Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space and more top iOS games go free

If you’re not satisfied with the slew of free iOS games and apps a couple of days ago to celebrate the App Store’s 5th year, here’s another round of freebies for you to download courtesy of Electronic Arts, PopCap, and Firemint.


Here are 5 free games for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

All are worth trying out although Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space comes highly recommended if you’re playing on the iPad.



  1. Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, and The Sims Medieval requires an account that can access the US iTunes store.

    • zapper /

      no it doesnt, just dloaded mirror’s edge just now

    • Rjko /

      can someone else confirm this? i tried downloading it just now and its on waiting status. it didnt prompt me requiring an US apple ID

    • mike /

      just download it! it’s okay

    • was able to download sims medieval with my local itunes account.

    • Griswold /

      same here… download ko silang lahat for free. thanks sir calvin! :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up! DLed dead space :)

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