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Kata Launches Venus 3, Cuts Prices on other Kata Products

Hong Kong and Philippine-based mobile technology brand Kata last weekend launched its latest Android smartphone, the Kata Venus 3.  Running on an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, the Kata Venus 3 has a 4-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen display, dual camera (5 MP rear +  1.2 MP front)  and is powered by a Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor.  On first impressions, the Kata Venus 3 has a pretty solid build quality. It’s got a decent display and a snappy UI.


I also got to test the other Kata smartphones and tablets and overall, I was impressed with the brand for producing gadgets with designs and build quality not far from the expensive ones.


The Kata Venus 3 has a regular price of Php 4,999 and is being offered for a discounted price of Php 3,999 for a limited time.

Kata is also having a sale on its other products. Check out the discounted prices and specs of the other Kata smartphones and tablets below.



Kata T2 Tablet
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Dual Core 1.6 GHz Processor
8″ IPS HD Display
Extreme Quadcore Graphics
Dual Camera (5MP + 2MP)
SRP: Php 6,999
Discounted price: Php 5,599



Kata FishTab 3 Tablet
Android 4.2 OS
7.9″ Quad Core
8GB Internal Memory
Expandable up to 64 GB
Dual Camera (5MP+2MP)
SRP: Php 10,999
Discounted Price: Php 7,699



Kata i1 Smartphone
Android Smartphone
Dual Core 1.2 GHz Processor
4.5″ qHD Slim Display
Dual Camera (8MP +1.3MP)
SRP: Php 7,999
Discounted Price: Php 5,499



Kata i2 Smartphone
Quadcore CPU 1.2GHz
5-inch QHD IPS display
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory
Dual Camera (8.0 MP + 2.0MP)
SRP: Php 10,999
Discounted Price: Php 7,699

Check out Kata’s website for more

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  • jake

    Outdated specs. Waste of time reading.

  • Laika

    wow, I’m a fan of Kata, I have an i1 that has been with me for 2 yrs or so.I’m glad they’re coming up with new products. I’m pretty sure they can catch up!

  • jomodern

    Kata T2 & T3 is not memory expandable.. Buying one is a waste of money… I got a Fishtab 3 and it’s a big disappointment..

    • dras

      T1 & T2 is expandable up to 32GB and Fishtab3 is expandable up to 64GB using micro sd.