Indiana Pacers Test Google Glass

Anybody watching NBA right now? Indiana Pacers today is testing Google Glass during its game against Miami Heat. Well, not actually the players but the fans and some audiences from the Pacers’ home court in Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The launch of Google Glass, in partnership with software company CrowdOptic allows fans to experience first-person views from the announcers, mascot and cheerleaders.

Additionally, select Pacers player will still wear Google Glass during non-game day practice.

Check out these links for more on the Pacers – Google Glass:

Pacers Launch Google Glass

Pacers Test Google Glass against Miami Heat


  1. What if sya na naging naturalized ng Pinas then suot nya yang glass, mananalo kaya tayo sa Spain ? :)

  2. Then PH will be in Shaqtin a Fool :))

  3. RJ de Leon /

    This video could just as well have been taken from a GoPro headcam. They should’ve shown what digital info the wearer can see from the glass. Can it show updated game stats? Track the movement of the ball and/or players? Tell the power level of the 7-foot Super Saiyan guarding the paint?

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