LG L70 DUAL Review

Hitting the mid-level smartphone range is the LG L70 Dual. Earlier, we reviewed its younger sibling, the LG L40. If you’re looking for more firepower, the L70 is a few thousand pesos higher than the L40, but I assure you it’s well worth the jump.

Let’s start with its design.

The L70 is sleek and thin measuring only 9.5mm on its thinnest side. It uses a 4.5” IPS LCD with 16 million colors on a 480×800 resolution. The screen provides the user with crisp and vivid images which is great for reading and watching movies.

The buttons are physically the same as the L40. You have the volume buttons on the left, power/lock button on the right, USB slot on the bottom and a 3.5mm jack at the top. It has 4 touch keys on the bottom: Back, Home, Menu and the Dual Sim key. The buttons are fairly intuitive, even for first time Android users. The buttons are responsive, but the absense of backlighting makes it hard to use in the dark.

The L70’s body is sleek and it does feel solid to hold. The back cover makes it easy to grip and unlikely to slip from your hand. You can see the camera and the flash on the back.

For day to day use, the L70 provides the user an average amount of standby time with its 2,100 mAh battery. I tested it under heavy use with data services on and it managed to hold around 6 hours of battery life.

The on-screen keyboard is just lovely to use. It’s very accurate and I find typing on it easier than on my S4. The screen is also responsive and playing casual games on it is a joy. Having a Dual-core A7 1.2ghz processor and 1GB of ram makes the L70 run Android KitKat relatively smoothly and can run your everyday Android app without a hiccup. A Quickwindow Folio Case which allows you to check the screen and check notifications instantly is also available for the L70.

Same with the newly released LG smartphones, the Dual SIM L70 has a Knock Code feature which allows you to set a 2 to 8 digit Knock Code pattern to secure your device. The Guest Mode feature also enables the L70 to be used by others without having to worry about your private stuff. Just use the unlock code you set for Guest Mode to enable it.

The camera is just your average mid-range camera. It sports a 5MP sensor, multi-point autofocus and an LED flash. It’s also equipped with a VGA front cam for video conferencing. LG has enabled waking up the camera with the lower volume button for the moments where you need to use the camera in a hurry. You can also use the camera even with a Quickwindow case.

LG L70 Dual sample shots below.





The LG L70 Dual is suitable if you’re looking for a better than average Android experience but wouldn’t want to splurge on a high end model. It provides you with the bare essentials and a bit more to do everyday stuff in a slim and sleek package.

The LG L70 DUAL is now available for Php 8,490. Check out our unboxing and hands-on for more on the LG L70 DUAL smartphone.