Get your fill of Nokia premium apps from the Nokia Store

If you find your Nokia phone getting a bit bland, you might want to check out the Nokia Store (previously the Ovi Store) where you can purchase premium apps to spruce up your phone.

Currently, purchasing is only available to Globe postpaid and prepaid subscribers.


The Nokia Store features a lot of premium apps, games and content such as ringtones and movie trailers. These content can be downloaded to a wide range of Nokia devices from feature phones to smartphones. No need for credit card as the cost for apps purchased from the store will be charged to your postpaid phone bill or from your prepaid credits.

To get started, if you’re on Globe, simply visit from your device browser. You will be prompted to download the Nokia Store application.  Once registered, you can start downloading content and applications that is compatible with your phone.

To date, Nokia Store is seeing strong growth with more than 11 million global downloads per day. This milestone is a result of the increased demand for mobile content and the growing number of new apps and partner developers, complemented by new consumers signing up for Nokia Store.

In the Philippines, some of the most popular applications downloaded for 2011 were Facebook Chat, Skype, AdventureOfTed, and eBuddy Messenger, a chat app that allows you to talk with your friends on MSN, Facebook, Yahoo!, GTalk and more.

With the local implementation of the Nokia Store automatic billing solution, Nokia continues to pursue its commitment of providing user-friendly, affordable devices and more importantly, in providing mobile content and innovative services.


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  • tofu_boy

    Nokia is DEAD…

  • best gadgets

    Glad to hear that Nokia is updating their services, at least for Globe subscribers at the start, for the comfort of the tech community who use their gadgets while on the go.

  • simplynice93

    Nokia app store is too late to launch and Nokia is too slow to react to its market. They should introduce new innovations so that new customers will come in than preventing loyal Nokia users from looking for another alternate like Android and others.

  • Griswold

    nice… but they really need to tap into smart para ma-maximize itong service.. at para rin kumita ng husto mga app developers.

  • thejorlanb

    They are now strong with the mid and lower market.