Official Nokia E63 Price: Php14,200

Nokia Philippines today announced the shipment of the Nokia E63 qwerty phone with a suggested retail price of Php14,200 (inclusive of tax).

nokia e63

“Our research shows that people want a device that deals with both their personal and professional lives, but helps them to separate the two. When someone sits down at lunch, they want to update their social network or browse their personal email account and they don’t want work getting in the way of that. It’s another great case of technology adapting to the people that use it,” says William Hamilton-Whyte, General Manager, Nokia Philippines. “The Nokia E63 is a new proposition for Eseries – a messaging device where people will be just as involved in their social network as they are in their business network.”

The Nokia E63 comes with a 12 month subscription to Files on Ovi, a service where people can remotely access their most important and frequently used files even when their PC is powered down or offline.

See my full review of the Nokia E63 here.


  1. /

    The look design sucks!! It is way out of iPhone or N97. :(

  2. Petaling Khan /

    14,200 PHP!!!! What the hell.

  3. Mahal, i thing it should be priced around 10-12k

  4. Anonymous /

    Well, it looks good. Though it could have been better if there are few colors to choose from. Black and white could make it look elegant and absolutely fit to its price. The price is good, its competetive enough considering its E71-like features.

  5. amid /

    mahal amasd om E63 14.200….??
    klo 1.400 gmna….????

  6. Love this phone. Battery life is outstanding, really easy to text message and a 3.5mm headjack which is really cool…

  7. How much does the E63 cost now?

  8. charles /

    its so cool..its fast in downloading and the battery life takes 2-3 days..

  9. Hi. does anyone know how much Nokia E63 costs now?

  10. boooo. /

    E63 costs P11,000 flat in Nokia stores ;)

  11. magkano na to ngaun? dec. 2010?


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