Google Translate now handles Cebuano

Sa unsa nga paagi ang imong buhaton? Sounds right? Or no? That’s how Google translates “how do you do” in Cebuano.

Google Translate Cebuano

If you find yourself traveling in Central Visayas or some parts of Mindanao and need to communicate in Cebuano, Google Translate can now help you somehow. The translation above may seem a bit off, but it’s still in the “alpha stage” and is expected to be improved over time.

Google Translate has recently added Cebuano to its list of languages along with four others (Bosnian, Hmong, Javanese, and Marathi) bumping its hosted language to 70.

“Familiarizing ourselves with other languages broadens our comprehension for information. It adds more meaning and sincerity in a conversation, too. Cebuano is an important language to us and we hope to have helped ease the language barrier with Google Translate,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Communications Manager.

You can access Google Translate via your web browser at; on Android or iOS devices; via Google Chrome, and on Gmail.

  • alvir

    mali man iyang pagka bisaya. unta mas mapalambo pana siya sa sunod :)

  • Dale

    Haha, katawa.a nako xD

    Google just made cebuanos and davaoeneos proud :)

  • Nick

    Hahaha! Binuang lagi na! Sadya ni.

  • Griswold

    barok ang pagkatranslate. di to pwede for phrases. for single words lang siguro.