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NVIDIA celebrates GeForce Day at SM North EDSA

NVIDIA, one of the biggest manufacturers of graphics cards, treated gamers and everyone else who was able to drop by at the SM North EDSA last Saturday with their latest offering of video cards. The Nvidia day held last July 21 was packed with people whose eyes were treated with eye-candies as Nvidia showcased stunning visuals in booths from its leading manufacturers: MSI, Asus, Palit, Manli, Inno3D and Sparkle.

nvidia geforce day 1

It was raining hard outside and raining video cards inside as Nvidia gave away around 30+ units of Nvidia GeForce 610s, 620s and 630s. There were gaming tournaments held. For FPS players, the Battlefield 3 event took place; for the RTS players, there was Starcraft II and let’s not forget the new Action RPG from Blizzard, Diablo III.

nvidia geforce day 2

Here are the latest cards from the GeForce 600 Series lineup of cards from Nvidia:

nvidia geforce day 3 nvidia geforce day 4

These are the recently launched cards for the lower-end segment of the GeForce 600 series. Although these cards are branded as being in the 6 series, they’re not using the same architecture as their older brothers. They almost have the same specs from the GeForce 400 and 500 low-end GPUs. If you’re on a budget and looking for low-consumption cards, these are the way to go.

GT 610 GT 620 GT 630
Stream Processors 48 96 96
Core Clock 810MHz 700MHz 810MHz
Shader Clock 1620MHz 1400MHz 1620MHz
Memory Clock 3.2GHz GDDR5 / 1.8GHz GDDR3 1.8GHz DDR3 1.8GHz DDR3
Memory Bus Width 128-bit 64-bit 64-bit
GPU GF108 GF108 GF108
TDP 65W 49W 29W

These won’t probably give you hair-raising visuals, but I have the GT620 run Battlefield 3 at medium settings @ 1366 x 768 so it’s not that bad.

Now, if you’re looking for the enthusiast level of Nvidia’s graphics card, these are the cards that you want.

nvidia geforce day 5Ā nvidia geforce day 6

GTX 670 GTX 680
Stream Processors 1344 1536
Core Clock 915MHz 1006MHz
Memory Clock 6.008GHz GDDR5 6.008GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 256-bit 256-bit
TDP 195W 195W
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    ako rin di nakapunta. bwiset na bagyo yan, sarap matulog. hahaha. balita ko maraming umuwing masaya dito ah.

  • I was looking for a budget card just last week, but the GeForce 600 series are just plain slow, so I decided to get an ATI Radeon HD 5670 instead, and just for 3.5k pesos