iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak: The Race to Unlock the iPhone 3G

The race is on to hack/unlock the iPhone 2.0 and developers from across the globe are competing to get the jailbreak working.

The iPhone Dev Team has earlier reported that they’re very close to putting out a public release of the iPhone JailBreak 2.0. No final word yet on the accuracy of their target deadline.

In Brazil, a group has claimed they’ve unlocked the iPhone 3G. See video below of their demo (in Portuguese)

Likewise, iPhone users are hoping they’d be able to unlock their new iPhone 3G and break away from their providers.

This could be a huge problem in countries where the iPhone 3G has a later release that. When they officially come out in those areas, there will be several free to paid iPhone unlocking softwares available. That could spell trouble to the partner cellcos.

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