First Impressions: Starmobile Engage 7-inch Android tablet

Starmobile is Filipino mobile phone company that specializes in affordable feature phones of their own design. It’s no surprise that sooner or later the company will also release their own Android devices.

starmobile engage 1

The Starmobile Engage is their first Android tablet at 7-inch and has a retail price of just Php5,990. Can’t believe the price right? At that price, what you can usually get are entry-level Android smartphones.

We received a unit of Starmobile Engage recently so allow us to share to you our first impressions.

starmobile engage 2

Inside the box, you’ll get the tablet itself, the charger, generic earphones, manual and the warranty card. Pretty basic stuff.

starmobile engage 3

Lifting the Engage we immediately notice how light it is. The 7-inch display has a wide bezel surrounding it with the Starmobile logo below it. If you notice that the display is not that sharp, well it’s because of the low 800 x 480 resolution which you rarely see even in smartphones with 4.3-inch display.

starmobile engage 4

It has a curved back with a matte black finish to discourage smudges and fingerprints. Upper right at the back you’ll find the typical 3.0 megapixel camera (no flash) you find in entry-level Android phones. Speaker grill is located on the lower right portion at the back. There’s also a VGA camera in front which works with video calls like Skype.

At the bottom edge of the tablet you’ll be greeted with a whole LOT of ports. From left to right you’ll get the Home button, Reset pinhole, mic, 3.5mm earphone jack, DC charging port, mini-USB, a regular USB, standard HDMI port, microSD slot, and the Power/Sleep button.

starmobile engage 5

The Starmobile Engage is a WiFi-only device but you can use your 3G or 3.5G USB dongle with it. You can also plug in a USB flash drive and access its contents with this tablet. You need a file explorer app for it though which you can easily get from Google Play.

This tablet runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich already and is powered by a single-core 1.2GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM. Haven’t really used it that much but I experienced a little bit of lag when waking this device. There’s a 5GB internal storage here so you’d want to make use of the microSD slot for expansion.

Bottomline here is the Starmobile Engage won’t “wow” you in terms of looks but it has a unique design compared to other budget tablets in the market. The specs are not something you will like to show off either but they’re serviceable for the price that you are paying for. You will also get a lot of functionalities out of this device thanks to its myriad of ports.

The thing is, for just Php5,995, you’ll get a lightweight 7-inch Android tablet you can use to watch videos, surf, read books, video chat and play casual games with. Starmobile also prides itself with the high-quality of customer support they give which is their edge over other affordable brands in the market.

Starmobile Engage
1.2GHz A10 Cortex A8 CPU
7-inch Capacitive Multi Touch Display, 800×480 pixel resolution
1GB RAM, 5GB internal storage, expandable via microSD to 32GB
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
3-megapixel rear facing camera
0.3-megapixel front facing camera
WiFi, HDMI, USB OTG, supports 3.5G modem
No Bluetooth
3000mAh Battery
SRP: Php5,990

  • mariel

    Hi, I just got my engage 7hd today. Everything works fine except when I try downloading apps it get an error saying “it could not be downloaded due to an error (error retrieving information from server.(RPC.S-5 AEC-O ). Please help me what to do..thanks

    • rz

      yeah i got one to. erroe in downloading, error retreiving info from server. sabi doon sa staff ng starmobile sa wifi daw yun. for me, i don’t believe ksi ok nman wifi doon sa npuntahan ko wla nman ibang ngw2wifi pero ganun pa rin error sa server…

      • phil..

        kailangan mong isure kung gumagana ung gmail acount mu

    • Radz Kiram

      Hello po. Yung problem po sa download ay easily fixed lang po. Nangyari yan dahil sa tablet po ninyo mismo kayo nag register nang gmail ninyo po. Para po masimulan ninyo magdownload pumunta po kayo sa google at i open ninyo lang ang gmail ninyo para ma verify sya ng google as a working account. Open nyo lang po account nyo sa desktop mismo or laptop po. sige po. Thank you po.

  • juann

    hi.everyone im juann of cadiz city negros occ.
    i am just ask one question…..
    is the starmobile engage tablet is available in negros occ.
    b’cos i am erning money to buy it……….

    • gresha

      powet mo

  • Anti_Kimchi

    DEC 25th 2012! I bought two units yesterday at the price of 4,990P each! I wanted to install games before the kids opened their presents, so I tried to do so on the 24th. Farmville installed, but then it would NOT run due to the fact it didn’t have permission to run on Android. After I uninstalled it I could not re-download it. (Magic Jack nor Viber are compatible.) Could NOT get the GLOBE USB 3G Dongle to work at the shop where I bought them. It DID however accept a flash memory USB stick! Very cool!! You will have to go to SETTINGS for Skype to enable the video. Tango works too! (I miss the iPod style  HOME BUTTON). Responsiveness isn’t too bad for a unit costing this little. It take a little getting used to it. Back to apps: VLC is in Beta. It didn’t work well. I had to convert Matroska (MKV) files to MP4 files so they could be viewed. Good old Quicktime 7 Pro converts with ease.
    Any questions? Just ask.

    • Calvin

      always convert your video to mp4, mahirapan ang hardware neto magplay ng big files. try mo mx player instead of vlc.

      • Anti_kimchi

        Yes, thank you. All I have to do is open the movie with QuickTime and save as a movie. So easy.

        I wrote my comments in English. In that way the majority of the World can read it. 
        Update: got my Globe 3G doggie to work. Connected to the Internet at a higher speed than my PLDT Wi-Fi. Got 5 Bars at the bottom Along with the 3G to light up. 
        Skype: after log in video can be enabled. In Tango it was automatic. I believe Starmobile does not want its users to be able to use Teleohone/calling apps, hence Viber and Magicjack don’t work. 
        As for creating a HOT SPOT there is no setting for that. I’m new to android. Perhaps there’s an app for that?

      • Anti_kimchi

        Yes, thank you. All I have to do is open the movie with QuickTime and save as a movie. So easy.

        I wrote my comments in English. In that way the majority of the World can read it. 
        Update: got my Globe 3G doggie to work. Connected to the Internet at a higher speed than my PLDT Wi-Fi. Got 5 Bars at the bottom Along with the 3G to light up. 
        Skype: after log in video can be enabled. In Tango it was automatic. I believe Starmobile does not want its users to be able to use Telephone/calling apps, hence Viber and Magicjack don’t work. 
        As for creating a HOT SPOT there is no setting for that. I’m new to android. Perhaps there’s an app for that?

        • Edwin P.

          What model of 3G dongle did you use? Any tips on how did you do that? Appreciate your help. Thanks

  • francis

    paano po mareset nalock pattern po kasi.
    thank you!

    • John

      yan rin ang problema ko nakalimutan ko yung pin at hindi ko rin alam paano i-hard reset kaya kung may nakakaalam pls pakisabi paano

      • mac

        ipag sabay nyu lang po ung power button at reset..

        pag katapos po bitawan nyu lng ung power button habng hawak nyu ung reset button…
        at tapos…kung d po gumana itry nyu lng po ng i try……

        • http://none wook

          Pano maayos yung sounds nya gumagana lng po pag saksakan mo ng earpon

        • http://yahoomail jLesTeR Ruado

          kelan bibitawan yung power button ? pag Lumabas na yung aNDroid Logo ? Tapos keLan naman bibitawan yung RESET button ?

  • jasmin

    hi po, pano ko po ma activate yung portable wi-fi hot spot using globe ayaw kasi maconnect nasesearch naman sya malakas siganal kaso pag open na ng browser no connecyion na po… pano po maactivate at anu required n network globe ayaw eh..

    • Anti_kimchi

      Sorry Jasmin. Can’t help.

      • vina

        hi,how can I unlock my starmobile engage,pls help me find a way,I’ve just got my unit december…hope u can help me find the solution.thanks

    • Anti_kimchi

      I only speak jaoanese and English. Are you saying you tried to connect a Globe USB 3G dongle to an engage 7? It does work! As for using the engage 7 for a HOT SPOT for sharing there’s no setting for that like on an android phone.

      You have to change the settings on the engage.

      Now, if you have a MACBOOK PRO you can easily set up a share network using your USB dongle. Easy as 123!

      • Anti_kimchi

        Sorry. Typo. Japanese. Not jaoanese.

      • mac

        mas maganda po bng lagyan ng anti virus ang tablet?//

        • d3athnote09

          globe tatto model 152….. bakit ayaw sa tablet ko.

  • r.susano

    Hi i just go my strmobile HD yestrdy i am usingmy globe dongle, signal is turns blu ise whch means signal
    is good as written on its manual, kya lang loading slowy then later on ang mag aapear network is not working sumthing like that,kht full bar ang signarl, and on thing ore am using prepaid dko alam panu iregister ang tatoo ko sa super sure,

  • Edwin C

    This tablet is cheap and ugly! It’s only for poor people who can hardly afford to even buy this stupid Filipino owned device!

    • Thrill

      Hey! Edwin dont say bad words..You’re not helping people..Here.

    • einnela

      Then why are you commenting here Mr. Edwin?

    • ena

      If you don’t like it just shut up!!!!

    • jacinta

      huuy, hindi naman. i think the product is a PC-killer pa nga with its usb features…mura naman so why dont you buy one para ma-check mo ang features.


    HI… ask ko lang po if na experience nyo na weak sya makaconnect sa wifi sa open na lugar?

    • Anti_kimchi

      In my experience I have connected to the Internet 3 different ways:
      1. My Wi-Fi set up at my home.
      2. Using a USB 3G dongle directly connected to the Engage.
      3. Sharing a 3G connection: USB 3G dongle connected to my MBP. (MacBook Pro)

      I would say that as long as the wifi signal you get is really CONNECTED to a modem you should be able to get online. (if it’s not password protected. If it IS password protected TRY to get the password and connect).

      Sorry. No Tag spoken here.

      • ROMEO

        hi! we are using wifi router provided by pldt. we put the router at the terrace of our house. other tab can connect easily, while my star mobile is having an instability in connection.
        anyway if i connect to wifi in an enclosed area i have a very good connection. do yo

        • Anti_kimchi

          The wifi router here is a Netgear. The signal is strong anywhere in the house and outside. All I can recommend is that you:
          1. Reset using reset button ( far left)
          2. Switch wifi off and on
          3 . Mobile data switched off
          4. Get close to the router. Switch wifi on the engage on. Get a signal. Walk away as far as you can while monitoring the signal.

          Other than that I really don’t have any ideas except for a wi-Fi booster.


          • ROMEO

            big thanks

  • james

    available na ba ang starmobile sa c.d.o.?
    i have to for this tabblet

    • u r is 2 pid

      punta ka sa mall para malaman mo

  • dudz

    sir panu po eih hard reset??naglagay kasi ako ng password pero napalitan ng misis ko kya di ko mabuksan nkalimutan din yong password…

  • tina maderazo

    hi. can you help me what is the best or compatible broadband for starmobile engage? thnx

    • Anti_kimchi

      YES! I can offer some assistance. 

      First of all I have been called a “troll” on this forum under the Nexus 4 topic. I resent that! I have the right to speak freely and I WILL NOT allow the Philippines to RIP ME OFF with their rediculously high price of 24,990p for a $299-$349 phone! Stand up to high prices. 


      I have successfully connected to the Internet by using:

      1. SMARTBRO Model:WM66A USB dongle

      2. GLOBE Model:E153 Huwei USB dongle. 

      I haven’t tried the Sun Cellular modem, but it is the same model as the Globe. It just uses a different User Interface. 

      Both modems are from 2010. Smart is easier. No settings changes are necessary. Just make sure you have load. 

      The globe modem requires one settings change. Here’s the secret:

      APN. Change the setting from “Internet” to “http”. Just like you would do in your iphone for prepaid. 

      In SETTINGS go to Mobile data. It’s just under WiFi

      1. MOBILE DATA ON. 
      2.  More…
                  Mobile Networks.   
                      Data enabled
                          Access Point Name

      APN… That’s where you would change the settings for Globe. 
      Note: the APN info will appear AFTER the USB dongle is inserted and not before. 

      That’s it! 

      • iPhone_Guy

        WOW!! Thank you for your time and effort! It WORKED for me! Thanks again. I can’t understand WHY no one has taken time to thank you.. ungrateful I guess.

  • Anti_kimchi

    I wanted to add one thing… If your broadband is postpaid, Internet will be the correct APN, not http. Http is for prepaid. Got it?

  • bad jojo

    panu ba i unlock if too many pattern attempts? nakalimutan ko gmail account and pw ko? pls help naman po

    • Anti_kimchi

      I’d love to try to help you.

      • mac

        ganyan den problema ko ….akin ginamit ko na lng warranty.kc nung nag message aq sa happyman sabi nya sa service center daw ginagawa ang hard reset

  • bhea

    i just wanna can i remove the image that i install well actually it is application..its just in the screen.but before that i what will i do.the image still on the screen..but f click.the apps isn’t will i remove that.

    • mark

      Hold the icon and drag to “X Remove”, the pop up menu you can see at the top of the screen..hope I help you solve your worries..:-)

  • vina

    my niece got her android engage last december as her sister’s gift for her,unluckily it got locked how can i unlock it?hope you can help me…

    • Anti_kimchi

      I had a similar problem with my low grade android phone known as kimchi galaxy y. I searched the web and found an UNLOCKING CODE. I entered the code to allow me to delete data so that I could sell the phone. I had forgotten the gmail password I had been using. This code resets to the default factory settings.

      When you say the Engage 7 is locked you mean you can’t get past the LOCK SCREEN? For security reason you assigned a password whether it was using letters, numbers or the pattern?

      Maybe you can search the web for the answer.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  • Whit3knight

    Just like to know kung kailangan pang I-Jailbreak ang starmobile. Ndi ko kasi malaro yung ibang game.

  • akosiromrom

    gumagana po ba ang microsoft power point jan??

  • sam

    i accidentally press the reset button then it shutdown,anybody can help me how to open this tab again? it happened before but the salesman didn’t teach me how to re-open the tab again.

    • mac

      hanapin nyu lng po ung power button sa ilalim ..

      o d kaya po ay basahin nyu ung manual

  • jasper

    paano po ba makakapag download ng games please help

    • phil..

      punta ka sa play store tapos mag search ka na ng gusto mong laro

  • Ricky

    I have a problem with my Starmobile Engaged rear camera. When I try to use it all I get is a white background. I hope you can help me. Thanks!

  • phil..

    paano po mag download ng microsoft… plsss reply..

  • mark

    Tanong lng po,,I’m using starmobile engage 7″ HD..bkit po kpag ng e skype aq,,at ng vvideocall bglang nwawala,,me nlabas ”skype has stopped” alam po b kau panu masosolve to,,tnx po..

    • Calvin

      try niyong idelete at ireinstall ang skype. or close niyo ibang apps pag magskype. baka naubusan ng memory.

      • mark

        Tnx calvin,,realy helps!!:-)

      • james

        PANU po magreset ??.. or pumunta sa recovery mode ?.. help po…

  • mark

    Tnx calvin,,realy helps!!:-)

    • Anti_kimchi

      4990 now

  • con

    hello po..question lang po regarding sa sd card ko.ano po kaya ang problem if i moved the app to sd card hindi po nagbabawas yung total ng mb ng sd card,parang hindi po sya pumapasok sa sa sd card ang data?

  • Marcu Riomalos

    i just baught this gadget but the video call in skype doesnt woork…. please help…

    • Anti_kimchi

      Let me tell u a little story. Some stupid low class pinoy said “f you” to me tonite, so guess what? You get no help from me ever again. Figure it out dummy!

  • zalleh

    need help!
    1 month pa lang ung engage 9 ko… ok naman ung naging performance then lately bumabagal na ndi na sya sensitive… hindi pa sya nababagsak, karaniwan ko lang ginagawa dun surf at games or nuod movie then kanina ok naman sya nakapag calculator p ako after ko gamitin iniscreen lock ko then nung ioopen ko para mag games di sya nagoopen at d nman lowbat nilong press ko ung power baka nag auto shut down ung icon n android lang unti now di cia maoff at ayaw mag open T.T anu ba dapat gawin dito?

  • Sai

    anu kaya ngyare sa StarMobile ko ng
    reset ang lahat ng App: nya tapos
    bumalik sa Original na program
    pero pag ng install ako ng App:
    mag install siya kayalang pag ini of
    ku ang StarMobile ko mawala ren yon
    lahat ng ininstall ku help help pls

    • con

      nangyari po sa akin yan ..what i did is dinala ko po sa service center ang unit ko at pinalitan po nila ng jellybean.

  • Iverson Boiser

    hello po…gusto ko lang po sanang magpatulong kung papano gamitin ang smartbro broadband ko sa tablet ko..thanks!

  • cathy

    pano po mag reset?

  • mac

    hi poh sa lahat ng nakakabasa netuh………

    gustuh ko lng pong magpaturo kung panuh i-on ung globe broadband sa tablet engage???

    d po kc gumagana …kelangan pa ren po bng i set ung apn.

  • aldroid

    having prob with link2SD. My second partition is ext2. When accessing link2SD after power on, it prompts me to select from(ext2,ext3,ext4,fat32/16)… I have to choose fat for it to work. Is it normal?

  • aldroid

    is it possible to update to jellybean???

  • lhei

    ask ko lang what will i do ayaw syang ma open.. as in pag press ng on button lalabas STARMOBILE then the ADROID after the ANDROID image STARMOBILE logo na naman at HANG na sya.. may naka encounter na po ba sa inyo na nag hang?

  • fatima rose languban

    bakit po di nagana viber ? tango at skype naman nagana

    • eugene dc

      sa pagkaka-alam ko ang viber ay gumagamit ng celfone number ang engage ay walang simcard kaya hindi magagamit ang viber dito mas ok naman ang skype nakikita mo ang kausap mo

      • cutieave

        kailangan nka on po ang wifi

  • ghon14

    got mine also….but the problem is ….all of the apps installed in the internal memory not in external sd card..also the camera doesnt have an option to select storage location…

    hirap kong laging sa internal nasesave lahat …

  • jeizza

    hi, I had a motorcycle accident earlier and broke my 2 days old starmobile screen does anyone know if it can be repaired?

  • jeizza

    hi,I had a motorcycle accident today and broke the screen does anyone know if it can be repaired?

  • jeizza

    hi I broke the screen,can it be fixed?does anyone know?

  • http://[email protected] catherine

    hi. im from koronadal city. i just bought starmobile engage 9 two weeks ago… ok naman yung unit. pero kahapon, nung palowbat nxa, at nagsignal ng connect charger parang nagahang na.. haist. hanggang doon nlng xa sa name na starmobile nagastop and nd na magload…. everytime na iconnect ko ang charger, ganun yung nangyayari. kainis. what shall i do ? =[

  • kb_dee

    good day!pwede pa po ba mapalitan ng screen yung engage 9 tablet ko?nagkaroon kasi ng crack,yung isang side lang yung gumagana ng screen.please help..

  • alyanna

    when i press the menu before, i can see all the applications i downloaded before but now i cannot see some. what happend

  • phol

    Ask k/lng poh kung compatible bah ang smartbro model mf627 sa engage?

  • Roy

    eto po problema ko, pano ko po marecover yung mac address at ip address? kasi di po gumagana wifi ko, if wala po nitong dalawa po. eto po yung link

  • raf

    my problem is d gsensor…my update b dto hw to fix?

  • reyman

    ask q lng po bkit wla po video call ng skype q pn0 po ma-activate ung video call.

  • nicknaks

    Ano po ba sng paraan pra maunlock ung starmobile tablet na too many attempt na tapos hindi ko na matandaan ang google accnt ko at password.. plss help:(

  • nicknaks

    Pinatingin ko na sya sa technician, sabi wala p daw software na jilalabas ang starmobile.. totoo ba yun? Di ko na nagagamit yung tab. Panu ba yun?:((

  • Jenna


    Ask ko lang bakit walang nagaappear na files sa SD card ko. But then, naka-insert naman ito at nag-notify na “SD card mounted” pero kapag tinignan mu na un mga laman wala naman.


  • kaygie

    help me nman po, kc yung cam is super dilim khit may flash na… panu po ba gagawin para luminaw? db ang purpose ng flash is para khit madilim eh ma capture mu cia ng malinaw at maganda.. pero bkit hindi gnun ung nangyayari! help me nman po plsssssss……

  • Lea

    My Starmobile Engage has been acting up. Binili ko ito last October 2012. Bihira ko naman gamitin. Lately, bigla na lang namamatay kahit full bar pa ang battery. Twice na nangyari ito, kahit anong gawin ko, blank screen talaga sya, pero mainit, so I think gumagana sa loob. So inaantay ko na lang ma-drain yung battery. pag totally drained na, plug ko na yung charger, mag-oopen na. medyo weird.