Feb 5, 2013

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CD-R King now carries the Lightning cable for only P200

Well it’s bound to happen and it’s finally here. CD-R King, your one-stop shop for just about everything now carries their own version of Apple’s Lightning cable which should be good news for iPhone 5 users who need an extra cable in the office or car.

CD-R King Lightning Cable

The CD-R King Lightning to USB cable costs only Php200, a very cheap alternative considering original ones cost Php990 when bought from the Apple Store. This cable is for iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPod nano 7th Gen, and the iPad 4th Gen.

If you already got one from CD-R King, do let us know if it works flawlessly.

*Thanks for the tip Jai!

  1. good job! slow clap, guys;)

  2. Do you really wanna risk spending a few pesos for your device worth thousands? haha but please, do let us know if it is worth the risk! :)

  3. Yes, it is is only a cable, so. I think it will either work or not work with your device, but i cannot see any reason for it to damage your device….

  4. Schneiderman says:

    Got a similar one from Landmark with a different brand -iLink. Which may have been from the same maker just without the cdr king logo. Unfortunately, it didnt even last me 3 days. Pulled it out from a usb car charger and only got the white part pulled out exposing the internal parts and cutting off all the wires… Just too cheap in my opinion. Another differrence i noticed is the length of the usb metal end. Its shorter than the original one. I got a new one from one of the small cellphone stores in ATC for double the price today. It has the exact same USB end. At least this one I got to use once so far. :)

    just sharing.

  5. i tried it. bought 4x. it either be broken, don’t work or get heated. so i will just buy original one than spending 400 pesos less than 2 months.

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