iPhone OS 2.2 Released, Lets You Turn Off Auto Correction in Keyboard Settings

If you’re like me who got annoyed when I first tried texting using my iPhone when I first got it because of the pesky auto-correction which you can’t turn off, then you’ll be glad to update your iPhone’s firmware to 2.2. Just released yesterday, the iPhone OS 2.2 has just made it possible to turn off auto-correction feature in keyboard settings, along with other features which you may or may not use appreciate after all.

Aside from the said feature which will be most useful for us Filipino iPhone users who are heavy texters, the most significant feature of the new iPhone firmware well at least for our U.S. counterparts is the street map view of the default Google Maps apps. If you’re curios how cool this new feature is visit iLounge for their comprehensive description of Google Maps Street view for the iPhone.

Now for the other features of the iPhone OS 2.2:

  • public transit and walking directions – lets you get walking directions, check fares, estimate travel time and find public transit schedules (not applicable in the Philippines)
  • podcasts – gives you access to free podcasts available at the iTunes apps store
  • improved Safari user interface – you don’t have to type in “http://” anymore when entering url of sites you want to browse plus a more stable Safari app
  • home screen shortcut – if you’re like me who have 4 home screens, you don’t have to tap-scroll on your iPhone screen to move from one screen to another. just tap on the homescreen button and you will be brought to your first homescreen
  • plus other new features including, enhancements to Mail feature, decrease in call setup failures and dropped calls, and improved sound quality of Visual Voicemail messages
  • Downloading the iPhone OS 2.2 from the iTunes store will take around 15-30 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Took me almost an hour with PLDT’s myDSL broadband connection.

    Overall, the new iPhone OS 2.2 is a great improvement from the previous version, although Apple still did not make a new feature which would let us iPhone users to copy and paste text. Hopefully in the coming firmware upgrade, we will finally get this feature.

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    • iPhone, Therefore iAm

      “just tap on the homescreen button and you will be brought to your first homescreen”
      –you don’t ‘tap’ on the homescreen button; you press it. the iPhone does nothing when you just ‘tap’ the home button. haha, just thought i’d let that one out. :p

    • Thank you! That was driving me nuts.