Globe gets exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday during the Globe HSPA+ demo, they announced that they will have exclusive rights to launch and distribute the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is an HSPA+ capable phone. Initially at least. It would be just like with the Samsung Galaxy S where you can only get the phone from Globe in the first month of its availability.

galaxys2 It is important to note that while the Samsung Galaxy S2 is an HSPA+ capable device, it is not really a full 4G phone as it can’t support LTE networks. Well on its current state that is but Samsung wants to play around with specifications depending on the region or the request of the carrier. We’ll just have to ask Samsung about it when it is launched probably next month ok?

We can’t get an exact date of availability and pricing yet for the Samsung Galaxy S2 sorry. Globe also mentioned that they will be introducing other HSPA+ capable phones in different price points after the Galaxy S2.


  1. Just a matter of time until Globe also acquires the iPhone 5. :D

    Reposted here too!

    • bogs /

      Yes…Globe will also acquire the iPhone 5, but will be offered again at a very disappointing unreasonable expensive price with not much special specs that cannot be found in the samsung galaxy sII most probably, as in the case of iphone 4 as against galaxy s in the past. Check the specs before buying, for you might be spending so much on petty specs improvements..

  2. This is now available in the UK on all major networks. It is already doing pretty well and has jumped into the top 5 selling handsets in the first week.

  3. I am so excited about this phone! Nice move by Globe to get the iPhone and Galaxy exclusivity. Hopefully the price wouldn’t be as high as the sky. But this is a great phone right!?

    May question po ako. If you we’re to choose between this, the Galaxy S2, or the new and upcoming Galaxy Tab 8.9, what would you pick?

    • yup… one of the great phones this year. galaxy s2 or galaxy tab? id choose S2. tab is really awkward for calling and won’t fit in your pocket.

  4. andro /

    i had read an article from gsmarena na ang sgs II is worth 455000 won in Korea which is equivalent to 18k+ Philippine peso..

  5. dbulb /

    how much is the SRP of galaxy S2?

  6. Roldan /

    is the galaxy s 2 support 4G technology

  7. ToxMD /

    globe accept preorders of galaxy S2?

  8. Shan /

    My Galaxy S2 battery got sucked by 4 30pm, starting from a full charge at 9am.
    with very little use that is 20 mins talk time, few minutes of browsing and some 10 sms, that a kind of responce from S2 have surpassed HTC in terms of low battery life, whats the use of such a higtech devices when just after 6 hours u need to run for the charger outlet, specially while on the move or travelling.

  9. Roan /

    hulugan po b 2?

  10. PHalez /

    Anyone got idea how to get the GLOBE GS2 unlocked?? Tried Chainfire (XDA moderator) method using the sim unlocker app but did not found any code, i think its due to the missing NV_BIN.DATA file from EFS folder…


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