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NVIDIA claims Tegra 4 is the fastest mobile processor around

NVIDIA gave us details about their Tegra 4 line of quad-core mobile processors. The Tegra 4 family consists of the Tegra 4 (Wayne) which runs on the latest Cortex A15 core clocks at 1.9GHz while the 4i (Grey) clocks at 2.3 GHz and uses Cortex A9 r4.

NVIDIA Tegra 4

Claiming to be the world’s fastest processors, they promise faster web browsing, LTE support, always-on HDR, panoramic HDR and tap-to-track capability for cameras and the lowest 1080p phone power consumption. On paper, the Tegra 4 processor benchmarks close to a 1.7Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and is six times faster than the Tegra 3. It has 72 GPU cores compared to Tegra 3’s 12.

Both Tegra 4 chips come with the i500, which is a software framework that can be reprogrammed to accept new network standards via software updates.

According to an analysis by Microprocessor Report which was revealed during MWC 2013, the Tegra 4 is the highest-performing mobile ARM processor if maximum power is considered. Benchmark results clearly show that Tegra 4 leads even Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 800. NVIDIA’s latest mobile processor would be ideal for tablets and gaming devices where you want the most powerful performance possible.

The Tegra 4 will be featured in Nvidia’s upcoming Project Shield gaming console, while the 4i will be in the Nvidia Phoenix smartphone.

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