Lousy PLDT DSL Service

I thought I would never have to blog about PLDT and their myDSL service but it seems to be inevitable now.

I used to subscribe to GreenDot for my broadband connection last year. For Php 2,500 a month (plus 10% VAT), you get 256Kbps downstream and 128Kbps upstream connection. After my one-year subscription lapsed, I was courted by some PLDT DSL service reseller to switch providers.

The catch — higher speeds of up to 387Kbps, lower monthly fees (Php1,995) and freebies (LexMark printer). The laws of economics tell me to switch and I did, despite feedback from users about the lack (or absence) of technical support and the reliability of service.

For over 6 months now, I have been enjoying PLDT’s generous bandwidth (now up to 512Kbps for Plan 1995). And for what do I owe this? Incessant connection problems and lousy customer (read: billing) service. For weeks now, everytime I try to dial up (PPPoE), it takes about 200+ re-dials (and often, much more) to be connected. Usually happens during the evening right when I get home. It’s not a problem in the morning though. The dynamic IPs on their node could be overcrowded already. (I noticed that my new IP now starts at 58.x.x.x instead of the old 203.x.x.x.)

I signed up for PLDT myDSL last January and up to this month, I only got one billing statement and one disconnection notice. You ask why? Because the rest never came. Didn’t even touch the nice and comfy doormat of my apartment. I have already called them up several times about this and confirmed my billing address (which has been correct since the day I signed up) to no avail.

For months, I blindly send payments via BPIExpressOnline for PLDT not knowing how much more I owe them. And since they never gave me my billing statements since February, I don’t know when my bill is due and for how much.

So why did I blog about it just now? I got home tonight to find out my phone is disconnected; no internet either. I’m posting this entry at a crammy net cafe across the street. No wonder PLDT DSL’s forum has been closed indefinitely.


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  • arc

    really suck big time!!!! dont ever get pldt dsl!
    everything sucks

  • ang

    i never had missed or delayed monthly bill with pldt dsl that’s why i am so disappointed with it. For weeks now i am experiencing a very slow internet connection, sometimes it will just disconnect. bullshit! i am now planning to get another internet service provider. TO THOSE PLANNING TO GET MYPLDT DSL, I WOULD ADVISE YOU NOT TO GET ONE AND PLAN TO GET ANOTHER INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.

  • paulo

    my net connection is so very slow slow but in the deal our speed is 384kbph but when i test the speed of our connection, the result is 110kbph………………………………………………PLDT……….SUCKS……..it is better to connect to globe 1mbph-995php……………..were wasting money in pldt!…………

  • abubakar




  • b0ynxtd0r

    worst talaga pldt. tatawagan k for billing n hindi nman dumadating on time tpos sasabihan k n for disconnection k n. tpos ng service nla very worst 1 month bago mpuntahan tpos pagkaalis ng technician after 1 day ganun n nman cra n nman, mga putangina yang mga tag pldt puro bobo at palpak

  • mrjuandelacruz

    Akala ko ako lang ang may problema sa PLDT? Tsk! Bagong staff ako ng isang college here in Olongapo and that time I was being ordered na ayusin ang new connection from SUBICTEL (na maganda at talagang okay ang service) ay ilipat ito sa PLDT myBIZ empire (Senior Biz Empire pa raw ang ganda pakinggan), so inayos ko ang lahat ng dokumento, ilang araw palang upon installation ng aming bagong internet connection iyon DISCONNECTED agad. Pwedeng bang magmura sa site na toh?! ./gg h%&$# na yan sa loob ng unang buwan ay 3x kaming nawalan ng internet connection. At ngayon thou okay naman ang connection, we are suffering from their malicious promotions. Paano ba naman I called their hotline for PRODUCT para i-follow up ang aming free laptop taps ang sasabihin ay “i’m sorry sir nasa regular business lang po kau”. God! last april lang kakatawag ko lang sa mga Hinayup%$* ang sabi ay “sir, hintay lang po tayo kasi po nasa manufacturer po ang problema eh, out-of-stock po ang laptop! WTF! sino bang paniniwalaan ko. Ngayon problema pa namin ang pag-u-up ng aming site for the college then ang sasabihing max capacity ng aming package is 15MB. Waaaw, kahit isang profile na may pix mukhang hindi papasok!

    God.. sakit sa ulo! (sana hindi ko na lang pina-DC ang SUBICTEL subscription ko).

    H&%#@ na yan…

  • angel

    all same problem regarding pldt till now wla nmn nangyayari super bgal as in checking mails nlng wait few mins p hello ayusin nyo nmn poh system nyo…

  • Sherry

    I have an internet cafe for 2 years now. And PLDT’s service is really really poor. Despite calling several times, emailing several times, sending letters to their office…. it will take months before the problem will be solved.
    Anybody knows what we can do about this? to end all this woes?


    PLDT has the WORST customer service a private company could ever haVE.

    Just having your line disconnected would take you ages! Calling them everyday would be a big waste of time since they will say same thing over and over again. But still no action on your request. Too bad we don’t have that much choice. I guess we just have to live with it.

    • dicon

      worst as in worst..called twice with in an hour agent hang up on us..after saying will just update you…whats that !!!!!

      not even initiating a callback..hope to have an customer satisfaction survey…

      will sure tell everyone that i know about this so called “customer service”

      cant wait to jump on another provider

  • Bong
    • AntiPLDT

      I witnessed PLDT’s horrible service back in 2008. Their business practices are very shady. I was more or less satisfied for the first 3 months, the download speed was close to my subscribed plans (1MB)promised bandwidth. However one evening the connection suddenly would no longer allow me to log in. Wrong Username and Password. How did that happen ? I never requested or made any changes.I called their customer service, the rep informed me about the changed username. I was a bit baffled, but forgot to ask about the reason at that time. After re-logging I immediately noticed that the connection was a lot slower than before. After monitoring the connection for a few days I made another call to PLDTs customer service. A technician visit was scheduled, but as usual the technician didn’t show up on the scheduled date. Rescheduling was necessary. The technician changed a few settings in the modem settings, and finally told me that the fault is not with PLDT but with the wiring of the condo building. Question: How come the connection ran at top speed for 3 months, then suddenly after a miraculous username and pw change I’m surfing at hardly half of the speed that I’m paying for ?! Seems more like foul play to me than aged wiring in a not so old condo unit. Would it have been indeed the wiring, then the connection would have been slow from the get go.
      So I continued surfing at horrible speeds, the technician wasn’t able to improve anything. A few months later the line went dead, land line as well as DSL. Now I must say that Internet is absolutely vital for me, I need to be able to communicate with my clients. I immediately contacted customer service, and as usual I was promised that a technician would drop by within 24 hrs. Well,if you are with PLDT you take that “within 24 hrs” promise with a grain of salt. But I was hopeful that the whole thing would be resolved in at least a few days or max a week. I could use alternatives int eh meanwhile to stay in contact with my current clients and check for inquiries on new projects. But I was dead wrong. It took PLDT over 3 weeks to sent a technician to my place. I have been calling PLDT for 2 weeks on a 24hr basis, every time with the “within 24 hrs” promise. I think you can image how furious I was. At one time I was even told by the rep that according to their records a female called up and declared the line as fixed. How could that be ?! I live alone, and if anyone is going to call PLDT it will be me ! And no, the line was not fixed at that time. After 2 weeks I really no longer cared if they will fix it or not, I missed 2 projects because I wasn’t able to answer the inquiries on time. All thanks to the incompetent service of PLDT. On the 3rd Saturday 2 technicians knocked at my door. They are here to fix the line, WOW ! Why still bother after 3 freaking weeks. And guess what people, I was charged the full price for that month, even though I had no land-line nor DSL for 3 weeks ! That just shows how incompetent PLDT really is. Well, the wiring isn’t bad after all, because I’m now on a 3MB connection using the very same wiring. The PLDT a*holes placed me on a slow port after 3 months of ok speed. I’m just glad I no longer have to deal with that company.

  • Ma.Victoria Layug

    gusto ko mag comment sa branch ng PLDT Binakayan in cavite…
    Sabi sa PLDT require ang 1 week training at 1 week orientation..Natapos ng anak ko yun..then ng pag pasok nya on the 3rd week.. na akala nya ay mag i start na sya a employee sa kumpnaya…biglang sinabi sa kanya na tatawagan nalang daw sya…During the traning at orientation..wala man lang feedback from them na gaganunin nila ang anak ko…Hindi naman sila nag sasabi na hindi maganda ang performance ng anak ko..Basta pa pasok lang sila ng papasok sa bata…Within 2 weeks nag hihintay ang anak ko ng contact na ang buon akala nya nya ay ma ha hire na sya..Pero WALA…nag tataka sya sa ganung situation.
    Ang isapang irereklamo ko ay ang trainor sa Binakayan Branch..
    Sobrang MAYABANG sya…Nag papakita sya ng sobrang attitude sa anak ko…Parang pinag iinitan nya ang anak ko…
    Bakit sya ganun??…nag tanong ang anak ko kung may hindi magandang performance syang nagawa…sabi sa kanya ng ibang mga tao dun ay Okay naman daw ang training nya..So anu ang reason ng trainor sa Binakayan ..para pakitaan ng hindi maganda ang anak ko??
    Dahil ba sa Fresh Graduate lang ang anak ko???
    Ang anak ko ay Computer Engineering Graduate…
    So sana…yung Tranor ng Binakayan sa Cavite ay Maalis
    dahil meron syang tinitignan…
    Sana wlang ganitong mga tao sa PLDT..
    Sana walang mayabang sa PLDT…

  • Ma.Victoria Layug

    Irereklamo ko po sana ang trainor ng Binakayan PLDT sa Cavite
    Sobrang MAYABANG


    • james tumulak

      pldt is the worse company i ever known in terms of service
      nakakamatay ang pldt

      • von

        putang inang pldt wala kaung kwenta sayang lang bayad namin sana namatay na lang kau

        • leslie

          they all sucks

          • bella

            PLDT SUCKS! I told them that I wanted to disconnect the internet connection since we can’t use it. It’s slow and sometimes the site doesn’t load properly. Furthermore, there came a point where our cpu broke down and can’t be used. Thanks to the technician who doctored our cpu, some parts went missing wherein we just noticed a few days later. Now they kept on billing me and already sent a formal and final letter from their lawyer telling that they will file a case against me since I’m not paying my bills. My point is, why would I pay if I can’t even use their service and to the fact that I already informed them prior that I want to discontinue the use of their service. We’re CUSTOMERS right?!? Also, GLOBE DSL, to which I thought was better gave me headaches as well! They told me the internet connection will be installed 5-7 days. But then, until now, it’s more than a week already, and there’s no one from their company that went here to install. THEY SUCK!! What internet provider is better nowadays? I need one. Pls. advise. Thanks..

          • http://www.yahoo.com becky

            kami rin.. may gumugulong atty. daw na parating nagccol sa cp ko. nakakainis. tinatakot pa kami. eh, hindi nmn namin nagamit ung 20t na bill na un. oo, nakapangalan nga sa akin kaso na transfer na ung dsl. ilang beses na kmi nag report na putulin nlng kaso walang action,.kaya naabot ng 20tbill nmn. ngayon ang kukulit nila. cge.. lahat ng tao dito sa pinas kasuhan nila.

          • TJ

            Kala ko kami lang ang naka experience how POOR THEIR SERVICE IS! BIKTIMA KAMI NG FALSE ADVERTISEMENT NILA, thus I did not pay for that certain amount they billed me. Today, I called my husband and was prompted na temporarily disconnected na phone line namin. Ok sana if always kami delayed, when in fact we always pay the bill on time, kahit na madalas, they call to check if we received the bill na madalas din di pa namin natatanggap when they made the call. Ang kinaiinisan ko pa lalo, late afternoon na kami naka-uwi, the bill was left sa door and then ang nakalagay is to pay the amount due on March 3 para hindi madisconnect yung line…OMG, march na ba ngayon? To think ang totoong amount na babayaran namin is just the monthy amount for the service, pwera na yung sa FALSE ADVERTISEMENT NILA. I have referred this matter to my lawyer na.

          • Rowel

            yung PLDT dyan ss isetan recto, mga lousy at tarantado yan. kung may pinaservice k s kanila, napakatagal at d nila inaaksyon, ayaw p magbigay ng pangalan yung agent, at ayaw magbigay ng follow up contact no. Mga PUNTANG-INA NILA!

          • lou

            VERY LOUSY SERVICE. I filled up their form online application more than 1 month now from this writing. 24 hours after I filled up the form, a called me to verify. After that… 2 weeks past then I made a follow up online. Same customer service said that they a pLdt landline near to my area and gave right away. days after I called the PLDT they said the they have not received my application online. So sent a fucking email to there big bullshit service. Same name of customer service replied she forwarded it to the department in charge. When I called them for the second time, they said they never received an application from me. Hey, PLDT manager can you replace those lousy people in your team…

          • http://facebook mallen

            hoping nman n sna maging maayos n net db?kasi kaya nga nagpa upgrade para bumilis hndi para mag lost connection lagi para san binabayad namin?mahiya nman sana kayo dami na reklamo sainyo kkapal pdin ng apog niyo

          • http://facebook arnel

            pusa pldt
            gusto pa nila bumili ng ibang telco
            e ang pangit naman ng service nila paano kaya sila lumakaki at tumatagal
            d kaya it a big sindikato kaya lumalaki ang pldt
            ang bagal ng internet nila

      • Daniel

        PLDT is not the worst… Its the Philippines! Dapat mawala na sa mapa pilipinas puta!

        • ren

          ehh kung ikaw na lang kaya mawala? kung di ka naman pala tarantado’t bobong anak ehhh… kung wala kang masabing maganda ehhh mag laslas ka na lang bobong anak ka…

          • angelo

            Grabehan ang PLDT 768kbps hindi kaya ibuffering ang 4 min na video 10 min bago matapos .. 768kbps nga ba o may kaltas pa ? … cguro 100kbs lang yan .. walang lokohan namn ng costumer sos paraparaan kumita e noh… mas OK talga GLOBE broadband! sana makapagpalit kami agad … nag ndi na kami ma scam,, un lang po ang hinaing ko sa “fastest” internet speed nyo..

          • Iskangu

            @Daniel..Lintek na bata ka ah!! Anak ka ba ng kanuto at kung hamakin mo ang inang bayan Pilipinas e ganun-ganun na lang! Lintek ka a! Samantalang nung uhugin ka sa elementarya e paulet-ulet mong kinakanta ang Lupang Hinirang at Panatang Makabayan.. Dapat sa’yu inilalagay sa loob ng drum na pinatuyo sa semento at ihahagis sa gitna ng scarborough shoal! Duon ka nababagay sa pagitan ng Intsik at Pinoy!! Lintek!!

          • Dave

            SO YES, everyone knows how to complain when PLDT is ripping you off and shortchanging you. The Question is: How are they getting away with it? Because there is no real competition — of course since PLDT is a regulated monopoly, the regulators have a function of not allowing rates to go up unless service goes up too! However, since PLDT and all the other monopolies (Ayala, Aboitiz, etc.) essentially own the regulators there is no accountability, thus again the poor people of the Philippines lose! It will not change until there is an educated populace that won’t tolerate such BS and will get politically active and throw all the BUMS out! But again, the culture here is to emulate corruption as that is seen as the path to “success” such a backwards culture has set in, it will be hard to remove. Perhaps only a revolution will cure it. People Power II, III, and IV will be needed.

    • dicky

      I have been subscriber of PLDT for a few years. It is only this year that I realize the problem they got.

      My DSL has been overbilled and upon scrutiny, there were confusing items which are not subscriber friendly, and known only to them. Instead of assuring that the statement would be adjusted properly (since it is a package rate and not by item costing), I was asked to wait a month or two for normalization. Apparently the hidden cost lingered for more than 6months.

      Something fishy is going on with accounting since it seems that the billing problem was deliberate. Costs were being passed on consumers without their consent.

      A few months before the overbilling, the service was supposed to be upgraded and our subscription bandwidth increased without additional cost. However, there was a major technical glitch and instead of the upgrade, many consumers experienced disconnection and poor quality surfing. It was eventually corrected by changing the modem to the latest DSL2 model.

      Apparently, the upgrade got a lot of bugs and did not work with the current set of hardware. Computer Geeks blame Microsoft for the same problem whenever they offer new & improved Window OS that consumers eventually reject because it is not as reliable as the previous edition.

      I got a linksys router that also failed to work properly due to the recent speed upgrade. After checking with the hardware company website, I found out that the issue was not isolated and although the model was quite old, they released a firmware solution to cope with the latest broadband system.

      To sum it up, I think PLDT really wants to provide subscribers the best value for money. However, it suffered from an unforeseen issue or additional cost with a recent upgrade program. There was a huge company failure to COMMUNICATE the issue properly and instead of the TRUTH, the company played a fool, creating resistance and dissatisfaction from its loyal subscribers.

  • Galit sa PLDT

    Had I read everything in here I would not have gotten a DSL connection with PLDT!

    I agree with all the complaints as I have experienced it myself –
    10-DAYS WITHOUT SERVICE (but unshamefully billed!)
    LOUSY SUPPORT (call center and business center)

    The media is silent about this because they earn advertising revenue from this company from hell!

    What we can do is tell our friends, relatives, officemates and everyone we know NOT TO ENGAGE THE SERVICES OF PLDT!

  • nicole rosas

    intermittent dsl and gives billing always with disconnection notice even if updated cause they give it every 2 months only so bill doubles malalaki ulo ng mga putang inang mga tao sa pldt pati me ari your 171 call center query will have you wait til you run out of breath or your ears swells to red waiting for their fucking agent to answer your lucky to be answered after less than an hour this hell hole service of theirs they should continue doing it in their after life for an endless worthless quality service

  • J Delos Santos

    Me and my wife were just new in the PLDT. Although we’re hearing about the bad service from some of our neighbors and friends who used to have the service, we still decided to give it a try for we need the landline and internet connection because of the nature of our work. During our very first month, we already experienced losing a dial tone and slow connection for more than TWO (2) weeks. Although the DSL connection could be because of my PC, still the telephone didn’t work just right for half of what we’re going to pay for. Second month come, worse thing happened. Not only my telephone services but even the DSL connection is out for about a week now (everything is still down as I am writing this). I really made an effort to go to an internet cafe just to have this send.

    Bad thing about the reps was, we were not informed of the things to do if this things happen. Worse is, the girl in the business office can’t even tell me exactly what is going and why is this happening.

    She just said that if these things happen, we should do something to the best that we could to inform them so I can get refunds from it. Is that right? Aren’t you are the one who should know it and do something to the best that you could to inform us? Refunds are good, but no one cares for it. We know what we signed up for and we can pay it. We don’t our bills to be cut to a portion of what we didn’t get. What we want is to get the full service that we will be paying for. No problem about the bill. just give the full service and we will pay you in full.

    If this happens because of inevitable things, make it a point to do your part and not that the customer will be the one to initiate it.

    It’s like we are begging for a service that we will also pay.

  • oweng

    i agree with all your posts about pldt service.my service has been suspended(as the answering machine says it) because i had no time to pay my bills for two months.i paid my outstanding balance last friday to have my service reinstated and hopefully use it during the weekend.also the service center rep told me that the reconnection will only take 24-48hrs after the posting of payment, so then i paid.i even called 171 hotline the next day to verify the payment and the CSR gladly told me that the payment has been posted(yeah!) and i’ll just have to wait 24-48hrs.the next day(sunday) i called 171 again to follow up on the reconnection and the CSR made a report and i don’t have to worry because pldt has a policy that reconnection is only within 48hrs.after patiently waiting for more than 48hrs i called 171 several times and reminded them about the timeframe of my request and i got these replies:”i’ll make a report”, “i’ll make a request”, and “make it urgent”.
    come tuesday i called 171 and asked to give me a definite time and date as to when they can reconnect my service but the CSR said he cannot commit because it’s a system generated blah!blah!blah!…and all i can do is f***ing WAIT!

    tomorrow i’m gonna call for assistance to 171 to complain…them?

  • felicia

    sana po mapatanggal ang empleyadong ito ng PLDT na mangggaamit ng kapwa; nambiktima at nanglimas ng libo-libong dolyares para mangloko ng kaibigan na minamahal siya; nagta-trabaho po ito sa Grace Park Service Zone bilang Plant Combination V; libo-libong dolyares ang ipinadala ng kaibigan ko at pinanggastos para sa lpg business niya at magarbong pangshopping ng asawa niya; mangloloko at manggagamit; nanghuthot ng malaking pera para sa sariling kapanibangan niya at iniwang luhaan ang kaibigan namin; dapat dito tinatanggal sa trabaho at magsasampa kami ng reklamo sa main office PLDT at NBI at FBI international fraud ; at gusto lang makapunta sa Amerika; dapat sa mga taong ganito binibigyan ng leksiyon para hindi na makaalis ng bansang Pilipinas at winawaldas pinaghirapan ng ibang tao; makonsensiya ka naman alam mo na kung sino ka; hindi ka pagppalain sa ginawa mong pangloloko; sir Pangilinan paalisin ninyo na empleyado ninyong mangloloko at mangagamit; nakakahiya ka kabayan; magbago ka na

  • JonasM

    I sent a reply after receiving a phone call that we haven’t paid our bills.

    SEE CUSTOMER CARES (i don’t know if this is still applicable) response to my initial email:

    Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

    We checked our records and found out that your PLDT phone line number (02)65XXXXXX has Call Restriction status due to non-payment of your outstanding account of Php 2,075.40.

    We wish to inform that your telephone line and DSL may only be restored as soon as unpaid balance is settled.

    Thank you.



    Customer Care




    Hi Dennis/ CUSTOMER CARE,

    Your records are incorrect. I will only pay 990.00 pesos today and nothing else unless you can tell me the invoice number of the other amount raised on our monthly invoice.

    Also, let me point out that according to the paper bill we received, THE DUE DATE INDICATED ON IT IS FOR THE 16TH OF NOVEMBER 2010. I pay our bills online and when I tried paying the recent bill last November 9, 2010, you have already cut us off.

    You should only cut the service after the said due date and not A WEEK or DAYS before it.

    I will send you the screen shot of my latest payment for 990.00 pesos only today but make sure that the broadband ADSL Connection is REINSTATED accordingly.

    AGAIN, if you need further proof of our payment since our settlement with PLDT, I will send a spreadsheet of our payments together with the RECEIPT / OR Number to point out that we have been up to date with our payments.

    I’m giving you the chance to show us your record for the amount of 1,085.40 PHP and when it was added to our invoice. If this amount is valid then I will pay it, if not then we may resort to legal actions to the proper office and complain your service.

    Also, check your logs, this service has been very stable but we never asked for any rebates let along demand for it. Cutting the service on an untimely manner is far enough!!!

    Also, we tried calling your HOT LINE but never got through to one of your officers yesterday to point out this mistake.

    Thank you!!!


  • boom tolledo

    nakaka-gigil..!!!!! fault ko ba ung indi ka binigyan ng bill for 2months? indi ko reponsibilidad na itanong kung due na ba ako oh indi pa..!!!! pos nung i-disconnect nyo internet at landline ko then after settling it….sobra sobra sa 48hrs na palugit wala pa ding internet… tapos sabi sa kontrata…. 9200Php/month ung 4.5MB pos naging 10300php/month…. magaling lang kau sumingil….serbisyo nyo di lang bulok….mabagal pa…!!!!! shame on PLDT staff and everything…!!!!! THE WORST kung alam ko lang, Bayantel na lng sana ulit ako nag-apply…!!!!! WTF PLDT

  • IT-man

    NAPAKA-BAGAL NG CONNECTION NG DSL NG PLDT! BIRUIN NYO, NAPAKA-BOBOBO PA NG MGA TECHNICAL SUPPORT! SINASABI NILA MAGPUNTA SA SPEEDTEST.NET PARA MA-CHECK ANG SPEED, TAPOS UMAABOT LANG SA 0.41 “MegaBits” yung download speed. ang sabi nila, mas mataas pa daw yun kaysa sa plan ko na 384Kbps. kasi daw equivalent daw yung sa 0.41 Mbps (MegaBytes/sec)400Kbps! alam ba nila ang difference ng BITS sa BYTES? eh mga tanga pala sila e! 1 byte is equivalent to 1024 BITS!!! so ibig sabihin, yung 0.41 MegaBits per second is not 0.41 MegaBytes per second! it is equivalent to
    41 Kbps! Bobo amf! technical support sila, wala namang alam sa computer! ang style ng PLDT, nili-limit nila sa 36-50 Kbps ang download speed ng mga customers nila para mas marami silang subscribers na mabigyan ng DSL. hinahati-hati nila ang speed, or should i say SLOW connection para hindi na sila gumastos pa sa panibagong server. Napakatalinong pang-gugulang nito! kung may sky broadband sa lugar nyo, yun na lang pakabit nyo wag na tong basurang serbisyo ng PLDT myDSL.

    • egt214

      tama sabi ng technical support 0.41Mbps is equal to 410kbps. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. IKAW ANG BOBO!

  • Noel

    PLDT has been infiltrated by thugs and unscrupulous people who offers unwary customers high bandwidth connections with a one time fee. I don’t believe this goes through accounting, hence, affecting the good subscribers in both billing and quality of service.

    • http://yahoo.com francis

      I agreed for almost all the negative feedback on PLDT… what can i add,,, PURE INCONVIENT.. this company gives to there cosssstumer..

  • angelo somera

    Pldt dsl sobrang bulok ang service. ang gagawin nila tatagalan yun activation tas ang iisipin natin customer mabagal yung internet kaya mag uupgrade ka kung tanga ka. Strategy nila mag oofer sila nang murang internet na maliit ang bandwith pero okay na tapos ang gagawin nila pababagalin nila activation para mag upgrade ka.. kaya ako pag kakalat ko dito sa amin sa greenwoods kung gaano kabulok ang pldt…

  • lea

    I have experienced lousy service with pldt my DSL… I always encountered connection problem with my DSL.. Kung hindi slow, lagi na dis connect.. Ngayon mas madalas na.. Kainis na.. what can you suggest yung mas maayos na service?.. kesa sa PLDT na to..


      i’ve just experience the same bull crap service of this company… wtf, disconnected daw dahil sa past due bal.. and it turned out tech issue nman pala.. and worst is i had been calling for 2 days to resolve the issue…but more than 10 representatives disconnected me sa call.. pota, wala ba silang Q.A? palibhasa walang survey ehh..
      nakak frustrate especially when u are a customer representative yourself, alam mo kung anu ang tamang customer service at ung hindi….


  • Rashid Reyes

    Mas nakakainis ay pag bill sayo at inde mo pa due date. kung titignan mo po mga billing statements nyo. Inde pa tapos yung billing cycle nyo naka bill na kau agad. Ang gulang nun diba. Samin nga kalahati pa lang yung buwan sinisingil ka na agad. Tapos yung first bill pa nila ang laki kase inde mo nasimulan ang buwan n maayos. Ang BS diba. Then sinasabi nila na automated daw. Eh kung automated yan di dapat pag bayad mo pa lang pwede mo ibalik kagad yung connection pagka bayad mo diba. But what can the lowly consumer do. Eh dito sa lugar namin PLDT lang ang may reliable service. Bayantel kase po dito sobrang bagal. Wanted to go eastern telecom kaso they only offered it at the other side of the street. Wanted to go sky but they didn’t provide service in our area as well. So me and my wife don’t really have much of a choice now do we. And thats what PLDT is capitalizing on.

    • LOL@IT-man

      8bits = 1 byte. Saludo ako sayo, ngrereklamo ka hindi mo alam sinasabi mo. haha! That 384kbps is their advertised speed, meaning you’re getting the speed what you’ve paid for.
      Note that kb/kiloBIT is not kB/kiloBYTE. And for downloading files it’s BYTE and not bit, 384kbps/8 = 48kBps. Baka ibig mong sabihin 1KILOBYTE = 1024 BYTE!haha! Sana hindi ka lng basta basta ngwiki dyan, pinag-isipan mo muna sana. :)
      Pero still PLDT SUCK!

      tl;dr: PLDT SUCKS…

      • mheg

        Oh ano IT man napahiya ka ano?

  • von pascua

    pwede ba magdemanda about sa mga bagay na ganito?? di maganda kasi net ko sa pldt , ung pumunta sila dito sabi nila madami daw lamaman pc ko kaya mabagal ang internet ko pero 100gig pa available and 1 games lang meron ako … :(((

  • Disappointed

    2011 na bulok pa rin PLDT huhu…

  • maya

    i have heard enough…i decided not to apply pldt dsl. i dn’t wanna b 1 of those complainant..hehe! thanx for all the info.

  • leemiyong

    PLDT Sucks.. They disconnected my service because I was not able to make a payment. I made a payment and my service should be back on after 24 hours..( 24 hours is a piece of S%@# 2 – 4 hours will do.) I patiently waited.. after 24 hours my service is still not on. I called customer service and she told me my payment was posted, so told her it’s been more than 24 hours since I made the payment, my service should be up and running. She just created a report for reconnection. I don’t want to argue with her so I just ended the call. I used to be a technical support for DSL service. and you can just click the button to turn on the service it’s easy as that.. you don’t have to wait for freaking 24 hours for the service to be restored. that’s ridiculous.! and one more thing they cut off my service 5 days before my due date.. sigh..

  • Tanya Miya


  • rafael guerrero

    nakakahinayang naman yung binabayad ko…ayaw ko na sana tapusin ang 1 year contract, sobrang bagal, tapos pag inopen mo yung watchpad may nakapost na mag upgrade ka…. kupal talaga…sindikato yata eh…
    makukulong ba ako pag di ko tinapos ang contract? di din naman nila na ibibigay ng tama ang serbisyo nila…

    o baka pwedeng sila ang ipakulong natin….

  • LUZH

    they are so lousy..pldt will easily cut your connection if only a day of delay with the payment,but for services we cannot rely on them…..huh……….cut wires,,,i don’t know why they are like that…calling them for almost a week now…and until now no connection still…..and they even said we have to hire a private technician? why.??????

  • Graziel

    I am filing a complaint for disconnecting my serice with out receiving a disconnection notice. This is against the law set by the National Communction out Twice this has happend the last time the sent my bill they shut if off before the bill was even due. I thier service is terriable and everybody need to file complaint for their unfair bus practice. If they get enough complaints it will cost them big time. ntc.gov.ph. Spread the word STOP PLDT unfair business procedure and follow the law

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/lousy-pldt-dsl-service got irritated with PLDT

    I have been experienced almost the same with this PLDT my DSL. damn this company and its people. I have choose this company thinking that they can serve me the best and beyond my expectation. Imagine I applied then they accommodated me. Filled up application and in the first place they had already knew that in our area there is no available dsl connection. I have waited for a month and then they just answered me that there is no dsl connection!! Sucks..so i have no other option but to withdraw and get my money for refund. Then the customer service people told me that it takes six months before I can get my money back…what a good and amazing service they have!!They must think of the output with this services and practices.

    Then, i went to Smart Bro wireless Center. I paid today and by the next day I have my connection..See!! How can they compete if they will not change with there practices. think and revise…

  • Eco

    buwan buwan nlng ko nwawalan ng outgoing calls sa buset na PLDT na yan… buwan buwan dn ko ngeemail at ngreerklamo,.., tapos gnyon kakabyad ko lng ng billing na ang due date e oct31 pa… wala kami dial tone.. nananadya ata talga tong PLDT na to e… buwan buwan nalang ngrereklamo… ang kumag talga., nkakaasar… tapos ung PLDT na DSL ang bagal pa tlaga… pde ba ipabarangay to! magfifile ko sa korte! amp!.. heehe

    • japox

      Sucks PLDT …akala ko maganda service damn Mas malala pala….e2 ba binabayaran namin sa inyo?yung bulok na serbisyo nyo?wala pang 3weeks may bill na agad ako 3800?na dapat ay 2700 lang na monthly bill?Pota na!!!Asan ba ang batas na nagpoprotekta samin mga consumer?baka natalian na rin ng wire ng PLDT na yan Busettttt!!!!!!

    • http://jobsinyourplace.co.cc mike

      ako 3 days na grabeng hina ng internet ko,,kahit youtube naghahang hindi makapagload..speedtest failed din.. sana matudas na lahat ng mga nagtatrabaho sa technical department..walang ginawa…sasabihan kapa baka hindi ka nakabayad..eh hindi pa dumadating bill nila tapos na ako magbayad..putang empleyado..daming satsat..bat hindi nila ayusin sirang gamit nila..



  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com bwiset!

    kau mga kaputa putahan ng ina nyo PLDT DSL kau ubod kau ng mhal maningil ubod nman ng bgal ang internet nyo dapat pinapasbog n yn kompanya nyo mga gago kau putang ina nyo pilipit nyo sa leeg nyo yn cable ng dsl nyo at magbigti n kau mga putang ina nyo gago!

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com bwiset!

    mga putang ina nyo puro’s kau mga wlang kwenta pasabugin na dpat yn kumpanya nyo sayang lang binabayad sa nyo isa kau NAPAKALAKING PUTA!!! mga hindot kau mga putang ina nyo! mas mbalis pa blutooth sa internet nyo buti pa ang aso mlake ang pkinabang kau tao na wala pa dn pakinabang mga inutil kau saksak nyo sa baga nyo yn dsl nyo walang kwenta at inutil n 2lad nyo mga gago! your such a big shit!! mga muka kau pera!!! puke ng ina nyo!!

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com bwiset!

    mga putang ina nyo wag irereklamo ko kau sa DTI at sa T-3 mga gago abangan nyo! dko makausap ang pamilya ko sa pinas dahil sa walang kwenta nyo serbisyo sayang lng ang bnabayad ko sa dsl nyo! abangan nyo mga tulog sa kangkungan! mag eemail ako ngayon dn!

    • concernyael

      you can complaint pldt by calling NTC at (02)9213251

  • anonymous

    I have nothing against pldt pero ito lang ha., ngayon active subscriber ng ng pldt., pero biruin mo, gumagamit na lang kami ng free trial vpn kahit na may pldt ., kasi naman palaging nadidisconnect ang putang inang pldt na yan.at kung meron naman super bagal pa, I dont know kong kami lang pero ilang beses na rin naming tinawagan ang kanilang customer service pero wala paring aksyon…. first 3 months pa lang namin pero siguradong ididisconnect na namin to…

  • anonymous

    I have nothing against pldt pero ito lang ha., ngayon active subscriber ako ng pldt., pero biruin mo, gumagamit na lang kami ng free trial vpn kahit na may pldt ., kasi naman palaging nadidisconnect ang putang inang pldt na yan.at kung meron naman super bagal pa, I dont know kong kami lang pero ilang beses na rin naming tinawagan ang kanilang customer service pero wala paring aksyon…. first 3 months pa lang namin pero siguradong ididisconnect na namin to…

  • http://www.pinoytechblog.com/archives/lousy-pldt-dsl-service Chilax!

    Ito lang ha, I-divide nyo ung promised speed rate to 8, yun dapat yung download speed nyo. For example, ung Plan 990 which is 384kbps divided by 8, then your download speed should be 48kbps. Tsaka kung bumabagal man eh madaming pwedeng maging dahilan, pwedeng sa browser, the site itself or siguro yung Pc.
    Pero ang naging problema ko lang sa PLDT eh ung intermittent connection nya pero nung itinawag ko naging maayos naman.

  • bryan

    grabe ang ang pangit ng net ngaun lalo n mga aftrenoon to evening, meron nga net ang prob soooobraaannnggg baaaagggaaalll. tsk tsk tsk,

  • greg

    i’m having intermittent connection again with my pldt mydsl, it has been a recurring problem for the past several years, connection was fine last september 2011 up to january 18, 2012, currently i’m having constant disconnection again.

    just this morning, 01/21/12, i had the following dc
    6:42am 6:44am 6:55am 6:57am 6:58am 7:02am 7:23am 7:31am 7:34am 7:55am 8:04am 8:08am 8:18am 8:18am(2) 8:19am 8:20am 8:21am 8:22am 8:23am 8:26am 8:28am 8:28am(2) 8:30am 8:35am 8:39am 8:42am 8:43am 8:45am 8:48am 8:49am 8:51am 8:51am(2) 8:56am 8:58am 8:59am 9:02am 9:03am 9:06am 9:08am 9:08am(2) 9:23am…..

    & pldt management seems to be using their csr (customer service relation) as a shield to avoid getting flak from the customer, yes, they would answer my calls, yes, they would make the reports, but are those reports being acted upon. the csr keeps saying a dispatch is scheduled & i keep telling them, your previous dispatch had already confirmed that there was no problem on my side of the network so stop wasting time & deal directly with the real problem, pldt’s side of the network.

    i’m thinking that their network is congested again, either that or they using the system for something else like some new product that they’re launching w/c is fine as long as it doesn’t affect my internet usage w/c i’m paying religiously

    oh, regarding the billing statement, my view is quite different from those that are already posted. i’ve always believed that it is also a subscriber’s responsibility to monitor he’s bills/obligations, like if i missed a month’s billing i would immediately call them up for it & wouldn’t wait till i get a notice from them, this way, the company could immediately rectify what ever it is that is causing the non delivery of the billing statement & for company’s with recurring charges, i always pay them even w/o a billing statement since i dont use any other service other than those stated on previous billings, let’s be honest people, if we are decent people, we would honor our obligation even w/o a billing statement

  • i hate pldt

    mga gago mga pldt i starded dec 2009 at pano ako nag karoon ng bill ng january-feb 2012 since 2 years contract lng ako. i have a balance ng 2monts mga 2k thin na disconnect net ko and after 4 months naging 6k bill ko wtf sana mamatay nalang kau mga taga pldt/ kampun kau ng kasamaan mga mandurugas.

    according to ntc
    Broadband service providers shall specify the minimum broadband/internet connection speed and service reliability and the service rates in their offers to consumers/subscribers/users in their advertisements, flyers, brochures and service agreements and service level agreements. The minimum service reliability shall be 80%.

    pero 0kps/disconnected pa un….

    • cha

      hi everyone, my isishare lang din ako about pldt and at the same time mag ask ng kunting advice na rin… pagdating ko galing work ngayong gabi may nakita akong demand letter from a collection agency of pldt, dated feb 16, 2012 yung letter. at sinisingil nila ako ng amount na Php562.46, kung tutuusin maliit na halaga lang naman. pero masakit naman sa loob magbayad kasi sa serbisyong di mo naman napakinabangan, di ba? tsaka yung account ko is discontinued na last 2010 pa, at bago ko yun pinaputol (dahil na rin nga sa poor na services ng phone at dsl nila) ay binayaran ko na yung natitira ko pang bill. ang pagkakamali ko lang ay di na ako humingi ng clearance, bale verbal lang naging usapan naman nung nasa customer care. isa pa bago ako nag settle ng bill ko ay wala na talagang service yung line nila kaya nga nagdecide na akong ipaputol na lang kesa ikabit nila uli tapos after ilang weeks magloloko na naman. ngayon ang tanong ko, kailangan ko bang tawagan yung collecting agency or pupuntahan ko muna ang pldt, or iignor ko na lang yung letter, dahil alam ko sa sarili ko na cleared na ako at wala na akong babayaran. maraming saslamat!

  • pldt panloloko

    sa ngayon at marami na ako nabasa na mga bad comments sa kawalang ayos ng serbisyo ng pldt ay ipapuputol ko narin connection ko ng internet kc nagabayad tyo sa tamang oras kaso after lang sila sa bayad wala na silang pakialam sa serbisyo…. suko na rin ako

  • GL Administrator

    Hello! I just want to share this. It happened recently. Last Monday (June 25, 2012), we paid our dues to PLDT in full and expected (because we were promised) a 24-48 hrs reconnection of our DSL. We are using it for our business.

    Until now, June 28, 2012 at 2:40pm, they still haven’t reconnected our DSL. ‘Been calling their 171 and 172 hotlines and they keep blabbering about “escalating our concern”, “putting a note on their notes”, “endorsing our problem to their tech group”… but still of no help. They better call themselves the 171 and 172 helpless desks.

    So, what we did was to get in touch with a PLDT technician who helped us before and he came today. In other words, we did PLDT’s 171 & 172 jobs for them. I wrote their [email protected] and showed my DISAPPOINTMENT but no reply (what do you expect?) To this hour, it’s already 72hrs that we still don’t have PLDT’s DSL service. Thanks to them.

    But I gave them a piece of my mind. If I can only count the CSRs that I talked to and yelled at because of their INEFFICIENCY, my ten fingers will not suffice.

    That’s my share. Thanks for reading.

    GL Administrator

  • Siete

    Hindi din kami nasisiyahan sa serbisyo na ibinibigay ng PLDT sa Connection man sa Internet, Customer Service o sa Field Support (Cable) nila. Matagal na kaming subscriber ng PLDT, 5 years na, bundle yung plan. Sa tagal na naming subs ng PLDT, madami na talaga kami naencounter pero paiikliin ko na lang at ilan lang din ang ilalagay.

    Sa Connection, madalas may problema. Madalas 35-50% lang ng kabuuang speed ng binabayaran namin ang nakukuha namin, e diba dapat atleast 60% ang maabot? Madalas mabagal o kaya intermittent ang connection. Kapag umulan o humangin na may kalakasan, nadidisconnect o kaya no connection at all. Ilang oras muna bago bumalik. Tapos putol-putol ulit.

    Kapag tinawag sa Customer Service, bukod sa matagal, karaniwan pang nakakasagot ‘yung mga baguhan yata, simpleng tanong they will put you on hold for more than 5mins (pero ‘di naman palagi, minsan 4mins 58secs, o mas mababa sa 4 mins pero mas mahaba sa 2mins, na mag-aantay kahit simple lang ang tanong). Yung matatagal ng TSR, pinaglalaruan ‘yung mute, may kausap yata, tapos ipauulit yun sinabi mo sa kanila. Minsan din nagrequest ako para magkaroon ng bawas sa bayarin kasi almost a month din hindi nagamit ang Internet dahil sa Problema pa din sa PLDT, ang hirap din. Ang sungit pa ng nasa Billing Dept nila. Naperwisyo ka na, parang gusto pa nila magmakaawa ka kapag humingi ka ng Rebates.

    Sa Field Technician naman, naku! Puro porma. Ang yayabang pa lalo si (‘di ko na din papangalanan,regular employee ng PLDT,tawagan nalang nating Tech A), napakadaldal, mahilig din magpanggap. Siya din ang nag-migrate ng Port namin sa ibang cabinet dahil nga sa mababa ang speed na nakukuha namin kumpara sa binabayaran namin. Kaso 3mos din kami yata nun naperwisyo, nung January ata yun ibang Field Technician (Tech B) naman ang nagpunta at sinabing mali daw ang kinabitang port nung nag-migrate ng port namin kaya ‘di kami makakonekta ng maayos. Matapos nun umayos ayos na ng bahagya ang connection. Para ngang naibalik lang sa dati. Nung nabalik si Tech A(dahil prob ulit s Internet) binanggit ko ang sinabi ni Tech B, natahimik siya. Tapos sinasabi niya naman na may prob daw “siguro” sa LAN Card ko kaya bumibitaw ang connection,dahil ganun din ang prob nun mga malapit sa amin. Hindi ko matanggap yun dahil tuwing 10am-2pm at 7pm-12mn or 1am walang connection e. Kung sa LAN Card yun anumang oras pwede bumitaw ang connection. Tapos titignan daw niya. Nagtanong kung anung OS daw, Vista o 7, sabi ko 7 tapos napansin ko pag-click sa Start Menu nagpi-ping na. (Kahit nakakaasar, malumanay akong nagsalita at) Sabi ko “Sir, sa command prompt po yata ‘yan tina-type”. Sabi niya naman, “Ay! Hindi ba ‘to automatic?”. Sa isip-isip ko dapat ‘di niya na tinanong kung anung OS, tanong niya na lang nasaan ang Command Prompt, nang ang sinagot ko “Mula po sa Start Menu, pwede pong i-“Run” o kaya sa “Accesories” po.

    Pwede na ‘to, ito pa nga lang ang haba na e. Gusto din talaga namin lumipat kaso nagtitingin din kasi kami ng maayos ayos na Provider ng Int Con. Ayaw namin malipat sa iba na gaya lang din pala ng PLDT, na tila ba walang pagpapahalaga sa Subscriber nila.

    • Siete

      Nitong mga nakaraang araw nga pala ilang araw ding walang matinong koneksyon, sandali lang nakakakonekta at napuputol agad.

      Tapos pagtawag sa 172, ang sasabihin sa’yo may Problem daw sa Connection Nationwide daw.

      Ang tanong lang dito, magkakaroon kaya ng adjustments sa mga Bill ng PLDT Subscribers?

      Siguro wala.

  • Jeremie

    Bakit wala naman kaming problema sa PLDT?? Ibig sabihin ba nun, makakaexperience kame ng problems in the future?? 5yrs na yung connection namen.. :3

  • Jonatz

    pldt 2months na ang application ko sa inyo wala pa rin.. walang kwenta customer service niyo 171. puro forward forward ang concern sa technician.. hayzzz

  • http://fantasycoinhq.3dcartstores.com/ fantasy

    Such a lousy service huh?