How to connect your Galaxy Ace to a PC without Samsung Kies

One of the things that I like about Android smartphones is that you can easily connect it to your PC and use it as a storage device without installing any software. Not unlike iPhone which needs iTunes and WP7 phones that needs Zune.

usb storage in Ace without Kies

However, that’s not the case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace (at least ours). When you connect it to your PC via USB, it will detect there’s a device connected to it but it will stop there. There’s no notification on your device to turn it into a Storage Device unlike in Galaxy S. You need to install Samsung Kies (Samsung’s phone manager) in order to access your phone from your PC.

This is one drawback of the Galaxy Ace. Other Android phones automatically install drivers to the PC once connected to enable Mass Storage mode but the Ace wants you to install the 60+MB Kies software that you probably won’t use afterwards (aside from updating). What if you want to connect it to a friend’s PC?

Well Samsung has a way out for this one. The reason why it’s not recognizing your phone as a mass storage device is that it’s set to USB Debugging mode by default.

usb debugging

Just go to Settings > Applications > Development and uncheck USB Debugging.

usb storage

Once that is done, when you connect your Galaxy Ace to your PC, you will get the screen to Turn On USB Storage.

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  • Pinoy Persuasion

    Thanks so much! Big help.

  • Franz

    strange, on my galaxy s2 its when i turn debugging mode on that it connects automatically as a usb storage device.

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  • intersectRaven

    I think this is a bug as turning on the debugging feature shouldn’t affect the USB mounting feature. :)

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  • PS

    Thanks. gr8 help.

  • vici30

    The USB debugging option activates automatically when in plug in the USB. Please help ! I cannot keep it deactivated,

    • ROX

      we have the same issue with my galaxy-ace. I cant transfer files unless I use a card reader which is kinda frustrating :(

      • http://ptb amy

        very annoying i cant seem to work it either my phone and my mp3? any helpers?

  • DRGovernor

    USB not connecting – SOLUTION Samsung Galaxy ACE

    Hi guys,
    I hope this saves everyone else a lot of stress and time.

    FIRST ISSUE: My Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread) would not connect to my PC (desktop) via USB even after installing and the reinstalling Kies off the cd and then off the web. I kept getting “USD device not recognised” – tried a blackberry cable which did kind of work – BUT I then plugged the Samsung USB Cable into a back USB port on my desktop and suddenly everything worked fine (probably some power – data issue with the front usb ports). SO connectivity sorted.

    NOTE: Web-searches indicated there should be a “USB Utilities” menu under Applications – Wireless and Network” BUT if it is NOT there apparently Android 2.3+ does NOT have this menu so don’t stress and freak out like I did. SO once the phone can connect via usb to the pc (Windows XP) A “USB Connected” notification and USB symbol will appear in the status bar – once you drag that down you should be offered an option to “select to copy files to/from computer.” – then the green Android Man magically appears and there is a “Connect Storage to PC” button – press okay if you get a usb access warning message thingy. The Android man goes orange and voila your computer should see your SD card as a drive (also if you read about turning off “USB debugging” under – applications – development… mine doesn’t stay off, it seems to turn itself back on automatically, however, but still seems to connect – another NOTE – KIES will only connect my phone if USB debugging is activated).

    NEXT ISSUE: My PC (Windows XP) kept telling me the 2GB SD Card was FULL (in KIES and EXPLORER) – even though I had maybe 100MB on it . I could however copy files across via Bluetooth which does take a while. SOLUTION: back-up apps and files on SD card to phone or computer using KIES or via BLUETOOTH (with the ace I had to go into each folder and press menu – select “more” and manually make files visible via “bluetooth visibility”). THEN connect via USB to the PC and format the SD Card via WINDOWS and that then gets rid off the no “Free Space” problem – allowing access to the SD Card.

    A bit long winded but it took me a good day of internet searching and hairpulling to sort this out – so I hope I have saved someone else from that..

    • ian

      my ace does not have any symbol or any sort of recognition that it is conncted to the pc.the only thing it does is charge.i have searched many sites for many hours to no avail.any help would be greatly appreciated

      • Steven

        Try switching off your phone, then switching on again, and then connect with USB.
        Worked for me.

        • Dreampod

          I can’t believe I spent so long trying to solve this without resorting to step 1 of all troubleshooting. Thanks man.

          • sam

            omg after hours of searching, i never thought to do that lol thank you so much x

  • brarid

    THX This is a big help

  • ROX


    • Calvin

      try unchecking it then.

      • hanna

        Calvin, you are th kind of person people hate

  • ROX


    I would like to point out though that you cannot simply connect this to any PC and expect to use it as a mass storage device unlike other phones including the Galaxy S which connects automatically. You need to install the included Samsung Kies application (think iTunes for Samsung) which installs the Samsung USB driver to your PC. An inconvenience if you need to plug your phone to different machines.

    • Calvin

      thanks for bringing it up. i’ll append the solution on that article.

  • MJ

    Hallelujah! I’ve been searching the net for the answer to this USB problem. Thanks so much! :)

  • mrogojanu

    Thank’a lot. Big help!!!

  • León

    Very useful post. Thanks.

  • lucas

    This didn’t work for me, i did everything you said and the USB mass storage still never poped up HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://ptb amy

      you will sort it.

  • maya

    nuclus tanks man :)

  • Julian

    Thank you, you deserve a place in heaven, or a ticket to BoraBora you choose

  • brandnew429

    Amazing! Thanking you kind sir!

  • rahul

    finally it has worked for me.

    Most of the users are facing the problem of automatically getting the USB Debugging mode enabled.

    Solution for this is to double click on that check box.(first click will disable it for sometime. next click will enable it.) When you manually enable like this. ‘something’ will be asked(i don’t remember what was that :)) Simply press ok.

    Now that USB Debugging mode is enabled by you 😀 Now simply disable it by one tap on tick box. It will be disabled and will not get enabled automatically.

    Now go to notification area. Click on USB connected info. Then click on the icon ‘Connect to system’. After few seconds Logo will turn green.

    Now you can use it as a USB Drive :)

    Can’t really make out what is the problem. May be a small glitch in OS version or so. Anyway it worked.

    Any problem revert to me at


    • daniel rus

      not working

    • shaira

      super thanks!! it worked..

    • Jai

      ThanQ buddy,At last i found the solution for this via Rahul…

      It worked out… :) So happy for this…

      Keep rocking HaPpy Life ahead, Enjoy endless…

      “Life Is Short” Never knew the END…

      ****THE END***

  • paulino campos

    thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx
    bbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiggggggg help realy…..

  • Rajib

    I followed ur steps but still unable to acess my MMC, removable disk is showing but cant acess errors “please insert a disk into D: Drive”

    Please help, cannot install kies coz no genuine windows,

    • Calvin

      you don’t need genuine windows to install kies. you just need admin rights. make sure you set your usb mode to disk drive when you plug your phone to your PC

      • JanT

        How do you set USB mode to disc drive please in words of one syllable. Thanks Jan

  • Sandy

    Thank you so much and Now I could connect to my PC.

  • irshad M

    When i connect samsung ace to my pc.. i dnt have the usb icon on the phn.. it does nt connect :(.. ihave tried disabling debug and so on bt nothing happens..i cnt connect..what the hell??


    this is really weird..
    aight the first time i got my Galaxy ace i plugged it on my lappy which doesnt have “Kies” it worked. and connected my ace to my lappy via Mass Storage device. the next day i used my pc which runs on window xp and it doesnt recognize my ace. then next thing i did is googled for answer and found out “kies” and that it only works for Vista/7/XP(sp3)so installed kies on my pc then it worked. so the weird part is. i plugged my ace back to my lappy, and it won’t recognize it anymore :(…
    my theory is there’s sth on the settings sth on “default” that was changed when i plugged and sync’d my ace using Kies

  • zsika


    • Peter Berghs


      It shows an empty drive

  • click right here now

    I wrongly assumed that it was in the US at first.
    To discover it was here in the UK is quite saddening.

  • Swapna Preetham

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    • naksh

      my cell is still not connected 2 pc i done process there by also nw wat can i do?

  • Paul

    How to use other phone as modems over Bluetooth

  • Nancy Filzmaier

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D phone. I want to download the pictures I took by using the camera on the phone onto my PC which has Windows 7 Vista. I did use the USB cord which came with the phone but the Wizard that says the application is finished disappears off the toolbar and I have to start all over again. Can you please suggest something I can do about this? I am a new cell phone user – have only texting and phone calls in use on my phone, no Internet on phone (I have Internet on my PC only)

  • jack

    hi all

    i have samsung s duos2 i would like to connect with pc for transfer songs to SD card but it ask kies.So i need how to connect without kies to pc and transfer