Dell’s latest convertible tablet PC, the Latitude XT3

It seems that every two years Dell, refreshes their enterprise-grade convertible tablet PC. It started with the Latitude XT back in 2007 and here now is the third iteration, the Latitude XT3. Seems like there’s still a market for these types of laptops. Dell is pushing the Latitude XT3 to non desk-bound workers, such as healthcare professionals, educators and service personnel.


The Dell Latitude XT3 has a 13.3-inch touchscreen and can also be configured with a display ideal for outdoor or under-sunlight viewing. Conversion between laptop and tablet modes is now just a simple twist of the LCD screen, all thanks to the new bi-directional hinge. Input can can be in the form of multi-touch, a stylus, touchpad and keyboard.

The XT3 is also powered by the latest Intel Core i series processors and has a 320GB worth of storage. SSD is also an option. Dell is claiming that the XT3 can deliver over 8 hours of battery life and with Latitude ExpressCharge the battery can re-charge 80% in just about an hour. It is compatible with the docking stations, power adapters, media modules and extended battery slices used by the other Latitude E-Family of laptops.

The new Latitude XT3 is available today on  starting at US$1,585.00

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