still playable. Chrome for iOS crashed on my iPad mini after the opening scene with the Mentat. If you want to take a trip down the gaming memory lane with Dune II, head over to [Joystiq] Related posts: No related...

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Pinoy gamers bag gold at international Counterstrike:GO tourney

Christmas just got better for a couple of Pinoy gaming groups who represented the country at the recently concluded The Games Expo (TGX) Malaysia for Dota 2: The Asia 2012, and Asian Cyber Games (ACG) 2012 for Counterstrike: Global Offensive competition held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Team Pagibig.tnc represented our country for DOTA 2 and Team DC Smackdown for CS:GO, after winning the Grand Finals in the 2012 Pinoy Gaming Festival held last Oct. 27 and 28. Our Pinoy gamers rose to the top ahead of 6 countries who participated in the tourney, including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Team DC Smackdown fragged their way to victory against the heavily favored Orange Esports team of Malaysia who had a twice to beat advantage from beating DC Smackdown in the winner’s bracket finals. DC Smackdown won goodies from Razer and a big fat paycheck of USD3,000 Coming in on second place is Orange eSports with Flash eSports for the third. You can watch the winning moment here: For Dota 2, Team Pagibig.tnc was able to rise from a 0-2 record and beat Team Orange eSports of Malaysia and Team Zenith of Singapore forcing a three-way tie for second spot in Group B. Pagibig.tnc tried their best against both teams but unfortunately, lost two of their games in the tie breaker match and giving the spot to Team Orange eSports but nonetheless, was able to push their skills to the limit and will surely have their way next year. Related posts: World Cyber Games 2008 Philippine Champions WGT Philippines 2008 Winners Pinoys conquer The Games Xpo 2011 in...

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Street Fighter X MegaMan coming to the PC on Dec. 17

Dec 11, 12 Street Fighter X MegaMan coming to the PC on Dec. 17

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Capcom fans rejoice! Revealed exclusively via, in celebration of Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary, Capcom had the crazy idea of fusing Street Fighter and Megaman in one game. Capcom announced that they will be releasing Street Fighter X Mega Man for the PC on the 17th of December. And the best part of all is that it’s FREE! You can watch the trailer here. The game features Mega Man and has all the original Street Fighter characters as bosses. Some of the characters include Ryu, Blanka, Dhalsim, Chun Li and 4 other fighers, and you’ll be controlling Mega Man. Gameplay will be like the original Mega Man (or Rockman) in all of its 8-bit nostalgia-inducing graphics and audio. Capcom will be releasing the game via so head there on the 17th for the download. Wish they would also port the game on mobile devices. Related posts: No related...

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PTB’s 2012 Gadget Gift Guide for Gamers

Dec 09, 12 PTB’s 2012 Gadget Gift Guide for Gamers

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Budget, availability, and usefulness, are three things that we consider in buying gifts for our friends, family, and significant others. Whether you are a busy working parent, a generous sister, or a thoughtful girlfriend, going through different retail stores and crowded malls to find potential gift items seem next-to-impossible with your jam-packed schedule, especially at this time of the year. Luckily, we came up with a shortlist of budget-friendly items that might interest you (and your gamer boyfriend). Read below and check out our 2012 Gadget Gift Guide for Gamers. Elephant Dragunov Gaming Laser Mouse Elephant is a Japanese brand which makes all sorts of PC accessories and peripherals including gaming mice. Their Dragunov is made for palm-grip users and comes with 6 buttons, a tangle-free braided cloth fiber covered cable, and a stunning adjustable 3200-dpi pro-gaming quality laser. It also comes with a free dragon-printed black gaming mouse pad. Overall, this item is definitely a steal for the buyer, and the gamer. Price: Php495 Availability: DataBlitz Website: Elephant SteelSeries QCK Gaming Mousepad SteelSeries offers time-tested quality mousepads used by different professional gamers. With different sizes and thinkness catering to different play styles, you can easily choose what to buy depending on the need of the user. The general features of the pad are its cloth surface, which provides smooth steady glide, and its non-slip rubber base. Just make sure your recipient has enough space if ever you are going to buy the mass version. Variations and Price: Mini – Php300-500 Regular – Php400-600 Mass – Php800-1000 Special Editions – Php700-1300 Availability: PCHub Edge, Multiply, TipidPC Website: SteelSeries Razer Goliathus Gaming Mousemat Like SteelSeries, most professional gamers also use Razer products for their gaming mats, such as the Goliathus Mousemat. Goliathus mats offer two editions, Control and Speed. Control features heavily textured cloth for pixel-precise targeting, while Speed offers a slick cloth weave for seamless speed while gaming. With various sizes and thickness, make sure that you purchase a Razer mousemat that is suitable...

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