How to install FM Radio on the Cherry Mobile Flare

One of the missing features of the popular Cherry Mobile Flare is the FM Radio. Actually, the phone has a built-in FM receiver but there’s just no FM Radio app to use it.

CM Flare FM Radio

If an FM Radio is that important to you on your CM Flare, here’s how you can install the app without having to root the phone. This is not an FM Radio app that streams music from the internet. It’s your typical FM Radio app that needs you to connect a headset in order to use.

Now on to the installation. You need to have the phone connected to the internet to do this.

1. First, make sure that you can install apps from sources other than Google Play. Go to System Settings > Security > Device Administration and make sure that Unknown sources is checked. A popup message will appear but just click Ok.

CM Flare FM Radio 1 CM Flare FM Radio 2

2. Now open your phone’s browser and click this link. It’s just a simple Dropbox link where I put the FM Radio APK. APKs are Android app packages by the way. – 323KB

3. Click Save and wait for it to finish. Click Open.

CM Flare FM Radio 3 CM Flare FM Radio 4

4. It will ask you if you want to install the application. Click Install then click Done.

CM Flare FM Radio 5 CM Flare FM Radio 6

Now, when you install APKs from unknown sources, it’s important to know what the application will be accessing. Be wary of apps that needs to access your contacts, messages, history, etc. This FM Radio app won’t access those areas of your phone, just the Bluetooth, audio, and phone identity so it’s pretty harmless.

5. Plug-in your headphones and launch the app.

CM Flare FM Radio 7 CM Flare FM Radio 8

It’s a pretty straightforward app to use. Use the Back and Forward buttons to scan stations and use the 8 CH buttons to save them into memory. You can even output the music into your phone’s speaker as long as your headphone is connected.

That’s it. FM Radio on the Cherry Mobile Flare.

  • ana

    hi po pwede po ba ang video calling like skype sa CMFLARE?

  • ana

    hi po pwede po ba ang video calling like skype sa CMFLARE gugana ba ang front cam?