Cherry Mobile teases us with a quad-core device

Got an invite from Cherry Mobile for an event next Monday, Feb. 18, where they are set to announce a new device.

cherry mobile quad-core

First of all, I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that it’s a quad-core device with that “Four Times Faster” caption. We’re not sure though if it’s a phone or a tablet but based on the photo, if indeed it’s a photo of the device they’re going to launch, it’s more likely a smartphone (distance of the volume button to the other edge) than a tablet.

This one’s going to be big and will set a precedent of the next batch of Android devices that they will be coming up with next. Say goodbye to 512MB RAM handsets? I hope so. If you’re itching to get a new Android phone, you might want to wait for this announcement first. Who knows, we might get a decent quad-core phone with a jaw-dropping price this time around.

Care to share your thoughts?


  1. frederator /

    Wow! Finally, dirt-cheap quad-core devices this year! :D I’m just hoping that the phone they’ll be releasing is in league with Micromax’s newly-released quadcore phone, Micromax A116! :D

  2. i think it is a tablet.. based on its shape, the texture of the back and the buttons.. usually manufacturers dont place all your buttons on one side only plus they are so close to each other. they dont usually have any other button close to the volume rocker. its a tablet.

  3. i think the volume rocker is too short for a phone.

  4. Parang likod siya ng Nexus 7 :D

  5. Anti_kimchi /

    I want it to be a phone, but by the shape of those edges it appears to be a tab. :-(

  6. Yeah, after looking at it a bit more it’s starting look more of a tablet than a phone. their answer to the nexus 7 perhaps?

  7. I think it’s a tablet. Too thin to become a phone (proportion wise).

  8. Looks similar to Ainol Novo 7 Venus. If it is indeed ainol venus, Pass! As CPU performance of ATM7029 isn’t that good, Aurora II is far better even at dual core.

  9. dubbinfall /

    Parang ainol tablet ito eh..Ainol Venus.. same kasi yung likod niya Quad core din soooo… yeah

  10. Looks like it’s a rebrand of Ainol Novo 7 Venus.

  11. Looking at it closely… a rebranded ainol novo 7 Venus just
    like what CM did with some of their tablets… will pass on it if it’s the rebranded ainol novo 7 venus

  12. kamusta nman kya wlang kwentang batery ng mga android fone ng chery mobile? mat tatagal na kya ng 2 days?

  13. Gene Eric /

    A large phone or a small tablet; it will compete with the Asus MeMo Pad ME172V that sells for only P6,995.00.

  14. yadzkie /

    cherry mobile again.. i just hope this time they will be giving us their flagship phone. .. and sana lang, the quality is there. . hindi tulad ng mga previous phones nila..

  15. Griswold /

    hayyy tablet… sana phone naman. nasan na mga quadcore phones nila?

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