Microsoft to buy Nokia rumor… not true

After acquiring Skype just last week for $8.5 billion, you would think that Microsoft is done buying companies? Now there’s a rumor going on over the web the past 48 hours about Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone division.

According to a well-connected Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin, negotiations are starting between Nokia and Microsoft, and a deal would close by the end of this year. And why would people believe him anyway? Well he forecasted about the Microsoft – Nokia partnership a long time ago. And he recently predicted that Nokia will ditch the Ovi brand which incidentally happened a few days ago. How’s that for mystical connections to Nokia’s world?

Then there’s also the Nokia – Microsoft connection in the form of Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Office division before moving to Nokia in September of last year.

But fortunately for us spectators, Nokia squashed this acquisition rumor out of hand. Mark Squires, Communications Director for Nokia tweeted a short message denying this rumor.

Hmmm, what do you think of a Nokia | Windows  Phone | Skype device?

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  1. direc /

    I think Microsoft should really acquire Nokia. Nokia’s Symbian OS really needs a major update now.

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