Microsoft brings Cut the Rope to Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 Store

Remember Cut the Rope for the web browser that Microsoft brought last January? Well, this popular game is now optimized for Internet Explorer 10 and also available at the Windows 8 Store to provide us with the multi-touch gaming experience smartphones and tablets are enjoying.

Microsoft partnered with Russian app developer company ZeptoLab to bring Cut the Rope and other games such as Contre Jour and Atari to “œprovide users with the best gaming experience possible, whether at home with their PCs or on the go with their mobile devices”. This is according to Joben Rara, a Technical Evangelist from Microsoft Philippines.

Cut the Rope (if you still need an introduction) is an app downloaded more than 60 million times by tablet and mobile users. The objective of the game is to feed a little monster called Om Nom with the candy hanging by ropes which must be cut by swiping your finger or clicking and dragging on your mouse, depending on what device you are using.


Giorgio Sardo, the Director of the Windows Evangelism group of Microsoft

We also met with Giorgio Sardo, the Director of the Windows Evangelism group of Microsoft – Redmond, Washington. He said that “œGamers can play Cut the Rope through Internet Explorer 10 or through downloading it from the Windows Store for free for a totally re-imagined gaming experience that is fast, fluid and easily accessible through PC and mobile.”

Giorgio shared to us that this game was initially a challenge to the developers to convert the game using HTML5 during the time Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview in September 2011. A great thing about HTML5 is that you don’t need to learn a new language to unlock the power of this new technology. If you know and understand Javascript, you already have access to all that a modern browser can do. The successful conversion of this game paves the way for so many more possibilities that HTML5 can bring. Isn’t it exciting to see what developers can build today with HTML5?


Phineas and Ferb game “œAgent P Strikes Back” for Windows 8

Experience it yourself! Play the game at which is now best played with your Windows 8 touch-enabled PC.

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