Cherry Mobile P1, P2i and P6 Mini Smart Dialer

Cherry Mobile earlier shared a video of the Cherry Mobile Mini Smart Dialer series on their Facebook page. The Cherry Mobile P1, P2i and P6 Mini Smart Dialers allows you to control your smartphone via Bluetooth.This is pretty useful when commuting or when in public places.

No details have been posted yet about the devices’ compatibility or when it will be hitting the stores. We’ll keep you posted.

Click here for the video teaser


  1. nexuser /

    It’s alvailable already. I have a p2i right now.

    • cool! where’d u get it? they used to have the p1 in moa.

    • Rabbit-kun /

      where can you download the BTNotification app without cherry play?

      • Titus /

        It says on the user manual of the Cherry Mobile P6 that you can download the BTNotification in their website, but I could not find it anywhere.

  2. where can you download the BTNotification app without cherry play?

  3. bryan /

    where the hell can i download the bt notifier app???

  4. verto /

    TO get the notifier, download Cherry Play.

    From Cherry Play, download the BT Notification.

    Rant: Cherry Play seems not to have a search function and u will need to browse through the list. I got it in the Hot apps. somewhere part of the top 30 i think.

    Good luck.

    • Where can I download Cherry play? It’s not available in google play. Thanks a lot.

  5. where can i download CHERRYPLAY & BT NOTIFIER??:P

  6. yhanz /

    i need cherry play apk or btnotification apk for my note 3 to make p6 work on messages. pls post some links

  7. Where can i download the btnotifier

  8. yhanz /

    Guys, download “mediatek smartdevice app” from googleplay it works fine on my p6. Hehe

    • Arist /

      It works! Even in my p2i. Thanks. Thumbs up :)

    • Kahit pag s4 gamit gagana ba siya? Paano ba gamitin yung meditek smartapp?

      • Yhanz /

        Well I think it will work too on ur S4 since it works on my note3. Just install the mediatek app and setup some app that u want to be notified with, then connect via bluetooth with the P6 or P2i.

  9. Blue /

    Anong app gagamitin kapag sa iphone?

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