May 10, 2007

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Check your Election Precinct Online Before Election Day

Update: See Election Results here.

Philippine Precinct Finder: How to find your precincts this elections?

Google Philippines is doing a project to map all the precincts in the country:

Find the exact locations of your voting center on the map. The Philippines 2010 election has seen some changes to the precincts and voting centers. Google is providing an online tool to allow voters like yourself, to place the locations of each voting center on a map. Your contribution helps others find their precinct voting center too!

find precinct online

Go check your precinct here.

Folks, beat the rush and the possible bandwidth limitations the COMELEC website will encounter come election day.

I suggest you check your name with the online COMELEC Precinct Finder as soon as you can so you’ll know if you’re still a registered after the purge and if you still are, your precinct number and place of voting.

Update: See Election Results here.

  1. Cool info because I did not participate in the last election and was not able to register during Comelec announcement for registration.


  2. Can’t find “me”. Does that mean I won’t be counted as a voter on Monday? All that lining last December up for nothing? I have a stub, though.

  3. I want to check where I can vote but the darn site is so slow to load.

  4. john paul guce says:

    i want to know my precinct number

  5. fernando l. siacunco says:

    I want to know my precinct number

  6. when can i get my voters id???i already register on january2009

  7. Norman Cocjin says:

    Simula nang presidential election ni Gloria at sya’y maupo bilang pangulo hindi ko na makita ang pangalan ko sa aking precint, sa tingin ko ginulo nila lahat ng voter’s list na sa tingin nila ay di boto sa kanilang partido para asar talo di ka na lang boboto, nalaman ko lately, na ibinalik ang pangalan ko sa dati kong precinct at may bumoboto na ibang tao.

  8. dennis s echavarre says:

    find my precint number

  9. the comelec has updated the ISP of their website..its much much faster now..go and try on this precinct finder…its a big help :)

  10. I want to know my precint number

  11. i just want to check my precinct number…

  12. You can also check your precinct number in this website, i found mine here.

  13. rhea pajatillaga de castro says:

    i do not know yet my precinct number

  14. voltaire oducayen says:

    i want to know if i registered or pricent number.

  15. russel v. guerrero says:

    i wanna know what my presinct number is…thank you

  16. Napoleon Tolin Garcia Jr says:


  17. I hate it! The links on the precint finders are down. Seems a lot of traffic is on it’s way not able to accommodate it! Whew!

  18. I want to know my percinct number and polling percinct Please help

  19. roseller b. romero says:

    help me find my precinct number

  20. angel christopher de mesa sonza says:

    i want to know my precinct number

  21. marcos de guzman evangelista says:

    i want to know my precinct number

  22. celia de guzman de leon says:

    i want to know the location and my precint number

  23. nina reynirose espinili regondola says:

    where is my precint number?

  24. MIGHTYkamote says:

    wlang kwenta dhil down ung precinct finder ng comelec

  25. JERRY D. MONLEON says:

    I forgot my pricinct number can you help me to find.
    thank you.


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