Globe and SMART’s Fair Use Policy for Mobile Internet

For the past few days, I’ve been seeing a number of friends posting complaints about Globe’s data cap for mobile internet. We’ve also received a number of messages on our Facebook page inquiring about Globe’s data cap or Fair Use Policy, as well as SMART’s.

GLOBE fair use policy data cap

But why are we really frustrated? What is data capping and why do these networks have fair use policies in the first place?

Before mobile internet was mainstream, back in the days when we proud ourselves as being the SMS capital of the world, unlimited service was actually ‘unlimited’.  Say, in the case of unlimited text service, one can basically send SMS all they want (without making huge impact on network traffic). Well, large scale SMS clogs the network at times, especially during Christmas and New Year, but that is a different story.

For home and mobile internet, bandwidth is a shared resource.  Being that, users who excessively use peer-to-peer applications like BitTorrent to download movies, music or files and those who frequent on video and music streaming sites affect the internet usage/performance of  other subscribers. This is the main reason why networks have fair use policies in place – to limit the maximum amount of data being used by its users, in turn discourage network abuse and provide equal opportunity for its users to enjoy quality internet.

Globe vs. SMART Fair Usage Policy / Data Cap for Mobile Internet

Daily Monthly Throttle
Globe Prepaid Promos 800MB
Postpaid 1 GB
Tattoo sticks 800MB (prepaid), 1GB (postpaid)
3GB  64kbps

Looking at the two major networks, Globe has a consumable 1 GB data for a day or 3 GB for a month before it implements it data cap while SMART has a limit of 1.5 GB (daily or monthly). SMART’s Fair Use Policy applies to its mobile internet service but does not include its Value-Added Services (VAS) such as push email, messaging, BlackBerry service and International data charges. Globe on the other hand implements its data cap to all its surfing promos and data plans for Globe postpaid and Tattoo Lifestyle Sticks, except PowerSurf and those who use mobile internet on regular browsing rates of Php 5 per 15 minutes.

So, what happens when you’ve exceeded your mobile data limit? The networks downgrade your connection from LTE, HSPA+ or 3G to 2G. In a sense, that still makes the service ‘unlimited’, but you get to make do of the lower browsing speed.

Data capping and fair usage policy is nothing new. In fact, even networks abroad are implementing the same.  Maybe what gets us really frustrated is the word ‘unlimited’ when user’s unlimited data plans are actually limited and regulated.  Browsing our local providers’ websites, most unlimited data plans do not mention the monthly quota.  Perhaps they need to start including it on their websites to avoid confusions.

Globe Fair Use Policy

SMART Fair Use Policy



  1. tama ba? kahit naka register kami sa UnliSurf999 under 4G network ibig sabihin pag nag reach na ng 1.5GB (smart user by the way) automatic mag shift ung network ko into 3G n lng or worse into 2G???
    kung sakali ganun nga sayang naman pala ung binabayad namin na monthly na 999 pra sa unlisurf 4G kung ganun

    • suplado /

      ganon na nga yun. kapag lumagpas ka dun sa quota mo, automatic babagal ang internet mo. from 4g magiging 2g at hindi man lang 3G ang signal mo. gets na po ba?
      kunwari lang unlimited internet nila. unlimited lang yung connection pero yung mabilis na internet service hinde dahil sa lintik na data capping na yan.

      • rhen /

        Im using talk n text unli 50 send to 211. I was able to download 10 or more movies total of 8gb a day. No data limit. Try it yourself para maniwala ka. By the way im using globe openline broadband kasi mabilis globe sa amin. Then only to find out na may 800mb limit pala at di ko masulit ang unli ko kaya nag talk n text nlng ako.

        • Smart User /

          I Agree, Smart user here, i can download torrents all the way with LTE signal, no caps, i am using Smart LTE 995 promo, then using a ZTE pocket wifi

          -Computer Programmer-

          • Ace, experiencing some problems with my Smart Jump in Student Sim, LTE ready sim card. Nag register same as yours 995 promo for 30 months. Pwede ko ba malaman anong Simcard ginamit mo?

        • totoo ba un globe user kasi ako sa internet pero sa texting at calling talk n text naman ako kung unlimited ung sa TNT unli50 to 211 e d magpapa openline na ako xD sana tama ka -____-

  2. Better if they start offering tiered data plans instead of promising an ‘unLIMITED’ data with bandwidth and data limitations.

    Regarding the data limits if both network, Smart has lower allowance but it they don’t seem to implement it at all.

    And to this article, it seems the author is ok with the situation as these network operators are supporting their sites.

    • I rarely reach my data limit since I am only using my mobile mostly for web browsing. It also helps to set/monitor your data usage.;)

  3. I’ve been accustomed in having data cap here. My monthly allocation for my 3G/4G is 1.5G. I wouldn’t mind having cap as long as the network delivers. During my short trip there I was really disappointed on how the network performs. It’s a drastic measure on the carrier’s part to cap the services there since the network is too overwhelmed. Having said that, both the networks must deliver if they are implementing these changes especially to their customers.

  4. Jose Noel /

    I posted a question on Smart’s official facebook account. I asked them on how much bandwidth is allotted for smartbro canopy plan 999 subscribers since I’m a subscriber for about 8 years ( I believe its called homebro now by the PLDT) but they didn’t answer. I even try calling them on their hotline but the CSR only told me that they cannot give me an exact volume regarding bandwidth. They suggested on subscribing to PLDT MyDSL plan 1299 with 5mbps speed if I want an internet connection without bandwidth cap.

    • I also asked them the same and they were not able to give me the exact volume. Same for the lte data cap.:)

      • netnavi /

        He meant that that second pisture is not from smart.

        “This morning, internet on my SMART mobile was slow. I thought it was due to poor network coverage in the area until I got a ‘Data usage warning’.”

        That warning in your notification page is from your android phone because of the limit you set in its settings. I’ve been using the same prepaid smart number for seven years, same sim, on several phones already but I’ve never experienced them capping the speed. Speed depends on the area, signal strength and signal type your device is currently using.

  5. there nothing wrong w/ capping…but they shouldn’t call it unlimited…that’s where everything goes wrong…unlimited is unlimited…

  6. *Ca ching* /

    Sa Globe Tattoo prepaid , idisconnect nyo tapos intay kayo ng 2 oras.
    After ng 2 hours, magseset na ulit sa 3G yan . Kaso pag nag 800MB na ulit, babagal na ulit yan… idisconnect nyo ule ng 2 hrs.
    Tried and tested ko na po.
    Tsaka pag nag browse ka ng 10PM to 4 AM walang throttling sa Globe.

    • sure ka, nagawa ko na yan,naghintay ako ng 2 hours pero wala parin nangyari ang hina parin ng signal.

  7. Mike Manansala /

    I guess the “Data Usage Warning” you got is from your phone settings not directly from Smart. As I observed, you’re using an android phone. There’s a setting in android where you can set data usage limit. I guess naka on yung sayo. Please double check. Thanks.

  8. What if I set my Android phone to WCDMA network mode and exceeded the daily cap, will my connection still be throttled to 2G speed?

  9. *Ca ching* /

    Hay, mas maganda pa kung oras ang pangsukat kung mahilig ka sa pagda-download tulad ng 50 hrs per month na plan
    Pero kung pang business at social networking lang, pwede na yung 3GB/ month…

    • Have you heard of online and work at home jobs? Puwede bang panagutan ng Globe ang mga hindi makaka meet ng deadlines nila dahil limited na ang internet speed nila? Ang mga nagwowork for BPOs na laging naka sync ang email? How about yung mga nag o online tutorials? How about yung mga nag wowork sa advertising and marketing na kailangan mag download ng images at videos? How about yung mga mawawalan ng hanap buhay dahil sa ginawa nila? At gagawin nila ito sa mga paying customers? E bakit hindi na lang nila putulin kaagad ang service ng mga hindi nagbabayad? Or tigilan ang Free internet based services like Facebook. Magmamagandang mag allocate ng bandwidth to accommodate Free Facebook tapos tayong mga nagbabayad ang peperwisyohin nila?

      • brian /

        Tama ka dyan. Apektado ang lahat ng nagwowork sa internet industry and I think makakaapekto ito sa ikonomiya. Based on my observation, ung sinasabi nilang 3% users na gumagamit ng high percentage ng internet ay ung mga ngtatrabaho sa internet based industries. Ang mga taong tulad natin ang nagpapasok ng pera sa pilipinas galing sa ibang bansa kahit nagtatrabaho lang tayo dito sa pinas. Hindi lang un. Hindi lang un, kung hindi naman sila ngawowork online, ung 3% is sure na sila ung taong naghahanapbuhay gamit ang internet.
        Hindi consumer based ang ginagawa nila. Imbes na palakasin nila ang kanilang network, ayaw nilang gumastos at sa consumer nila pinapasa.

  10. For Globe Users, let us compute: Cap is 3gig (Gigabyte) per month. With continuous data use at constant download speed of 2mbps (megabits per second), you will be capped in 6.82 hours and be stuck with crappy internet speed for the rest of the month. And how much are we paying for our internet service again? And we paid for what again? … Unlimited Internet. And what again was their promotion when we got our service? They were so bragging about the speed right? Speed of up to what mbps again? And mind you, that’s just at a speed of 2mbps. How about those with LTE? Cap in 3 hours? We sure got tricked huh. And to make things worse, we are stuck with our providers for how many more months? … This is fair use. INDEED! … Tapos sasabihin nila other countries are implementing this too. Eh bakit ka gagaya? Timang!

    • Precious /

      Ehh d magtayo ka ng sarili mong network kung ayaw mo gumaya at mas magaling ka. TIMANG!

      • My Precious /

        Precious <– Taga Globe to. Boooo!

      • Unknown /

        Precious <— T*R**T*D* taga GLOBE or SMART k manang..!! may tanong ako sau, tanga kaba o sadya lang talagang may tupak ka sa ulo.!?

      • suplado /

        ganito lang precious eh. uso naman ngayon yung mga eat-all-can/buffet restaurants diba.
        so kunwari kumain ka sa ganong resto.
        nagbayad ka para “eat-all-you-can” diba.
        tapos pagdating mo sa buffet table, pinagbawalan kang kumain ng lechon, ang pwede lang yung mga maliliit na putahe?
        tanong ko ngayon sayo, tama ba ngayon yun?
        sulit ba para sayo yung nagbayad ka para makakain ng all you can tapos meron ka palang di pwedeng kainin?
        same thing with this fair usage policy diba?!

  11. techservo /

    bakit kaya noh wala naman silang binabayaran sa PoP’s. parang may mali bakit hindi sila mag protocol blocking instead of capping.

  12. FUP = F*ck Ur Policy!


  13. limited /

    Capping a data plan that is subscribed to 4g does not make any sense… why in blazes would it revert to 4g when u reach the limit? As a consumer your buy in for this service is the knowledge that youll the best quality of connection regardless of your usage… not to mention the fact that you have UNLIMITED connection… GLOBE THIS IS B.S.!!! What if consumers boycott their monthly dues becaised

  14. AngryGlobeSubscriber /

    Truth to this that the reason they are putting “CAP” has nothing to do with “Concern for our Services towards our customers”. It’s all about the profit — they put CAPs so they don’t need to improve their infrastructure and be okay with what we have, just jam everyone in the same lane and still paying the same price. It’s like getting revenue for about 7 million subscribers yet pay the UPKEEP of infrastructure of only 2 million. So. Much. Profit.

    How come PLDT doesn’t need to put a CAP in their MyDSL connections?

  15. flipzoid /

    Can we terminate our contract to globe? Parang d kasi patas e..

    • PCgamer /

      Yes you can. Call 730-1300 but you have to pay the equivalent price of the phone you availed (if any) according to the remaining months you have in your contract.

      • flipzoid /

        What i mean is without paying anything since they breach the contract..

        • PCgamer /

          Yes, via Legal actions and through proper channels. Just make sure you have all the documents proving they indeed breached the contract. This will take forever to process.


          Just don’t pay your bills and they’ll cut your line and send you bunch of “Legal notice” from their Attorneys stating you should pay your debt or you’ll be prosecuted , but we all know no one ever gets jailed from doing this.

  16. You are wrong. The “Data usage warning” on Android is a warning set up by the user, it’s not from the network. You can adjust it sa settings. It’s just a tool monitoring tool you can use to warn you of your usage, you can set it up high, I have mine at 8gig. It did not come from smart.. Please clarify this error.

    • Yes. I also have mine set on my mobile. Smart doesn’t send any notification messages once you get capped. I tried calling the hotline but they can’t also tell me that. My friend who was also using SMART had a fair signal so I assumed I exceeded the limit (basing on my android’s data usage). But yeah, could be caused by other network related factors. :)

      • I already used 5.71 GB since Feb 7 to 18. I guess I got capped since I couldn’t get any LTE signal. Just H, 3G and E on my Note 3. I called their CS but they couldn’t answer me whether my account has been capped or not. How’s your Internet today? Is it back to the normal speed?

        • un nga problem eh. nag offer sila ng LTE tapos nag download ka ng 1gig in 15 min, then u will be capped for the rest of the month. Bakit pa cla na ooffer ng high speed internet di mo naman pala magagamit for the rest of the month. 15 min to 1 hr mo lang pala magagamit ang LTE hahahahaha!!!!!

        • guest99 /

          Hi.. May question lang ako regarding dito.. postpaid gamit ko sa globe then in just one nighr nakapag download ako ng mga approx. 5gb na data..(oo, thru download manager). My question is mag rereflect ba sa bill ko in terms of heavy data usage na machacharge ako ng malaki? Anyway hindi naman ako naka experience ng data capping ever since pero takot lang ako baka masyadong malaki babayaran ko.. Salamat

  17. i think you need to get an Tattoo Home BroadBand LTE since if you’re connection is up to 5mbps you will have a 10gb cap per day.. which is more than i need but for smart lte plan 1799 you will have 10gb per month..

  18. Bakit wala masyado umaangal sa Smart kesa sa Globe? Pansin ko na puro Globe may angal, and I think they offer better data plan. Sorry ah, but I’m using globe dataPlan. Just using this because I’m always travelling and I need to be connected.

    • rhen /

      Kasi base on experience. Wala data capping ang smart. Unlike sa globe na 800mb lang. Kaya marami naangal. Globe din ako dati. Di man lang ako makadownload ng kahit isang movie while streaming HD movies. Streaming pa lang naubos na ung 800mb ko kaya magtitext na si globe na you have reached your 800mb limit.

  19. Kung mahilig kayo sa unlimited tx, kahit unlitx ka pag lage ka nag sesend to many ma check operator ka parin kahit hnd pa na eexpired ang unlitx mo, mag aantay ka nalang mag around 5AM para makatx ka ulit.

    for Talk n tx user.

  20. crazed_and_dazed /

    hi… just want to ask… pati ba talaga tattoo cosumable and personalized plans covered ng 3 gb a month???

  21. jamesblonde / a smart bro subscriber for 3 years..1st year minor problems..then comes the 2nd year where most of the time im really pissed off coz my connection always disconnect, playing online games is not possible anymore..pinging dns server always says RTO (request time out) hotline they repond technical enhancement on their side..i have no choice but to wait for days, and sad to say only smart is available that time for ISP here…then the 3rd year here comes data capping B.S thing…waiting for Globe Lte

  22. For me PLDT is the BEST internet provider! I don’t know if it have a cap per month since my connection never slows down even when playing games in day time(I know some people who complains about the internet connection slows down at day time because of the number of people using it), my ping remains stable and it never fail (unless there’s a repair on going on PLDT cables then you won’t be having internet connection for a while). But now I always travel and I always bring my globe broadband, based on my experience your connection speed will be based on your location because in some places globe is really slow even though you have a full bar of signal.

  23. There’s no good ISP here in the Philippines. How they provide Internet connections is comparable to the poor architecture of the roads in Metro Manila.

  24. Hans Cinyz /

    Globe has done the development of Internet technology a disservice in the Philippines. They have led back the Philippines in the Stone Age of the Internet.
    The samples given by Globe to show what you can do with 2 GB is stupid and really childish. Nobody is sending 23700 emails??? But people want to watch HD Videos in “YouTube” or GMA as many and as long as they want.
    The people who have taken this decision have no idea at all about the modern requirements to the Internet and the wishes and needs of the customers.
    Globe has lied and deceived to its customers in the past. They do it this time too and justify their lousy business policy with selected and tendentious comparisons with other countries. It went in the past and also goes this time only about the money. How do I make a maximum profit with a minimal investment and service?
    The Philippines rank in Southeast Asia on many fields at the end of the table. Thanks to Globe they are now one of the last also regarding the Internet. They still can so much lie and deceive. It is simply a fact and the facts speak for themselves.
    As an excuse for the unsatisfactory infrastructure of the Internet due to insufficient investments in the past Globe is defaming their own customers as “pirates” like already in 2011. Hello Globe, but have you taken over legal tasks now or work for the RIAA perhaps?
    By the way, Pirates are thieves, correct? If I buy Globe Load, let’s say for 50,00 pesos and I dont use the full amount for what reason ever, the load expires after one week and the lfeft over just disappears. In the case of 100,00 Pesos same happens after one month. It’s simply gone, disappeared. Well, why, ? Is it really disappeared? How many millions of pesos might this be nationwidely? Has Globe ever given information about it? Globe so likes to refer to other countries particularly if it just matches. One would describe something like that as a theft in many other countries and this behaviour is already forbidden by courts indeed there for a long time. By the way where is the NTC in that case and protects the customers from these “pirates”? Theft to the own customer! What does Globe prevent actually to lift this temporal restriction like in other countries?
    To mention only one example: “Deutsche Telekom” has tried last year to introduce Capping for new (!!!) customers in Germany. The capping should be at 70 GB internet usage (!!!) monthly. After heavy protests of customers and also legal decisions the plan was canceled. However, a reason was also that competitors were promising particularly new customers even larger speeds without Capping. Impossible in the Philippines because of lacking competition. When does the Philippine government finally allow more competition in that field? If necessary, also foreign applicants, because the Philippine Internet companies have shown anyway that they are not prepared to fulfil the demands and needs of the customers.

    • Jus Sumgai /


      I'm sure foreign ISPs have tried to provide their services here but knowing how many layers of bribes there are and how rotten the officials are, they probably gave up that idea.

      Also the idiotic rules to "protect the local businesses" are only harming the people of PH. Foreign competition would decimate PLDT and Globe if given a fair chance and that would be the best thing to ever happen to the internet users in the Philippines.

  25. these companies use deceitful practices. they shouldnt use the word “unlimited” in the ads if there is a cap.
    people must come forward to stop these illegal practices.

  26. yes, capping happens in Europe too, but not if you signed for “unlimited”. Some courts samned companies that tried to cap flatrates.
    But what makes this capping so painful here in the Philippines is the overall poor speed. Capping by 50% in Europe is still faster than 100% speed in the Philipping.
    For me as a foreigner the “fair use policy” is simply a “fair money making” as it implements a philosophy of: we’ve got a little bit, sell it for a high price and spread it in a way that everybody gets a little bit.
    The right mentality would be to invest in more capacities. You can not built future for the people by capping communication or switching of electricity. Life is not about “take what we deliver” but about “deliver what we need”…

  27. May bayad ba ang mobile tethering sa unli surf ng smart

  28. That kind of FUP of Globe is a big thread to the small, but upcoming IT industry in the Philippines, small Internet Cafes all over the country, On line Business and – of course – private consumers.
    When does the Philippine Government recognize the problem and stop that disastrous behaviour of that backwards orientated manager of Globe company?

  29. sira ba connection ng smart? hindi ako makakonek simula kahapon sayang lang niload ko. please let me know if u’r experiencing the same thing.. tnx :)

  30. If you are surprised that “” shows you a great down and up-speed, even you know it cannot be, because your download is on G2 capping level, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. Globe is simply MANIPULATING the results of “”. Just check with “” und you have the real one. The question of course rises, what else are they manipulating? Do they watch and check everything what we are doing in internet?
    Here are my results: Down 2,83 Mbps Up 0,30 Mbps Down 0,09 Up 0,05.
    Wi-tribe shows the real one!!!
    Nice, hu? Thanks, Globe for letting me experience “stone-age” internet.

  31. Globe sucks.
    Pa disconnect ko Globe tattoo unli 999 after a year. Waste of money!

  32. Yung data usage warning na lumabas sa Samsung phone mo, dahil yan sa settings ng phone mo.
    Settings> Data Usage

  33. 1st problem… GLOBE speak about UNLIMITED. The truth… it is limited to 800MB/day

    2nd problem…we live in the digital century and it is possible to have a fast bandwidth. This can be used also for video conferencing, Live TV Streams and so on.
    For this, the 800MB per day are definitely not enough.

    And note: There are islands without a landline. They cannot use any postpaid promos.

  34. Paul /

    Iv seen where Facebook and google has or will have fast internet here in the Philippines befor long.But Globe and Smart has there nose in it.So we will still get F*** by them.If i was to work for eather one of them i would not tell anyone. Maybe the people would think im a Theft like them…

  35. Ddraig /

    Mga potang ina na network provider sa pinas sabihin pa na ganun din sa kabilang bansa nagpapalusot lang ata sila eh hays pag pinoy talaga hilig mangaya ng ano ang meron sa iba dependent maxado i hope na conquere nalang pala tayo sa japan noong unang panahon para wala nang mga lolong”! Pistee!!

  36. Globe User /

    They should have improved their infrastructure rather than limit the daily/monthly data consumption of their paying customers! Unlimited should be unlimited with high speeds that they promote in their advertisements! Not all the subscribers use torrent why they have high usage. I love watching videos on YouTube! 3GB data cap for me every month is not enough! In 2G speed, I would not be able to watch videos online decently. We the paying customers deserve the best service! Their so called “Fair Use Policy” is not for us, but it’s for them!

  37. i just one to ask if the fair usage policy currently implemented by globe (particularly, DSL 2 mbps 5 GB per account per day) is reasonable. i mean do cap limit has a significant effect on maintaining the internet speed? or is it just fueled by greed of the two major ISPs in the philippines?

  38. bayanlover /

    BayanTel DSL subscriber since 2009. Still on 1gb plan of unlimited internet with no CAP. bleeeeeeeeeh! maiingit kayo! NO DATA CAP! Still able to use 20-30gb per month!

  39. Im a globe 999 plan user for 20 days, I always reached data cap limit 1G almost every other day. Using this for email monitoring and voice chat only for work 8-10 hours daily. Occasional FB browsing and you tube viewing but not using torrent. I’d received 3 x 1GB warning now, and I guess my 3GB data cap was now implemented.

    This data cap limit, was not discussed to me by the customer/sales person while I was purchasing the unit.

    Now, Im looking forward to pay the termination fee and look for a better provider. :(

  40. Nakakainis naman ito. Dati pwede ako maka-download ng 3 to 5 movies per day depende sa lakas ng signal. Ngagon, 1 movie nlng ang pwedeng ma-DL per day.

    Kaya i’m looking for ways how to override the bandwidth limit. Sana may makita ako.

  41. Alvin Sy /

    I’m disgusted by the internet providers in the Philippines, either globe, smart, PLDT, etc, on 3G, 4G, DSL or Fiber products. Philippines is one of the countries that has the most expensive data service in the world, yet the services the Filinos get is minimum, compared with China, which is also a third world country, the cost for Plan 999 2-3M DSL here in Philippine is equal to a 148 CNY Fiber 10M plan in China, 148 x 7(CNY to PHP) = PHP1036, and if you bundled it for a year, you get more discount in China. See the difference ?
    another thing is they have this so called minimum speed 150Kbps, that means if it maintained a 150kbps in some period of time, you cannot sue PLDT for that ! unlike in HongKong, when they say 10M package, they will give you 11M or 12M of speed that will never gets below 10M because you can sue the company when it gets lower than 10M !! see the difference ?

    • GlobeSuck /

      tama yan..what is the purpose of hi-speed internet kng may limit din pla sa huli.halimbawa nalang sa sasakyan, ur top speed is 150km/hr tapus ung gasolina mu 1liter lng pla, whats the use of your car if you just have a 1 liter fuel..tulad din ng internet nyan walang kwenta ang FUP nila.diba wala namang puhunan ang internet?,only the equipment,labor and maintainance ang ginagastusan bakit subrang mahal ng internt nila?..and one thing pa, other country will say 10mbps but they gave,more than that. but here,if they say 10mbps "meaning UP TO 10 Mbps" ung connection mu is not more than that.probably you will get half or 1/4 of that,but never on a constant 10Mbps..see the difference?..

  42. Im using smart zte pocket wifi ……..pareho lng mahina

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  44. justsaying /

    they keep saying unlimited internet surfing pero meron pa lang data cap na 1GB per day,,,bakit pa nila sinabi na unlimited,,,and hindi pa na explain ng employees yung tungkol sa fair use policy na ito…

  45. i therefore conclude that the Philippines ( who have the crappiest internet speed in ASEAN) is the only country that "sells" 2G internet plans that is masked with a pretense of a 4g internet.

  46. Kung ikaw ay power user sa net mas tipid ka kung gagamit ka ng supersurf50(1gb/24hr) or counterpart ng globe. Meaning 30gb/month ka for only 1500. O kung super power user ka talaga siguro may mga day na unsybscribe ka kasi na reach mo na limit at mag subscribe ka ulit sa promo. Compare mo sa 3gb/minth kung naka postpaid ka. Yun lang paraan na ginagawa ko. -25gb to 35gb cosumo ko perminth. Tipid padin kung gusto mo talaga na mabilis connection mi.

  47. Various /

    Globe Telecom, please stop fooling people. Globe offers the worst services. I've been in their customer service office in SM Dasma for a week now and they still are not able to resolve "their own" technical issue. Their representatives keep on telling me that it has already been forwarded to their IT department and that all I can do is wait. It has been a week now. I also realized that their offices are full of people complaining about their bad services while the SMART office beside them is also full of people subscribing to their services. I can see why people do not like Globe anymore. This is my first and last time using Globe's services. I am very disappointed. It also pains me to see how they advertise to people knowing that they are not able to provide the services that they offer. People, please be aware of their crappy services. The rumors about them filing bankruptcy really start to make sense now. Goodbye, Globe.

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