Limited Offer: Php6,000 worth of discount on the Samsung Galaxy S II

Are you planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S II when it gets launched this 27th? If you are then you might want to take advantage of this offer from Samsung.


UPDATE: More details available here.

From June 25 24 to 30, Samsung is giving you the chance to buy the slim and powerful Galaxy S II at a launching offer of more than Php6,000 in discount values. Starting on June 25 24, log on to to reserve one of the 300 units up for grabs. We don’t have the exact mechanics yet which will be posted on the site so better wait for the 25th 24th okay?

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  • Mark

    Page not found, says the link. I’m very much interested with this promo!!!

  • James

    are you sure this JUNE? it’s already JULY?

    • phets

      I’m pretty sure it’s still June.

  • mark

    Page not found. I’m so interested buying this.. wonder why the link isn’t there?

    • phets

      It says in the instructions STARTING June 25. It’s only the 18th..

  • phets


  • wait niyo raw sa june 25 bago mag live yung page. yun sabi saken ng samsung.

    • Alvin

      Is this promo going to be an open handset or globe locked? Thanks

      • Les

        Engot! hindi naman globe yung link ng website!

        • Alvin

          Well, it is said that Globe will have the exclusivity rights for the SGS2 for a month or so. That’s why I’m asking. Brains like your wouldn’t understand.

        • Alvin

          Well, online blog reports that Globe telecom will have the exclusivity rights for a month or so for the SGS2. Brains like yours wouldn’t understand.

  • Alvin

    Is this promo going to be an open handset or Globe Locked?

  • Geff Chang

    I wonder what the terms and conditions are. I am rather interested in the promo. 🙂

  • I’m interested in this as well. Hmmmmm. I’ll wait for the 25th to know…