Lousy PLDT DSL Service

I thought I would never have to blog about PLDT and their myDSL service but it seems to be inevitable now.

I used to subscribe to GreenDot for my broadband connection last year. For Php 2,500 a month (plus 10% VAT), you get 256Kbps downstream and 128Kbps upstream connection. After my one-year subscription lapsed, I was courted by some PLDT DSL service reseller to switch providers.

The catch — higher speeds of up to 387Kbps, lower monthly fees (Php1,995) and freebies (LexMark printer). The laws of economics tell me to switch and I did, despite feedback from users about the lack (or absence) of technical support and the reliability of service.

For over 6 months now, I have been enjoying PLDT’s generous bandwidth (now up to 512Kbps for Plan 1995). And for what do I owe this? Incessant connection problems and lousy customer (read: billing) service. For weeks now, everytime I try to dial up (PPPoE), it takes about 200+ re-dials (and often, much more) to be connected. Usually happens during the evening right when I get home. It’s not a problem in the morning though. The dynamic IPs on their node could be overcrowded already. (I noticed that my new IP now starts at 58.x.x.x instead of the old 203.x.x.x.)

I signed up for PLDT myDSL last January and up to this month, I only got one billing statement and one disconnection notice. You ask why? Because the rest never came. Didn’t even touch the nice and comfy doormat of my apartment. I have already called them up several times about this and confirmed my billing address (which has been correct since the day I signed up) to no avail.

For months, I blindly send payments via BPIExpressOnline for PLDT not knowing how much more I owe them. And since they never gave me my billing statements since February, I don’t know when my bill is due and for how much.

So why did I blog about it just now? I got home tonight to find out my phone is disconnected; no internet either. I’m posting this entry at a crammy net cafe across the street. No wonder PLDT DSL’s forum has been closed indefinitely.


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    mabagal tlga tol..prang humina pa lalo..nuon umaabot 50-60kbps pag DL ko ngaun 30-40kbps nlng..huhuhu..sana nmn ayusin nila serbisyo nila….

  • kulastro

    P-romises, L-ies and D-irty T-ricks ! That is what PLDT gives us. All of us are victims to this most corrupt company in the Philippines.

  • Hotshots

    I try to apply for a PLDT DSL last April 18, and the costumer service confirmed that they will deliver the modem for only 3 days. But until now, they didn’t deliver the PLDT DSL that i applied for. It’s already 3 weeks, what a very very poor costumer service they have at PLDT, shame to your advertisement that it only takes 3 days, but ’til now, for 3 weeks i’m now bored in waiting for it, i’ll cancel my application on that PLDT DSL and i’ll try to apply to other networks who got a good quality and service to their costumers.

  • Marcipious Slah

    would you believe that we applied for the pldt + dsl bundle and after a week the dsl got hooked but as of writing this..wala pa rin yung telepono namin! me mga bills na, rude pa ang mga customer service rep! we signed up for dsl and phone…so far kahit anino nung telepono wala. tapos my mom went to their center to complain – yung mga csr pa ang nagsabi na ndi sila makapaniwala na wala pa rin telepono me number na… haller!

  • http://pldtdsl cylem

    i also experience the speed of my dsl grabe s bagal n talaga para nlng akong nkadial up tapos pgnacomplain k naman ur just wasting ur tym to d rude csr. kaasar p nga pag s hotline k ng complain hassle kasi itatanong p nila kung anong modem mong gamit anong tatak anong ip address etc…..tapos they will tell you you do this you do that bka dw me ngalaw lng ako. haaaaaaaaaaay its always lykdat tatakutin kapa n d nila gagawan ng report pg dko gnwa ung pnpgawa nila. hay sana mgkaroon n ng ibng net provider n kayang tapatn ng higit ang pldt kasi low Q n talaga cla.

  • xshyrax

    i super feel you all guys. pldt should do something about their customer service,they are way far from bayan’s customer care. i can compare pldt to our government agencies, who are all corrupt and has very very bad customer service. i got probs w/ my pldt dsl bundled services from the time i changed address and after that all begun to suck..over-billing..no billing statement delivered in our house,very poor customer service and very lame 171 customer care agents! one day we’re just surprise..no more dial tone and no more dsl! surprise!

  • JR

    Fck pldt. 2 days ago they said my application was under processing na. tpos today bglang kinancel daw ng client fcking shit! everyday pina-follow-up nmin yun then they’ll say we cancelled it. They should close down now. They suck in every way possible. Worse service ever they dont deserve getting paid.

  • PLDT Irate customer

    I agree with you 101%, PLDT SERVICE SUCKS!!!
    I am having my house rented by foreigners. Unfortunately in Feb 2009, my British tenants failed to pay their bill and the phone was disconnected.
    Since they do not need it much, they did not report it to me nor did they paid their oustanding bill. Their contract expired in March so in April, I had the house rented out to a Japanese national. I paid the bill using the deposit of the British nationals.
    After I paid my bill, I requested for a service order for reconnection. This was in April 7. BTW, they will not tell you to place a service order even if they are aware that it has been disconnected, you have to ask them what is their procedure for reconnection, only then will they tell you what to do.
    It is nearing 2 months after I placed the service order and still it has not been reconnected. I have religiously called (and fought with) almost 18 customer service representatives. It is a lot better to talk to an answering machine than talk to PLDT CSRs. At least with a machine, there is an excuse for not knowing anything. The CSR’s will just tell you that there is already an open service order (I already know that from Day 1) and that they will just place a follow-up with their technical group for the repair. NO COMMITMENT… NO ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE…NO EXPLANATION WHY IT IS TAKING TOO LONG… THEY CANNOT EVEN GIVE YOU ANYBODY WHO CAN TALK SENSE.
    Desperate, I sent an e-mail to customercare and LO and behold, same reply.
    I am so DISSAPPOINTED I was planning to change service provider. And guess what, the only service provider in our area aside from PLDT is Globelines… hu hu hu

  • http://www.cathylopez.com Cathy

    Yes! PLDT sucks!
    2 weeks na akong walang connection. parati n lng coordinate ng coordinate, tpos ung mga technician nila bigla n lng mwawala di p naayos ung internet.hay nako!
    Scripted ung CSR’s nila…wala kang makukuhang matinong sagot! B*&l$h^T!

  • NO to PLDT…. scammer!!!

    I agree about the comments to PLDT’s lousy service, maraming marami talaga ang nag-rereklamo sa kanila, i was one who got hit by their scamming DSL business, i’m tired of the name PLDT, never to make business with them at all.

  • http://www.ivant.com Pepe Tan

    All is well if your DSL service is online, once you get into any issues that requires their support, then it’s all downhill.

    PLDT does not seem to have a culture of serving their clients when support requests comes along. Our residential DSL went offline for 2 weeks running now, but despite repeated calls to their service department, no action seems to ba taken, except “remote connection testing” which seems to mean “let it be and see if it resolves itself”.

    Would anyone know a reliable DSL provider with good customer service?

  • dhom

    Unfortunately even their their hotline services doesnt go for 24/7. I remember i was already upset with their poor quality customer service when i had to PERSONALLY go to one of their branches just to get one of their lousy ass technicians to come to my place and install the dsl and phone.

    Oh and thats not it, when the connection went up, its was 512kbps! and i made sure that what i subscribed for was a 1mb connection! Those retarded incompetent employees over at pldt cant do a thing right!

    and what pisses me off the most is that its a mandatory thing to subscribe to their landline services if you want to have a 1mb connection, i dont see anypoint in this. since a dsl connection can be setup even without a phone.

    god damned scammers, their only after the money.

    indeed it is sad how this country works.

  • masayang magalit

    hmmm..anyone here must probably have heard about the relaunch of the quick install kit. na-try niyo na ba before? nakita ko yung website nila eh. http://myworldmydsl.com/qik/home.aspx

  • stormy weather

    yeah dude. okay yan. i just hope their service picks up.

  • Edward

    PLDT really Sucksss….

    We live in Laguna Technopark in one of Ayala’s villages since 1996. In 2007 we had our PLDT and DSL line disconnected because we are temporarily relocating abroad. In April 2009 my family went back home to eventually stay for good. In late April, my wife applied online and was replied back and was told to register our application in their PLDT Laguna Technopark office. We were told by the local personnel to submit proofs of billing and bank statement. We told them that we have applied online and these were not required. They are also aware that we are a previous customer, good paying at that. So what’s the fuss of requiring us to submit again these requirements. Kita naman sa system nila na we are legit previous customer. Di ba nakaka inis. That was May 4.

    In May 11 we submitted all the requirements and we were told to call them back to follow-up after a week. Is this there style of Customer Care? Dapat sila ang tumawag kasi tayo ang Customer. On the same day my wife sent an email follow-up to the Customer Care Center and we were told to go back and pay the appication. After paying the application charges (P1,700+) we were issued provisional receipt (this was in May 13).

    Sometime early June my wife told me that PLDT has installed the line but without dial tone and DSL modem. They told us to wait again for a week or so. After several emails to their Customer Care Center kuno and several visit to their LTI office wala pa ring nangyayari. Imagine more than 2 months na. Nakaka inis na talaga sila. Dati di naman sila ganito, bumamababa na service level nila. Dati world class kuno ngayon WAH class na. napakalayo talaga ang agwat ng klase ng service nila. While we were abroad applying for a phone and dsl line is as quick as quieng at fastfood shops. Tapos after 2 days may connection ka na without even you paying for a cent. Basta antayin mon na lang billing mo saka mo babayaran. Would you believe the telephone land line rental fee is only P200 a month?

    Sa ngayon nagtyatyaga ang pamilay sa SMARTBRO, kahit na not as good as a line connection.

    Anybody knows kung merong ibang service provider who caters inside Laguna Technopark villages?


    requirements (

  • geoff

    Stay away from PLDT!

    Having the same problem, this big time hustler sucks!

    We applied last April 2009, now our service is down for a week and still counting. I called 171 last 13 July and followed up daily since then. Same dialogue from the customer care agents. Early this morning I called to follow up only to find out na ang recorded complaint ko daw is 16th of July. Hanep, pati araw ninanakaw na kasi earlier I called billing to report na mag demand ako ng rebate and wala kami na receive na e-mail.

  • sandra

    nawawala customer ko sa internet cafe ko dahil nawawala ang internet connection during the daytime. paano ko mababawi ang P5600 na ibinabayad ko sa pldt? does anyone at ntc cares about our problem?

  • roy nostalgia

    with all these comments:adverse,negative,curses, and even threats, why can’t pldt do something about it.
    we, our family, has been pldt subscribers for sometime now. we complained about padded bills due to calls not made by us. the calls were to cellphone numbers not registered to our immediate friends, families and relatives. we informed pldt about this but so far, and as usual, our complaints fall on deaf,arrogant pldt employees with deaf ears and probably with dna whose parents have been working for government since it was established in 1896 – one would get no result, just run-on-the-mill b.s.
    our complained amount of Php4k+ was never refunded. to what govt. agency do we file our complaint? to ntc? just another stupid govt agency whose personnel have to be lambasted for inefficiency and stupidy by sen enrile?
    such state of corruption thru inefficiency by private corporation and outright daylight robbery by the present government.

    hopeless country.

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/lousy-pldt-dsl-service P-uro L-ang D-inudugas T-au lahat

    Alam nyo dapat na pa-imbestigador ito sa nakikita ko..madmi na tlga ngrereklamo sa serbisyo nla like mabagal ang connection, matagal dumating ang bill..sobra maningil, at pinakapanget na serbisyo sa lhat dapt gmwa na tau…lhat ng petition…pra ireklamo ang wlang kwenta serbisyo nla

  • http://www.zipsite.net maida barrientos

    i second, third and lahat na ng numero ng motion gagawin ko…

    we just had a terrible blow to our pldt billing..imagine..they billed us ngayon a supposedly-paid bill of P33k nuon pang 2004 ?…wtf!!!!!….uminit talaga ang ulo ko kaya naghahanap ako ng way how to “not pay it again” …the problem is ..it was so long ago..the “paid receipt” was nowhere to be found…now what will i do….

    hay n alang……

  • Wcc

    I am playing an MMORPG called World of Warcraft as a source of relaxation playing with friends, usually when i get home from work. From time to time the connection is cut off, ping timed out. PLDT is a load of bullcrap, I am SICK and TIRED of connecting and reconnecting again praying for a regular net speed to happen. PLDT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS STOP STALLING PEOPLE AND EXHORTING THEIR MONEY FOR NOTHING!

  • wahey21

    buti nlng nagbasa muna ako,balak ko kac magpakabit after 2 years in middle east ill stay for a while here in Phil. Dun kac ang bilis at walang disconnection at sure pa na 1mbps ang makukuha mo 333 riyal lang at sampu pa kami nagamit
    , sa cavite kaya ok ang service nila???

    ano ang alternative bukod sa PLDT ,ok sana kac un ang line ng fone nmin.. sna may mag suggest kung ano ang maganda.. salamat

  • Emy


  • Badetty

    I don’t know what to do with PLDT anymore. My connection has been on and off for 2 weeks now. I use the internet from 7pm to 8am so dapat wala ako masyadong kaagaw dba? Pero lagi na lang akong nadidisconnect. I call their customer service everyday to report the times (I record them) I get disconnected. I always get the same answer, they will do some line testing and they will get the result in 24 to 48 hours. Nakakapikon kasi sabi ko 2 weeks na itong problema so ang tagal ng tapos ng 24 to 48 hours na yun. Di ko alam kung naiintindihan ba nila nag mga pinagsasabi nila e. Magpapabibo pa at magcocomment ng, “May problema po Ma’am.” Ay sus kaya nga 2 linggo na akong tumatawag e!

    Saan ba tayo pwede magreklamo na siguradong may makikinig at aaksyon?

  • Fr. Tom Martin

    I cannot take anymore. I have been dealing with it every 4 to 6 weeks for nearly two years and problem is not resolved. The tech just left my home and I am sick of it. I write magazine articles and will be in the middle of preparing an article to send and it looses connection. I have the letter prepared to return telephone and modem to them in the morning as soon as their office opens. You cannot talk about how lousy their customer service is because they have no customer service.

  • rimfire72

    Is there a consumer protection group we can go to about this PLDT problem? I mean we are dealing with a wicked giant here. We can shout our hearts out and it won’t budge.

    My problem with PLDT DSL: got connected last April 2009, had three service interuptions since then. The first took more than a week before it was repaired and after a week-long follow up with PLDT Customer Care. Now the third event happened 14th Septemebr and still down as of this writing.

    Everyone can help. Continue making noise, spread the word that PLDT service generally SUCKS! Tell your friends and relatives.

    Hope someone could link us to any consumer protection group to make this complaint formal.

  • inotchie

    lousy PLDT MyDSL! I am paying on time and what?
    My connection always cuts and try to connect again!

    I applied for a 512kbps but how much speed I get?
    360kbps. I checked on speedtest.com

    Hey PLDT, what can you say? We pay for something that we don’t get?


  • DAVE

    And dami nating sinasabi sa PLDT My DSL…
    Sa tingin nyo ba nababasa nila ito???
    Bakit parang walang reaction sa dami ng comment sa kanila??

    Parang mga manhid!!!

    this is the WORST connection na naranasan ko!!!

    Para sa mga taga PLDT!!!
    – U keep on advertising ur product and services… Pero pag na install nyo na… kinakalimutan nyo na ang mga Customers nyo!!!
    – Hindi ba kayo nahihiya???
    – You keep on billing ur customers without getting any good Service from PLDT???
    – Mahiya naman kayo!!! Malapit nyo na daigin ang Government natin pag dating sa corruption!!
    – 6 moths na ako nag subscribe sa inyo with very very poor connections AND!!! take NOTE!!! ung package nyo na PC!!! wala parin…
    – Alam nyo ba ang ibig sabihin ng package???
    – Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nyan!!! SIMPLENG MAG NANAKAW ANG PLDT!!!


  • nic

    xet di ko n alam isp n ippalit ko sa smart bro!! tulong! ang meron lng d2 samin pldt at globe.. hayyy punyeta

  • Miguel

    Sa akin 1.56 mbps naman ang speed.. malakas sa youtube at sa facebook… matagal lang mag open ng webpage na nasa google.. mga 7 seconds… mabilis ba yun??

  • rhina

    pldt medyo maganda lang ang internet connection pag NGN pero pag hindi perwesyo
    din sa mga subcriber nila kasi bulok ang server, kabli at kabinet nila sa hindi
    NGN area,kunting ulan DC na, araw araw DC 6 times up,kawawa yong mga internet business
    operator, telepono ganun din ang hirap coomuntact sa mga bayantel tel. no. at kung pldt to
    pldt ang mag usap ang hina na ng linya nila, malakas lang pag bayantel kausap na linya,
    napakamahal maningil ng subcriber fee pero hindi naman ganun kaganda ang kanilang sebisyo
    kahit sa billing nila hindi pa na gagamit pero pinapabayaran nila agad sa mga subcriber nila
    itoy totoo at hindi gawa gawa at paninira try nyo magconduct ng survey sa mga subscriber nila
    ayaw lang namin marami pang mavictimang subscriber ang pldt.

  • alma

    thank you very much for these blogs about PLDT myDSL. I almost subscribe to them. Good thing i think of researching first before doing a move that i will regret for life :-). thank you very much good guys for your nice blogs :-) No more PLDT myDSL :-)


  • michael

    speedtest.net. As reliable and accurate as pldt mydsl. Pareho bulok.

  • Jeypi

    can anyone tell me how to avoid hassle when transferring my land line and PLDT to another address?
    i’ve been calling PLDT’s call center only to get advised that my request is still pending due to system issue and it will take 2 more weeks to process.
    Do i need to go to their office to ensure that my line gets transferred immediately???? help! any tips?

  • geoff

    our phone/dsl service is down 4th time last 04 October 2009, i called and e-mailed Customer Service.
    luckily, it is STILL DOWN!!!!!! up to fu#*ing NOW!!!!!!
    there is no hope for this country … big businessmen , big looters

  • michael

    What was the first thing Rip Van Winkle saw when he woke up? Answer – He saw that he was still downloading the same file using PLDT myDSL.

  • mariel

    It is not only My Dsl, but the billing for regular lines , for operator assisted ,too.I was billed with calls I haven’t made.whats more!It was an NDD call,when in fact, I don’t have an NDD/IDD.

  • gia

    actually yung sa experience ko, mabilis naman action..problem lang eh hindi pa rin naaayos talaga problema, i’ve been having intermittent connections ever since nakabit ito pero a few months ago ko lng itinawag sa customer service nila. tindi pa ng wrong timing kapag nadidisconnect saka hindi magamit kung kelan ko talaga kelangan.usually kasi madaling araw ako nagoonline dahil nasa ibang bansa yung kausap ko and the main reason why we had the dsl installed para anytime pwede kami makapag usap kapag nakakaonline sya (seaman kasi). kakabad trip talaga..ang masama pa nung dumating ung technician nila, bukod sa hindi nya alam kung bakit nadidisconnect eh sinisisi pa yung OS ng laptop ko..basta Vista daw yun ang problema. totoo ba yun? i don’t think so. pati nga LAN ng computer ko sinisisi din nya..pero hello..kabago bago ng laptop ko, ano yun? mamaya nakakadetect ng ilang oras tapos mamaya konti hindi? kung sira man dapat hindi na talaga nakakaconnect di ba? eh ang kadalasan na nakalagay eh limited connection..saka having dns problems daw..e di sa pldt ang problema di ba? tpos tumawag pa sya after, may nakita n daw na sira sa labas and they fixed it na daw..but until now intermittent pa rin..ano ba yun? palibhasa hindi nila alam how to fix the problem kaya ibinabaling nila sa iba..mali naman yun di ba?i was really trying to control my temper since i know hindi naman kasalanan ng call center agents yung current problem ko saka nakailang tawag na din ako dun, paulit ulit nga lang sila kaya inuunahan ko na sabihin na i’ve already tried repairing the connection several times the same way they instruct you to do it so proceed na lang agad sa reporting..i don’t know kung maaayos pa nila itong problem na ito.

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/lousy-pldt-dsl-service#comments Ogie


    I have a PLDT DSL bundle Landline+DSL Php:990/month, from the begining I have a problem, then saw some configuration in YUGA Tech site, it works for years.

    But now im using D-link ADSL Modem+Wireless Router and in works perfect.

    May be I can help you, but I need to configure your PLDT DSL by myself
    and check your cables and PC/Laptop. I can try my own D-Link modem to your connect
    and see what we can do, I have try some other brands of Modem and it works perfect.

    I have a complete service tools for Network Cables, Tel Cables and Electronics Part.

    In my case I change my PLDT modem to D-Link because the PLDT modem have a port problem.
    I fix it but I dont want to use it again.

    My Contact info:

    Email: [email protected]
    Cell: 0906-2758679
    Pasig, M-Manila

  • gia

    @ogie: thanks for the reply..i did a bit of research also and i saw that yuga tech thing and saved it kaya lang hindi naman ako ganun ka-techie to know how to configure it myself. saka tumawag na ung tech guy from pldt,i dont kow what he did and he also said na malinis naman daw ung lines ko..so far so good..2 days na hindi intermittent ang connection ko..observe ko na lang daw and call them up whenever i get disconnected again..thanks! :)

  • http://jharlopez.blogspot.com jhayar

    help naman guys,, plan ko kasi mag file ng case against pldt. kasi pinutulan nila ako na bayad ako..
    oct 25 mabagal ang internet ko dito sa shop ko, tapos sabi nila temporarily disconnected daw ako once nabayaran ko na ung 8,876pesos ok na daw, oct 26 nagbayad ako ng 9000pesos para hndi maputulan, but then Nov 3 pinutulan parin nila ako tapos naibalik lang ung service nila sa akin after 1 month. but till now hndi pa rin nabalik ng maayos ang DSl ko.. i lost 70k para sa shop ko, anong case pwede isampa sa kanila?

    tnx guys

  • kenneth

    pldt services are really unreliable, i guess when u’r such a big company, u can do whatever u want & not give a damn about consequences

  • http://www.pizzahut.com boy_itlog

    wala tlgang kwenta pldt! irereport dw and crap and then bullshit wla wla wla wla pren! fuck them!

  • mark

    PLDT really does suck. I had been a subscriber for more than 5 years now and during that time, it would be inevitable to have intermittent disconnections. Ive had no dial tone and internet since Feb. 01 2010, and i havent heard a word from their technical team… ive finally decided to terminate my subscription. FUCK PLDT

  • Paul

    PLDT angers me! Since last week I get disconnected everyday! Not totally disconnected it just goes from local & internet to local only. And there are other bugs too, i can’t even download properly without getting a billion errors! So what do they do with all the money we pay them? They use it for themselves! I’m trying to complain but i can’t find a forum in the mydsl site, it’s obvious that they’re avoiding complaints.

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  • Jules

    Pagdating sa DSL try to switch sa bayantel pag nasa QC/Camanava area kayo or eastern telecom pagnasa Manila/Caloocan/Makati area kayo or digitel pag nasa eastern metro manila kayo.. mas maganda serbisyo nyan at mas mabilis pa. Walang kwenta ang PLDT/Smart madalas pa mangain ang smart ng load. Kahit sa wireless wag kayo gumamit ng smartbro/pldt we roam… ok pa globe broadband/tattoo sa kanila pero mas maganda ang Sun Broadband or Bayan.


    dsl YAN PANIRA SA mood
    dati every 1hr DC na ko
    ngayun mga 25mins DC na
    e nagthethesis pa naman ako badtrep tlga to
    KISS Lucifer
    mabangkrapt sana kau !!!

    Tsaka ung cnacabi nila na sa lugar lng yang connection d namn totoo e nung unang pakabit namen ok naman parang walang DC DC sabay ngaung year dem it paran na syang DIAL UP
    bka nga low version pa ng DIAL UP d ULENG wenks

    sana mabasa nila toh
    sasampal ko toh sa mukha nila !!!!

  • arc

    really suck big time!!!! dont ever get pldt dsl!
    everythings sucks