Facebook Celebrates 10 Years with a “Look Back” Video of Your Life on the Social Network

facebook look back
Facebook is celebrating its 10 years of existence today. A lot of things have transpired since the top social networking site’s very beginning up to its current status right now. And to celebrate its 10 years anniversary, Facebook is sending out notifications to Facebook users about a dramatic video of their life on Facebook. The Look Back video contains 20 of the most prominent Facebook moments of each users. This may contain photos, statuses and life events. The video even comes with a nice tune to add to the cinematic effect.

To view your Facebook “Look Back” video, simply go to http://www.facebook.com/lookback. It will tell you how many years you have been on Facebook so far. And then the video will play automatically. Unfortunately you can’t share your “Look Back” video. I wonder why Facebook did not make this possible. Facebook just enabled the sharing feature. Go ahead and share your “look back” video and together, let’s flood Facebook’s news feed with those cheesy videos. Have fun!

To give you an idea, here’s the official Facebook Look Back video.



  1. Like finding old friends sharing pics and just being nosey

  2. Ibeth Rosales /

    Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary

  3. Sharin sultana /

    hey congrats.but,i don’t get my video after watching one time.at the watching time i didn’t share this.now i want to share but i can’t find it…so please give me any guideline for getting the movie of mine..

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