GFI Labs warns Chikka users of ChikkaLoad scam

GFI Labs, an online threat portal, uncovered a scam that targets Chikka users by using a Facebook app that promises users free mobile phone load.

The scam comes in the form of a Facebook app called ChikkaLoadPH that’s designed to look like something Chikka cooked up. What it asks of the user is to answer a simple survey to get their P300 mobile phone load.

If you’re familiar with scams, surveys would be an immediate red light. Answering surveys will give the scammers their commission while you’re left wondering what to do next. What’s also happening in the background is that you will unknowingly promote the app on your Facebook and Twitter to further spread this scam.

What’s good is that the page has been reported in Facebook already and has since been removed but GFI Labs still warns user of similar types of Facebook apps that might pop up in the future.

Sources: GFI Labs, GMANetwork




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  1. Griswold /

    ang importante lang naman kasi is if it’s too good to be true then stay away. lalo na sa mga apps na nanghihingi ng access sa iyong info.

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