Google gives you 10 popular Android apps for 10 cents for 10 days

To celebrate the surpassing of the 10 billionth app download in the Android Market, Google is bringing down the price of 10 premium apps/games per day for 10 days to just 10 cents.

android 10 billion

Usually the price of these apps range from P50 – P300 and at just 10 cents the price would be around P4.50 (P4.33 to be exact) only!

Here are the 10 apps for the first day:

These are all premium Editor’s Picks kind of apps so you might want to take advantage of this opportunity. I just bought Paper Camera.

Here are the 10-cent apps for the 2nd day. First batch is already back to their normal price.

You may also want to check this Android Market 10 Billion Downloads page everyday to see more 10-cent apps coming our way.

Thanks Google and congrats on the 10 billion downloads!

[Android and Me]


  1. i bought Swiftkey X Keyboard just bcoz of the price :) php4.33

  2. Hi. Flick Golf and Fruit Ninja are also on sale for Php 4.33

    Samsung Galaxy S II Photos:

  3. Griswold /

    woohoo!! thanks for this! Sayang i miss yesterday’s apps. >:)

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