Flappy Bird Creator Taking Down the Game Tomorrow

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen earlier today Tweeted that he’s taking down the game tomorrow. Nguyen didn’t provide additional information as to why he’s withdrawing the hit app but stated that his action is not caused by legal issues.

Released last May 2013, Flappy Bird first gained popularity on iPhone users before taking the mobile gaming by storm and bagging the top spot for being the most downloaded free gaming app both on the App Store and Google Play the past couple of weeks.

Although being offered for free, the blockbuster app is reportedly earning $50,000 daily in ad revenue. Despite the profit, Nguyen has hinted that he’s feeling the drawbacks of his app’s success as some people are accusing him of ripping off other popular games. Nguyen’s sudden decision comes as a surprise as an update for the game was even released yesterday.

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  • I wish that flappy bird will return.