Jul 24, 2006

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Let’s describe the Philippines in satellite photos!

This is fun! See The Philippines on Wikimapia.org.
Quick, zoom-in and start identifying places in the Philippines!

On WikiMapia, there are “places” – boxes labelled to identify landmarks. In wiki tradition, anybody can add, edit and delete places.My first impulse was to find my home and label “bahay ko!”. Wikimapia exhorts: Label places that are of interest to everybody, not “my house”.

Ah, but I couldn’t resist!

I trust the Wikimapia community will eventually clean things up.

This is a great overlay on Google Maps. It makes the maps easier to use. Last time I used Google maps, I couldn’t figure out where Mandaluyong was (sa luob, that’s where I live).
Next nifty overlay: Philippine street maps like the street maps of the US in Google Maps.

Now, what other uses can we make of Wikimapia and Google Maps?

ka edong
sa mandaluyong, sa luob

  1. ka edong,

    fyi lang. alang link sa wikimapia. ;)

  2. PoshNeya says:

    lol. anong ward ka?:P
    oo nga wala yung link. hehe.

  3. Shinrai, fixed the link … twice. Thanks.
    PoshNeya, pavillion 11 ;-)

  4. janet justiniano says:

    cool sa wiki mapia galing! nakita ko haus ko sa mandaluyong at leyte.. hehehehe

  5. kilikilipowder says:


  6. kilikilipowder says:


  7. kilikilipowder says:

    kumusta sa mga nilalang sa ert!!! kumust poshneya! janet! shinrai at kung sinosino pa.!!

  8. helo ther friends musta na kau?musta n sa tropang cavite city mis ko n kau d n me mkagala dyan eh..mis u all

  9. also try http://www.haybol.ph a mashup of Google Maps and Philippine Real Estate Listings.

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