Hello Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s new browser

May 01, 15 Hello Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s new browser

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Say hello to Microsoft Edge, the Redmond giant’s new moniker for the Project Spartan flagship browser in the Windows 10 operating system. Sporting a basic and minimalist interface, Edge has support for Microsoft’s own Cortana digital assistant, giving intelligent suggestions whenever needed. It also has a digital annotation function for easy note-taking whether you’re using a pen and touch input or a mouse and pen, and a built-in reading list for easier web viewing. Edge also has the ability to support browser extensions from both Chrome and Firefox, making it one of the most decorated browsers right before it hits consumer shelves. It’s still unclear on how it would work as of this writing, and we hope Microsoft would shed light on it soon. The new name isn’t surprising, since Microsoft already mentioned that the new browser runs on an updated fork of Internet Explorer’s rendering engine called EdgeHTML. Edge is slated to be Windows 10’s default browser, as already seen in its early builds. So, what happens to Internet Explorer? It may not be included in the Redmond Giant’s new operating system for consumers, but rather be part of the software that will be given out to Business and Enterprise customers.   Related posts: Microsoft Windows 10: What to expect, Technical Preview and Windows Insider Program You can now use reworked Android and iOS apps on Windows 10 Continuum turns your Windows Phones into...

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Continuum turns your Windows Phones into PCs

Apr 30, 15 Continuum turns your Windows Phones into PCs

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Microsoft’s Keynote speech in this year’s Build Conference has a ton of great announcements, and the Continuum feature for Phones might be changing the way you use your mobile devices. The Continuum feature will enable a user to use his phone in another way unimaginable: as a near-standalone PC experience. Once hooked up to a monitor and connected to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, users can work on Sure, it’s not the full OS that will be present, but key elements will be present such as the nearly-identical taskbar, a task switcher, and Microsoft’s array of Universal apps present on your device will work as their full-sized desktop versions. “What we’re trying to show here today, is our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience,” said Joe Belfiore. While it’s just a simulation that’s been presented at today’s keynote, Microsoft still hasn’t given any concrete roadmaps on availability on Windows 10 for mobile builds aside from the fact that it needs new hardware to fully function well, and they plan to share more of that feature soon.   Related posts: You can now use reworked Android and iOS apps on Windows 10 Windows 7 Philippine Pricing Cool, new features of Microsoft Office 2010 Windows 8 Upgrade only $14.99 for new PC owners Microsoft Windows 10: What to expect, Technical Preview and Windows Insider Program Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun brings FREE Internet to the masses via Internet.org app by...

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You can now use reworked Android and iOS apps on Windows 10

We will be able to enjoy using Candy Crush Saga and Dubsmash on Windows soon! A game-changing announcement from Microsoft from their keynote speech at the Build Conference today includes four new options for developers to add content into the Windows Universal Store, including importing Android and iOS apps straight-up without much code editing. This means that iOS and Android app developers can pretty much port their apps directly by allowing the use of Java, C++, and Objective C software to run on the newest OS. The idea is pretty much simple: to get as many apps as possible to hop onto the Redmond Giant’s new platform, compatibility issues notwithstanding, by recompiling it through Visual Basic, replacing the APIs with Microsoft’s, and launching it onto the Windows Store. Aside from allowing Java/C++ and Objective C, the Redmond Giant has also allowed compiling web-based apps and those that are based from .NET and Win32 to be available on the Store. .NET and Windows 32 apps will have a dedicated section for them, and will be available starting with the launch of Adobe Photoshop Essentials on the Windows Store. “With Apple you choose to invest in iOS and OS X. With Google it’s Android or Chrome OS. Windows is the only platform that lets you bring apps to all these devices efficiently,” said Terry Myerson. New updates seen at the conference highlights phone apps running on desktop, as well as seamless integration of Universal apps from desktop to mobile and XBox. In two to three years, Microsoft expects that the incentives it had laid out in previous keynote speeches will pave way to dissolving fragmentation issues and create an estimated 1 Billion devices running on the Windows 10. Related posts: Microsoft Windows 10: What to expect, Technical Preview and Windows Insider Program Google Launches Apps for Your Domain Windows 7 Philippine Pricing Norton released AntiVirus and Internet Security 2011 Google’s Android poised to surpass Apple’s iOS in terms of mobile apps Microsoft shows off Windows 8, looks like Windows...

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Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun brings FREE Internet to the masses via Internet.org app by Facebook

Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular brings FREE Internet to the masses via Internet.org app by Facebook. The partnership, spearheaded by Talk ‘N Text provides access to major education, news, health, messaging and communication websites without data charges. Initially, 24 websites, including Facebook and Messenger will be available via Internet.org app but Facebook’s Director of Global Operator Partnerships Markku Makelainen said that they are working with more content partners and government agencies in bridging the digital divide and providing Filipinos access to internet services and tools that can help create new ideas and opportunities. Internet.org is a Facebook-led initiative that aims to make basic mobile Internet services available to two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected. Smart is the first telco to launch Internet.org app in the country and this also marks the first time Internet.org will be available in Southeast Asia. Before its Philippine debut, Internet.org has been launched in six countries including Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Zambia. Markku Makelainen, Facebook Director Global Operator Partnerships. Photo from @SMARTCares To avail of this FREE internet service, Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers can download the Internet.org app on Google Play, open www.internet.org on their browser or simply text INTERNET to 9999. Here are the list of websites available via Facebook’s internet.org app in the Philippines: AccuWeather.com Ask.com BabcyCenter.com Bing.com Dictionary.com ESPN.com Facts for Life, www.factsforlifeglobal.org Girl Effect, www.girleffect.org Inquirer.net Interaksyon.com Jobstreet.com OLX.ph PesosandSense.com PhilStar.com RaincheckPH Rappler.com SPIN.ph TESDA.gov.ph Wattpad.com wikiHow.com Wikipedia.org Your Money Related posts: Download the BDO Deal Finder App and get the latest deals and promos from BDO Credit...

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Microsoft Windows 10: What to expect, Technical Preview and Windows Insider Program

Microsoft Windows still reign over desktop and laptop users as the choice of operating system. With Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8/8.1 getting 90% share of the pie (Mac OS X gets 7.21%, Linux at 1.34%), Windows is still no doubt the choice of the majority. With the upcoming release of their newest creation, the Windows 10, adaptation to the new OS will probably be higher because for the first time, they are offering FREE upgrades for customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. This move to upgrade for free was probably made to try integrate the segregated market using different version of Windows. To give you an idea, according to Net Applications research (December 2014), out of the 90% using Windows, Windows XP and Windows Vista users combined is only at 21% so the rest of the 90% are qualified for the free to upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year. Some of the features that are worth to be excited about Windows 10: > Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant comes to PC and tablet > Windows 10 will be available for both phone and tablet (Seamless interaction) > New web experience (Code name Project Spartan, a next generation browser built with greater interoperability, reliability and discoverability.) > Office universal apps (Consistent user experience across phones, tablets and PCs) > New universal applications (Music, Maps, Videos, Photos, Mail, Calendar etc) > Xbox Live / Xbox App (Access your extensive Live gaming network on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One) > Continuum mode (Move easily from keyboard to touch mode for devices that swtitch from tablet to laptop) > Holographic feature with Microsoft HoloLens (3 dimensional hologram computing experience) > Microsoft Surface Hub (Group computing feature from no screen to 84″ screen) Windows 10 will release a Technical Preview for PCs and phones this February and if you’d like to be one of first to experience the new generation of Windows, you can join the Windows Insider Program...

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Seedstars World coming to Manila to find the best startup in the country

Aug 23, 14 Seedstars World coming to Manila to find the best startup in the country

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Seedstars World, the most exclusive startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes is coming to Manila on August 27, 2014 to find the best startup in the country. Based in Geneva, Switzerland and founded by Alisee de Tonnac and Pierre-Alain Masson, the competition is supported by the venture builder Seedstars SA. Last year’s SSW was conducted across 20 cities and for this year, SSW has expanded to more than 30 countries including Philippines. For the Philippine leg, SSW will partner with IdeaSpace. “IdeaSpace is happy to collaborate with SSW as it brings more opportunities for tech startups in the Philippines and other emerging markets to gain access to a global platform. More so, SSW’s move to focus its lens to a city like Manila will bring forth more opportunities to spur local talent and create more solutions and ventures that will seek to improve economic productivity.”, IdeaSpace Community Development Consultant Goldy Yancha. The event will be hosted by Microsoft Philippines. Other local partners include Demo Asean, WebGeek.ph and Pinoy Tech Blog. Seedstars World is also partnering with Galixo, a boutique consultancy based in Singapore working with startups in developing their business strategy and entering new markets at global level. Galixo CEO Raphael Dana will also be part of the jury panel. Last year, innovative crowdsourcing translation platform from South Korea, Flitto, won the first place for Seedstars World. “After Seedstars World came to Seoul, and crowned us Regional Winner, doors opened for us and we really gained traction. The publicity it created was also fantastic and this [global] win will take us even further.”, Founder and CEO Simon Lee Flitto, 2013 Seedstars World winner.  “Seedstars World will hold its worldwide competition every year and we are expecting to grow exponentially to all the corners of the world and put all the fast growing startup scenes on the map. Indeed, our goal is to create the network for quality entrepreneurs around the world and help entrepreneurs, accelerators/incubators, co-working spaces and investors to interact with one another.”, Alisee...

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Dong Nguyen is back with Swing Copters for Android and iOS

Aug 21, 14 Dong Nguyen is back with Swing Copters for Android and iOS

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Remember Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird? Well, he’s back with a new game for Android and iOS titled “Swing Copters”. The game has the same retro look and straightforward implementation as the Flappy Bird and to play, users have to tap to change direction and fly the character with a propeller hat and make sure it doesn’t hit any swinging objects.   Download Swing Copters for Android here and the iOS version here.   Related posts: No related...

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Latest software update brings OTG support for ASUS Zenfones

Aug 19, 14 Latest software update brings OTG support for ASUS Zenfones

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Good news to all ASUS Zenfone users. ASUS has just launched a software update that brings OTG support to ASUS Zenfones. Aside from OTG support, the system update also provides a couple of improvements to the Zenfone’s camera. You can check the latest update by going to Settings > About > System update. Related posts: No related...

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Xiaomi unveils MIUI 6, available for download in October

Aug 16, 14 Xiaomi unveils MIUI 6, available for download in October

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Xiaomi has just unveiled the MIUI 6. “Visually stunning, stunningly simple”, the latest version of Xiaomi’s celebrated MIUI ROM features redesigned home screen and icons, reformatted calendar, calculator, weather, compass, clock and tools and new way of editing home screen, widgets and wallpapers.   Moreover, MIUI 6 presents new home screen gestures, MIUI cloud integration, better performance, improved battery life, mobile security and camera among others. Xiaomi has started rolling out the MIUI 6 to 1,000 beta testers and to 10,000 more, later this week. MIUI 6 will be available for download to Mi users in October. Check out these links for more on the MIUI 6 MIUI 6 Overview MIUI 6 Full Review   Related posts: No related...

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Five Must-have Windows Apps for Rainy Season

Rainy days are here again. For us living and working in the metro, this translates to battling with the hassles and inconveniences brought about by floods and heavy traffic when traveling or commuting. In line with this, we share with you some handy Windows apps to help you through the daily grind on this rainy season MMDA – For the Manileños, heavy rain is synonymous to heavy traffic. Steer clear of traffic jams by planning your route wisely with the MMDA app. The app gives you accurate and on-the-dot traffic situation of Manila’s most travelled roads, including EDSA, C5, SLEX, Roxas Blvd, Ortigas, Commonwealth, Marcos Highway, Katipunan, España, & Quezon Ave. The app also provides information on traffic rules and a comprehensive directory of important emergency contacts such as accredited towing companies to call for roadside assistance. Download the MMDA App for Windows here. Waze – As for those roads that are not covered by the MMDA, there is always Waze. Waze is a reliable, community based mapping, traffic & navigation app that helps drivers outsmart traffic, save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all. By simply driving around with Waze open, you’re already contributing tons of real-time traffic & road info to your local driving community. Users can also actively report accidents, hazards (including floods), police and other events you see on the road, and get road alerts on your route too. Waze is all about contributing to and benefiting from the ‘common good’ on the road. Download Waze App for Windows here. Philippine Hotlines –The rainy season may sometimes cause a series of inconveniences. Stay prepared for what may come your way by bringing along important telephone numbers where ever you go. Philippine Hotlines contains numbers for important Philippine Government Agencies such as PAGASA, PNP, MMDA, among others. Since the app is meant to be used offline, you don’t need to connect to the Internet to search for phone number because numbers have already been stored on your phone. Download Philippine...

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