What are “Poisoned” Search Results and How Can We Fight Them?

Jul 20, 10 What are “Poisoned” Search Results and How Can We Fight Them?

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Sometimes, when looking for something on the internet, the search engine would return search results that, when clicked, redirects you to malicious websites. Although the search result or link may seem to be valid, opening it will redirect you to illegitimate/fake websites. Next thing you’ll know is that you’re PC’s already...

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Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines

Jul 05, 10 Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines

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Remember those days in the 90’s when there was only one prefix for the only two telcos competing? Globe uses 0917 while SMART uses 0918, and the less known Extelcom owns 0973. That’s all you need to remember to know which telco someone is subscribed to. Of course now there are a ton of mobile number prefixes and we have Sun...

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Remove “Scarewares” with Norton Power Eraser

May 19, 10 Remove “Scarewares” with Norton Power Eraser

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You know what a “scareware” is? It’s those fake popups you somtimes get from your browser telling you that your computer is infected by malwares and trojans so you need to download a software. That software is a “scareware” and downloading and running it will further cause problems to your system. Something like the Antivirus 2009:...

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Hard drive buying tip: Look for Advance Format technology

With a hard drive’s physical size not getting any larger, there comes a point that you can only see up to a certain amount of drive space. Drive platters have a limited areal density and manufacturers have already reached its capacity. But does this mean we cannot see drives exceeding 2TB? Or larger space on a 2.5” hard drive? Not...

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Globe 4438 Secret Decoded

Globe Telecom is running a campaign for the SMS short code 4438 and it has been well-promoted with print ads, TV commercials and social media campaigns. The Globe 4438 is set to be revealed on April 4, 2010 but an inside info gave us a tip to de-code this secret. Globe 4438 is a rewards system for subscribers and has the following...

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Understanding the CPU: Fast food analogy

Most computer-literate people know that the CPU or the central processing unit is the most important part of a computer. It is the “brain” of the computer but do you know how each CPU element contribute to the processing power? To explain the different CPU elements, here is a loose “fast food restaurant” analogy to help you better...

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Globe iPhone 3G Unboxing and Activation Tips

Got ourself an iPhone 3G and we’re still poking around to the full review to follow. For the meantime, here’s some unboxing pics and additional activation tips for Globe subscribers. Only iPhones that were purchased from Globe Telecom can be activated to work on their network. If you bought your iPhone 3G outside the...

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Build Flash online with Sprout

Sprout is a browser-based tool where you could build Flash online. It has pre-built templates, and enables easy asset management. It is easy to use because of it’s drag-and-drop interface. The most interesting part about Sprout is its components. With Sprout, you could add your RSS feeds by simply dragging the RSS Feed...

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Rediscovering the Thunder in Thunderbird

Eons ago when I had to wake up at exactly 6am every weekday just so I won’t be late for work, I start every day by opening Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client, which manages three separate e-mail accounts, two of them international and the other intra-company.  I remember how it worked beautifully for us.   Lag times...

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Fixing Firefox’s Voracious Appetite for Memory

Ok, so its not really a fix… more like a work around. But so far this seems to have worked to help throttle back the Firefox browser’s design to cache pages in memory: Go the address bar of firefox (where the “http://” usually is entered) and type “about:config” Look for...

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