JAYS t-JAYS One Dynamic High-Fidelity Earphones Review


I got a hold of these nice black JAYS t-JAYS in-ear headphones that are designed in Sweden. The packaging is matte and made out of hard plastic. I wasn’t sure if they were necessary for such small headphones though. Opening the package was frustrating – I had to remove a sticker at the bottom of the package and pry the hard plastic with a scissor so I can slide it open.


I’ve always been a fan of in-ear because I always want the full-surround sound when I listen to my music. Also, regular earphones don’t fit snugly and always end up falling out of my ears so I really have to use the in-ear ones. What a surprise to see that these t-JAYS come with four pairs of ear buds, all different sizes. The package also includes a user manual. I normally don’t check out the manual ““ they’re headphones, one just plugs it to play. I flipped through it and they had pretty interesting information there about Sound Pressure, Decibels, Hz, and other things like maximum listening time for certain dB levels. I also found out through the user manual that it’s the t-JAYS three that comes with a travel case. The t-JAYS One headphones don’t have a carrying case or a travel pouch.


Other things about the headphones: it comes with a thin round cable and it is adjustable. The whole length of the cable is 130cm but it could be split. The main cable is 60cm, while the extension is 70cm. This I liked a lot because sometimes I don’t like my cable too long ““ especially when I sit with my iPod on my lap or if I go out for a run with my iPod on an armband. It’s nice to have the option to shortening it without needing a cable organizer.



What I didn’t like: Gosh, the cable sure does get tangled easily.

The sound quality is excellent (make sure you pick the ear buds that fit you perfectly!) It is crisp and vibrant. These high-fidelity headphones have an 18Hz-20kHz frequency. The lows are pretty good and these would be perfect for bass lovers ““ deep yet very clear. I’m not much for bass though but I still enjoyed using them, especially because the lows weren’t drowning out the vocals and high frequencies. I couldn’t help but turn up the volume because it was loud yet it still retained its clarity. When the volume is up, I didn’t really notice any distortions there. I felt the “œsurround sound”.



The t-JAYS fits snugly in my ear canal and I wasn’t bothered using them for a couple of hours. It did a good job blocking out most of the sound of my surroundings and they were great for when I was “œin the zone”.

The t-JAYS One is priced at Php3,600. It’s a little pricey but it’s only expected for high-fidelity quality sound. This is recommended for bass lovers!


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