Google Nexus 7 arriving late October with a sub-P14k price

Just met with an ASUS rep who showed me a couple of their upcoming Windows 8 devices which unfortunately I cannot talk about in detail nor show any photos. So I asked about the Google Nexus 7.

The Google Nexus 7 is a 7-inch WiFi-only Android tablet that was developed by ASUS. It may be just like any other 7-inch Android slates in the market but what made it appealing is its quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor coupled with an attractive price. In the US, the 8GB version of the Nexus 7 goes for only $199 which made it one of the hottest selling Android tablets right now.

A lot of Filipinos who are interested at the Google Nexus 7 only have the grey market to rely on for units. According to our local ASUS contact, it will become official this late October. Only the 16GB version will be sold here for a price not going over Php14,000. One of the popular online gadget stores, Widget City, currently sells the same 16GB for Php14,900.

You also won’t get the same $25 Google Play credits US customers have as well as Google Play specific apps like Books, Video and Music that other countries are enjoying.


  1. I think it’s a mistake that ASUS won’t release the 8Gb version here in the Philippines. Maybe the low profit margins on the 8Gb model may have soured them on the idea of it, but if gray market sellers are capable of offering it, then people will just look to the gray market sellers first, ASUS second.

    • Peter /

      you see the patern? Not even other Asian countries have 8GB, connect the dots before ranting out. Its because the 8GB version is only available at countries with Google Play contents like USA / Europe / Germany or in short, countries that actually PAY for what they download.

      • It isn’t a rant, it just is what it is. It’s not even ironic that official ASUS resellers might not make much of a profit because the 8Gb version is being made available through other avenues.

      • crackinthewall /

        Or probably it’s because the 16GB sells more than the 8GB? It wouldn’t make much sense to sell the 8GB model when people will most likely opt for the 16GB model given the price difference. There’s also a rumor that Google will introduce a 32GB model to better compete with the Fire.

  2. edsar /

    Kainis naman from $250 to $336 O_O Add nalang ko ng konti iPad 2 na

  3. gerbil /

    that’s a relatively good price for the 16gb considering grey market units sell for around 15k+. if you buy it from the US and have it shipped to Manila (unit price + state tax + local shipping + shipping to Manila), it comes out to approx 14k+ too.

    How about support for Google Nexus 7 devices locally? Where can you bring the device if you need service/support? Will they honor warranties for grey market units as well?

  4. chetlog /

    For crying out loud! Release the %#$^% thing already! LOL

  5. chetlog /

    Just wondering : Late October means October 2012, right? haha…Still nowhere in sight ( officially, I mean )…

  6. cheezy /

    will this device be released here in PH?
    i mean when i went to stores and asking about it, they dont even know the device.
    Makes me wonder!

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