NudeAudio Monochrome Black Collection Bluetooth Speakers Now Available

NudeAudio, Fashion and Lifestyle speaker brand has just launched the NudeAudio Monochrome Black Collection of its portable Bluetooth speakers.

The NudeAudio Black Collection speakers feature NudeAudio’s signature combination of clean, contemporary design and high quality sound. The NudeAudio ultra-portable speakers uses Bluetooth 3.0 and can stream music from up to 10 meters. The speakers promises an eight-hour battery life.


The NudeAudio Monochrome Black Collection Bluetooth Speakers will be available in three sizes (“˜S’ “˜M’ and “˜L’) and has the following SRPs:

NudeAudio MOVE S Wired ““ Priced at Php 1,290.00
NudeAudio MOVE S ““ Priced at Php 1,990.00
NudeAudio MOVE M – Priced at Php 2,990.00
NudeAudio MOVE L ““ Priced at Php 5,990.00

The NudeAudio speakers are now available at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Astrovision, Astroplus, Technopop – Bluebay, Ambassador
Shangri-La, Ambassador Glorietta, District 32, and BCG.
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