How to make Yahoo! mail work on your Android device

Android is by Google and it’s no mystery that Gmail will seamlessly work with it. But for you Yahoo! users out there, you may have been unsuccessful adding your Yahoo! Mail account to your Android device and ending up downloading a separate Yahoo! app just to check your mails. Well, you can still add your Yahoo! account to the...

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How to read e-books on your Android device

With all the Android devices coming out in bigger forms and display sizes, one can’t help to use it as an e-book reader. Tablets are a good candidate as well as phones with 4-inch screens and up. There are only a few free e-book reader options in the Android market as of now. The two most popular apps are Kobo and Aldiko and some...

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What’s the difference between Sleep and Hibernate?

This is really old but I still get questions regarding these two Windows state especially from first-time laptop owners. Do you know what’s the difference between Sleep and Hibernate mode? When to use Sleep, Hibernate or plain old Shutdown? Sleep is a power-saving state which stores your current work state into memory and...

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Chat with your Facebook friends in Yahoo! Messenger 11.0

I guess this is something that is no longer new but, just like me who would not update my Yahoo! Messenger regularly this can be an exciting feature of YM version 11. I have been scouting for an IM app for the past few weeks that can integrate both my Yahoo! and Facebook contacts. Having an app that would allow you to chat with...

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PTB Guide: How to choose a laptop

Shopping for a laptop but don’t know where to start on deciding which one to get? Here’s a simple rule of thumb that I always suggest to friends. Start with the size and price before getting to the details. Here’s to illustrate: Size –> Price –> Brand <-> Design –> Extras Brand and design are interchangeable based on...

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What you need to know before getting a 3TB hard disk

Jan 28, 11 What you need to know before getting a 3TB hard disk

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So you decided to spend some of your hard-earned cash to purchase another hard disk. One that can support your growing collection of movies and photos for eons to come. And what’s the largest capacity available to consumers right now? 3 terabytes! That can hold around 4500 movies (assuming a movie is 700MB in size). But wait!...

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7 things you need to consider before buying an imitation tablet

Late last year we saw a proliferation of imitation tablet devices with names likes iPed, Eped, and Apad popping out in the grey market offering the same features as that from named brands such as Samsung, Archos, ASUS or even Cherry Mobile. It attracted a lot of people especially those who want to own a tablet device but are in a...

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Call your loved ones in the US and Canada for free via Gmail

Not really something new but for those who still don’t know, you can call any US and Canada number for free using Gmail. You don’t need something like Magic Jack anymore. It’s going to be Voice over IP (VoIP) so you need a headset with a mic, or maybe your laptop will do since most come with a built-in mic already. You can even put...

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Battery Buying Tips

I’m guessing there will be a lot of people this year who will need to get a new set of batteries for their gadgets. I just got myself a flash for my Nikon D90 and it took me a while looking for some Rechargeable AA batteries for it. Here are some simple tips on how to choose the right AA/AAA batteries for your device. Disposable vs...

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Apple’s iOS4 finally got jailbroken… the easy way

Aug 02, 10 Apple’s iOS4 finally got jailbroken… the easy way

Posted by in Mobile, Tech News, Tech Tips/Quick Fix

Well that was quick. The iPhone Dev Team (Comex) has unleashed a very easy way to jailbreak iOS devices running on iOS4 or iOS 4.0.1 (not beta) using only Mobile Safari. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can simply go to to initiate the jailbreak. Don’t get too excited though. There are also plenty of people...

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